How to learn Japanese through Netflix – Google Chrome Extension

Are you looking for a google chrome extension that will let you learn Japanese with Netflix? Are you tired of feeling guilty for wasting time simply watching Japanese shows on netflix with subtitles?
What if you could use the time that you spend watching Japanese shows on Netflix to learn new Japanese vocabulary?
The Language Learning through Netflix Google Chrome extension is a great way to learn Japanese while you binge watch your favorite Netflix shows!
Here’s what it looks like in action –

This Google chrome extension can be used for more than just Japanese learning – as it supports every language that Netflix has subtitles for.
It also comes with a rich set of helpful learning features.
Features of Learning Japanese with Netflix Chrome Extension

  • Click on word – Dictionary Entries
  • Auto-pause after sentence
  • Favorite / Saved Items for Review

To get the Netflix Japanese Learning Google Chrome Extension – Click Here

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