About Us

We began in 2000 as a group of volunteer Japanese language teachers with a goal to help international residents have a smoother transition to living in Japan.

We wanted to teach Japanese for daily life that you wouldn’t learn from studying a textbook.


Since then, we’ve grown rapidly and opened three more school locations. In 2009, we published our first Japanese learning textbook Nihongo Fun and Easy.


But our mission stays the same: to help our students by teaching them “real” Japanese. It is our hope that with their new Japanese abilities, our students can lead barrier-free lives in Japan.


You can learn more about the Coto Story at our Corporate Website.



Fast Facts About Coto


Our Mission


We want to help international residents fulfill their life dreams in Japan.  We want to make living in Japan an enjoyable and fun experience where they can live freely as their true selves and be uninhibited by the language barrier.


In order to fulfill this we try to make sure that our staff, teachers, and our students all work together to try to make the learning experience fun and fulfilling so that they can keep the motivation that they need to continue progressing in their Japanese.


If you are looking for a Japanese language school that truly cares about your progress and your life in Japan – we are that school.


  • ⽇本語ボランティアグループWAIWAIで出会った4⼈のボランティア⽇本語教師が⽣活者向けのプロの⽇本語教育をおこなうために「いいだばし⽇本語学院」開設
  • 飯⽥橋のマンションの1室でプライベートレッスンを中⼼にレッスン提供開始
  • サバイバル⽇本語テキスト“Nihongo Fun & Easy” 出版
  • 3週間インテンシブコース開始
  • 株式会社Be Uniqueとして法⼈化
  • 実践会話のためのオリジナル教材シリーズ作成開始。
  • フレキシブルグループレッスン「⽇本語プラス」提供スタート
  • 現在の校舎に拡⼤移転
  • Coto Language Academyにブランド変更
  • ⼈材紹介事業CotoWork開始
  • ⿇布⼗番に姉妹ブランドとなるCoto Japanese Clubを開設
  • Coto Online Japanese Academyを開始
  • 横浜にCoto Japanese Academy Yokohamaを開設