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Improve your Japanese speaking and conversation ability – As well as Grammar, Kanji, and anything else. Choose classes by topic.
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The Coto Story

We began in 2000 as a group of volunteer Japanese language teachers with a mission to help international residents in Japan. We wanted to teach Japanese for daily life that you wouldn’t learn from studying a textbook.

Along the way we grew, and in 2009 published our first Japanese learning textbook Nihongo Fun and Easy.

Since 2018 – we’ve grown rapidly and have and opened two more school locations meeting many students and developing life-long friendships with them.

Our mission has always been to help our students by teaching them “real” Japanese. It is our hope that with their new Japanese abilities – our students can lead barrier free lives in Japan.

You can learn more about the Coto Story at our Corporate Website.

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Benjamin Knopp Caitlin Dixon Trevor Kiley Jaris Fenner Dalu Thapa
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Benjamin Knopp
I’ve been to several Japanese language schools in and around Tokyo and Coto is definitely the best for my focus; speaking and reading. I’m very satisfied and would recommend the school to anyone. Good! – friendly teachers in varied age groups – extremely flexible to take classes online or in person and switch on the Read more
Caitlin Dixon
The staff and teachers are super nice, friendly, and helpful. I really enjoyed attending classes at the Yokohama location. The textbooks given are easy to understand and help you progress. Teachers remember little details and help you learn vocabulary applicable to your life. The Yokohama lobby has awesome snacks and drinks as a bonus! I Read more
Trevor Kiley
As an absolute beginner to the Japanese language, I have enjoyed my experience with Coto thus far. I have taken foreign language courses in the past (though not for Japanese) and this is the first time I have actually enjoyed them. Pros: -Friendly Teachers -Accessible curriculum -Great for beginners -High quality and very professional Cons: Read more
Jaris Fenner
I am just about to complete my first class with Coto next week and even though I was not really sure if I made the right decision visiting this school due to my lack of research / price comparison of other available options, I am now convinced that it was a great choice. The rooms Read more

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What makes Coto Japanese Lessons different?

Inside the classroom:

  • Each student gets many Speaking Practice Opportunities
  • Small Class Sizes Maximum of 8 People allow for relational learning and personalized attention
  • Industry leading in-house developed course materials (Nihongo Fun & Easy) teaches practical and fun Japanese you can use in your daily life.

Inside the classroom:

  • Flexible Scheduling allows you to study on any schedule
  • Free Course Consultation and Level Check ensures you a lesson plan that matches your needs
  • Multiple locations and Online Lessons allow you to keep studying even if you move

Joining Coto as a Student

At Coto Japanese Academy – we know it’s important for you to be heard.

That is why we offer a free course consultation and level assessment before you join.

If you are interested in Studying at Coto Japanese Academy

  1. – Fill out the contact inquiry form below.
  2. – Book your appointment slot for a level check and interview.
  3. – We will connect with you for a free consultation and level check.
  4. – We will ask about your needs and check your level.
  5. – We will suggest a course that you can join based on your study needs and your current Japanese level.

We are looking forward to meeting you!