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All 4 Basic Japanese Greetings : Ohayou / Konnichiwa / Konbanwa / Oyasumi

Click Here to join our 30 day challenge to learn Hiragana Greetings are always the first few words or phrases you learn when learning a new language. There are 4...

Japanese Business Practices – 報連相 ほうれんそう Hourensou

Working in Japan is a unique experience, and because its so different from “western” business environments  understanding and adapting to Japanese business culture is c...

Saying Goodnight in Japanese – Oyasumi (おやすみ)

Japanese Oyasumi(おやすみ) Generally, the Japanese expression for saying “goodnight” is “おやすみ“(Oyasumi). However, it may be inappropriate to use it sometimes&nb...

Necessary Skills for Doing Business in Japan

Are you thinking of working in a Japanese environment in Japan? Are you currently working in Japan? If you are, these are the necessary skill sets you need in order...

What is the Best Japanese Language School in Tokyo or Yokohama?

What is the best Japanese School in Tokyo or Yokohama? Do you have a busy schedule? Then you need a school that can offer flexibility. There are many different types...

The Various Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in Japanese!

Ever wondered about different ways to respond to “Thank you” in Japanese? In this article, we cover the various ways to say “You’re Welcome” in Japanese.

How I Passed the JLPT N2 – Student Testimonial / JLPT Exam Guide

JLPT N2 Exam Guide – Table of Contents: Background Components of the JLPT N2 Exam Kanji Grammar Reading Vocabulary Listening Keigo Japanese School Study Resources Taking the ...

Lina: A Business Course to work in Japan in the future

Lina shared with us her motivation to improve her Japanese fluency and her experience studying in our Japanese Business Course.

Alexandre: Japanese Business Course Testimonial

Alexandre is studying to be a lawyer and recently took our business course to improve his understanding of Japanese keigo.

Respect for the Aged Day (敬老の日): A Meaningful Holiday for Everyone

The values behind Respect-for-the-Aged Day are important reminders for all of us. But why?

4 Key Questions that are typically asked at a Japanese Job Interview

When getting ready for a Japanese job interview, be prepared to answer these 4 key questions to improve your chances of getting the job.

How to Order Take-Out in Japan (お持ち帰り) – Japanese Essentials

Looking to Order Takeout in Japan? In Japan, many chain restaurants offer a takeout option on their menu. When almost everyone’s busy working, ordering takeout can be pretty ...