Best IT Job Sites in Japan

While LinkedIn and Glassdoor are popular platforms for job seekers, they aren’t specially catered to tech-related roles. From marketing, generalist, sales to C-suite roles, all the mixed positions require specialists to filter and sort two things: the companies they want and the job they seek.

Finding a tech job in Japan can be difficult and, admittedly, time-consuming. Finding a good opportunity, however, is even more challenging. The IT industry is one of the largest industries in the Japanese economy, but the job market is growing hot, too. The Japan Times estimated that the country would face a shortage of 600,000 IT-related professionals by 2030.

An aspiring IT professional looking for tech career opportunities in Japan? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best IT job sites in Japan with open positions, from emerging startups to multinational software companies.

8 Job Sites we recommend for Tech professionals in Japan

  1. Japan Dev
  2. Tokyo Dev
  3. Tokyo Tech
  4. Mixess
  5. AngelList
  6. Startup Jobs
  7. Justa
  8. Coto Work

Japan Dev

Japan Dev is one of the best resources available for job searching. Founded by Eric Turner, a former engineer in Mercari, Japan Dev has the largest list of foreigner-friendly companies in Japan hiring IT developers. They have guides on living in Japan and how to find jobs, too. They let you sort your search for a job with some of the best filters: Japanese level, salary data, job type and skills necessary. 

All the companies on the site are recognized, reliable companies. A lot of the salaries are globally competitive. Their site is also super easy to use.


TokyoDev describes itself as “a site dedicated to helping international developers start and grow their career in Japan.” The site has good descriptions of the jobs and their requirements. They let you know which jobs are for residents only, and whether the jobs are hybrid-remote or no remote. They also provide good descriptions of the companies they list — most which offer job visa.

On top of all that, the site also has articles meant to help software developers in Japan. The founder created TokyoDev to write about his own experiences as a  developer in Tokyo. He would help out other international developers by answering their questions. They provide a lot of helpful information for developers in Japan. There is even a forum that keeps with the spirit of the website. On the forum, you can ask and answer questions. Feel free to use it! The founder, Paul McMahon, will often respond to questions asked.

Tokyo Tech

Meetups are a great way to find jobs. They let you network and meet new people, who can connect you with more people. Japan’s tech industry has a lot of frequent meetups, and there is usually one going on every day. But finding these meetups can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to look. 

This is where Tokyo Tech comes in. It is your go-to site for finding meetups with other tech people in Japan. It is very easy to use. It displays the time of the event, how many people are attending and the meeting site. It specifies if the event is online. The site will take you to the meetups’ website, where you will be able to register. 

Be sure to join the Tokyo Tech meetups organized by the founder! They intend on ‘weaving together the English and Japanese Tokyo tech communities.


Mixess is yet another job search site that caters to foreigners. Its mission is to create “A world where people have fair opportunities, regardless of their place of birth, religion, language, skin color or gender.” The information they provide on their job listings is extensive. They specialize in tech recruitments and offer only jobs from IT startups.

They provide language requirements, salary and programming requirements. They even specify what level of the JLPT you need to have passed for Japanese-speaking jobs. They also give insight into the company culture, what kind of personality they like, what benefits they offer and what holidays are available. They aim to make it easy for foreign talents to adjust and work comfortably.


While meant as a way for startups to get investments, AngelList is a very solid job search site. What makes them stand out from other job sites is their tags for companies. The tags on most companies on the listings are very insightful. These include strong hiring growth and showing what similar investors have invested in. They also have ratings from Glassdoor, so you can see what the employees of the company think. Ratings include work/life balance, faith in leadership and a general score.

On the company overview, they show company benefits in easy-to-understand icons. They also show you companies that others have viewed. A lot of the companies on AngelList are startups, but there are also a lot of larger companies.

Startup Jobs

Startup Jobs has everything you would expect. It has a bunch of listings from many different tech startups. You are able to specify if you want to find remote work or the contract you want. They have a large library of tags that can help you find the job you want. Because Startup Jobs is an American site, it is not tailored to people living in Japan. As such the jobs may not all be foreigner-friendly, so read up first.

Thankfully, if one job is not foreigner-friendly, you will be able to find one that is. Startup Jobs has a huge collection of jobs on offer. If you look long enough, you will find something that suits you.


Justa is a job search site focused on Japanese startups.  As of right now, there are only 74 jobs on offer, which is less compared to some of the others on this list. However, all of the companies are reliable. A lot of them are very English-friendly. As they are startups, they’d be more likely to reach out to you. If you want to work at a startup, give Justa a try.

Coto Work

If you want a dedicated job search that is specific to you, Coto Work is a tailored recruitment service that focuses on IT recruitment. Leveraging our vast network of connections, they introduce you to a company that fits your goal, skill and desired conditions. Whether that be a venture startup tech company or a large multinational corporation.

Register with us and our consultants will help you, taking their time to understand you well. Then we will introduce you to a company that we think you would be good at. If you have any problems we’ll be happy to help and guide you. Don’t worry about any language barrier either. Our consultants are multicultural and multilingual. They’ll be able to help you in English and Japanese.  If you want a specialized job search, come to us at Coto Work!


It can be hard to find a workplace that is going to accommodate you. Hopefully at least one of the sites we’ve outlined will help you out.

But remember: You don’t have to choose only one of these sites to use. You can use all of them! Don’t restrict yourself, and good luck on the job search!

What do I need to work in Japan?

You must have a visa. For more information on how to get one, visit here.

I can't speak Japanese/my Japanese is no good. What can I do?

Most of the job sites on this list have taken that into account. A lot of the jobs from these sites require little to no Japanese. Of course, if you want to improve your Japanese you can always sign on to Coto academy!

I hear a lot about overworking when it comes to Japan. Should I be scared?

No, absolutely not. While some companies may overwork their employees, the companies from a lot of these sites are trusted and will respect you.

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