Private Japanese Lessons for all levels

Study Japanese privately at your own pace. Focus on your own Japanese goal and needs. No distractions — just you on a one-on-one session with one of our native Japanese teachers.
Lessons available in Tokyo or Yokohama


  • Group Size
    1-on-1 with a Japanese teacher
  • Location
    Tokyo & Yokohama
  • Start Date
  • Focus
    Conversation based

Private Japanese Lessons at Tokyo or Yokohama

Study Japanese privately with a professional instructor. Get a fit-for-you, customizable lesson plan to achieve your own learning goal. Whether it's to be able to communicate professionally at work, prepare the JLPT, or simply reach natural fluency for day-to-day life, we believe in helping teach Japanese that is most beneficial to you.

Why Our Private Japanese Class is Right For You

We understand that students may have language concerns that they want to address personally. With our private Japanese course, you set your own pace. Whether you want to challenge yourself by studying Japanese intensively or take it slow, our teachers will provide the flexibility for you to decide.

We recommend private Japanese lessons for...

• Students who have specialized needs to learn Japanese. This includes students who want to communicate professionally in the work environment, learn Japanese business etiquette, prepare EJU or start job hunting.

• Students who prefer to study alone with a Japanese teacher without any distractions.

• Students who want to learn things they are interested in and things they can apply to their careers.

• Students who want to address their concerns privately. Some students might feel unconfident if they study in a small group. Our private lessons put this worry to the back of their mind.

• Students who feel in-person one-on-one class is the most effective way to learn Japanese. Our Japanese schools in Yokohama and Tokyo are located in the center points of the city for easy access.

Japanese Private Lesson Feature

• Flexible schedule. Study at ease without conflicting schedule concerns. Our native teachers will accommodate your availability.

• Tailored, adjustable lesson plan. Our Japanese instructors will help target your weak points, give you personalized advice and redirect the lesson accordingly. From reviewing class materials to encouraging you, our lessons can be adjusted upon students’ requests.

What our students are saying about our private Japanese lessons in Tokyo or Yokohama

The private lessons were extremely helpfulbecause they were customizedfor me and moved at my own pace.
- Genesis A.

I can only speak about private lessons. There were friendly staff and excellent teachers who did their best to tailor-make the lessons to meet my requirements. Highly recommended!
- J. Kato

Special private lessons and private group lessons are available. If you are interested in either of these options, contact us!

Online Private Japanese Lessons are also available

Common Questions / FAQ

  • How much do private Japanese lessons cost?

    Lessons are offered in lesson packages - the more lessons you buy in a package - the more you can save on the cost per lesson.
      • 48 Lessons - JPY 240,000
        32 Lessons -  JPY 166,400
        16 Lessons - JPY 86,400
        8 Lessons - JPY 44,400
  • Can I book private Japanese lessons for my children?

    Yes, you can!  This service is handled on a per-request basis and depends on the age of the child, as well as the availability of the teacher who teaches. If you would like to have private Japanese language lessons for your children, we would first like to book a consultation session to learn more about your needs. You can do this by sending us an inquiry.
  • Can I study custom materials for my lesson? Can I bring material?

    If you would like to study custom lesson materials that you provide during your private Japanese lesson - you can do so, but this requires a special private lesson. For example: You would like to go over a presentation or speech you will give at work. You want to study vocabulary from an employee manual or from materials related to your work. You have a specific vocabulary list you want to incorporate into lessons. You want to prepare for certain situations at work or at home. These lessons take extra preparation and so we require you to book special private lessons, in order to accommodate these requests.
  • How long are private Japanese lessons?

    Each private lesson lasts for 50 minutes. You can schedule blocks of private lessons back to back with a 10 minute break in-between. We find that having a ten minute break in-between lessons allows your brain a break so that you can stay engaged with your studies.

Complete Beginner to Advanced

Japanese teacher teaching Japanese to the students
  • Private Japanese Lessons

    LEVEL: All levels from complete beginner to advanced

    One-on-one Japanese lessons with a professional Japanese instructor

    Unsure of where to get started with learning Japanese?

    At Coto, we offer all students a free level assessment and interview.

    In this interview, we will discuss your personalized learning goals and suggest the best lesson plan.

    Whether you want to prepare for job interviews or feel more comfortable in your daily life in Japan, we can match you with a learning material that suits your needs.

    And with our regular feedback system, we listen to your concerns and adjust the private lesson so that you can get the most out of your sessions with us.

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Course Fees

  • One time ¥10,000 registration fee for new students (PDF material fee included)
  • Paper lesson material is available with additional ¥2,000
1 Lesson (Trial)
1 Month


¥6,100 / 50 MINS
8 Lessons
3 Months


¥5,600 / 50 MINS
Free consultation
16 Lessons
6 Months


¥5,400 / 50 MINS
Free consultation
32 Lessons
8 Months


¥5,200 / 50 MINS
Free consultation
48 Lessons
12 Months


¥5,000 / 50 MINS
Free consultation

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