How Peppa Pig Can Help You Learn Japanese

No, it’s not a joke: Peppa Pig can (and might) be the one thing that’s improving your Japanese.

When it comes to learning the language, it’s all about taking solid, baby steps. Sadly, one of the pitfalls a lot of Japanese beginners make is thinking speed is above endurance. We like to overwhelm ourselves with vocabulary and sentence patterns, which, to be honest, isn’t the most sustainable way to make progress.

In fact, you’d likely end up forgetting most Japanese words you crammed — and left feeling burnt out.

If you’re just starting out, you might be tempted to follow the advice of watching your favorite anime to learn Japanese. We’re not saying that’s bad. In fact, they’re good tools to motivate yourself. But try watching action-packed anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan. You’d be pausing every minute to look for the Japanese word in your dictionary.

So while it sounds weird, here’s why you should trust Peppa Pig more than anime subs to soak in more Japanese knowledge.

1. Peppa Pig is Designed for Kids to Learn Language

Ever heard of the hashtag #PeppaEffect? American kids are binge-watching so much of the British preschool cartoon that they are developing English accents and changing American-English phrases to British ones.

Now, it might be an exaggeration to say that Peppa is changing how people all over the world study the language, but it just shows how powerful of a show it can be. In fact, it’s a good stepping stone before you jump into more complicated Japanese learning media and anime.

Luckily, you’re not going to hear Peppa speaking Japanese with a strong British accent. It’s translated into 20 languages, including Japanese, and dubbed by native speakers.

A toddler would understand Peppa pretty well. Even if you’re at JLPT N5 level, which is to say you’re a total beginner, you’d still be able to grasp what’s going on and recognize a handful of words. If you’re around N4, you’ll likely understand most words.

2. Japanese Peppa Pig Has Short, Themed Episodes

Most Peppa Pig episodes are relatively short — around five minutes long.

Each episode focuses on its own theme, which makes memorizing Japanese words easier. You’ll hardly run into words or expressions that can’t be deducted by context or by visual images.

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3. Peppa Pig Speaks Clear Japanese

Peppa Pig is a great way to learn Japanese because most sentences the characters speak are relatively short, but they’re not structured in the typically stiff way that you’ll hear in most learning books. You’ll also see lots of grammar points in use, especially those that might confuse beginner learners at first.

At the same time, it’s not structured in the simple, maybe unnatural ways that they come in many learning books. They are more natural, like how actual Japanese people would speak. Granted, Peppa has a slight baby-sounding voice, but the dialogue is spoken a little slower, so it’s a solid basis for beginners.

And since Peppa and her friends speak a little slower than average, it will be a little easier for you to understand what’s going on, and more fun to watch.

learn japanese with peppa pig cartoon

4. Japanese Peppa Pig Helps Your Listening Skill

As a final point, it will also help you lots with your listening skills. How many times have you heard a character in an action anime garbling? A lot of characters often scream or slur, and its not an ideal way to try test how good your Japanese comprehension is.

The characters in the show speak clearly, with just the right dose of “too fast” — like how Japanese people will speak in real life. Still, the dialog in Peppa Pig is spoken a little slower than most of the full-speed content you’ll find on YouTube and elsewhere.

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5. There’s a 24/7 Livestream of Peppa Pig on YouTube

You don’t need to have cable TV or an active subscription to a streaming service to watch Peppa Pig. In fact, it’s more accessible than most Japanese TV shows and films.

Japanese Peppa Pig has its own YouTube channel. It compiles all of the show’s episodes into one or two-hour-long videos. And then there’s their live stream, played every day and on loop.

This means you can always rewatch Peppa Pig’s episode compilation anytime. When you think you’ve made progress, try reviewing the videos again. You’d be surprised how much you’ll understand. Just don’t be that person to loop Peppa Pig a hundred times a week.

What Else After Using Peppa Pig to Learn Japanese?

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t rely on Peppa Pig alone to learn Japanese. It’s not going to get you anywhere. Mastering the Japanese language isn’t a quick, easy process. You can’t depend on one source and expect results. Balance is key. For example, if you’re around N5 level, try mixing JLPT textbooks with watching the cartoon, using spaced repetition apps (like Anki) and listening to Japanese podcasts.

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