Where to Find Japanese Language Exchange Event

Sometimes studying Japanese at a school for long hours or by yourself can be tiring. You may feel like you lose the motivation to continue your Japanese studies. Studying a language can feel lonely as if you are on this journey by yourself. But it does not have to be that way! If you are feeling burnt out, would it help to meet like-minded people to share your language learning journey? You can share your learning experiences, achievements, and obstacles and even share tips on how to learn even more effectively. In this article, we share the top 10 Japanese language exchange events held in Tokyo. At the bottom of the page, we have a bonus section for those living outside of Tokyo and in the Kansai region.

1. English Only Café

A language café that hosts daily English and Japanese language exchange meetups. With participants from more than 100 countries, this is an incredible opportunity for language learners to give and take away language skills from each other. Hit two birds with one stone by improving your Japanese skills, whilst making new friends in Tokyo!

Despite its name, it’s not only a café for people that want to learn English, but they have several other activities held such as a Multilingual Language Exchange, and International Meetups. This café is free of charge, with an additional one drink charge. Seats will change every 30 minutes so you can enjoy many conversations as possible from one meetup session. Each table has a maximum limit of 5 people so that conversations are more engaging.


2. 日本語 Japanese study group in Akihabara

This is a Japanese study group organized by native Japanese teachers. This group was solely created for people that are focused on improving their Japanese studies, not for language exchange. The study group has set up 2 types of events: one for the general Japanese class, and another for intermediate to advanced Japanese conversation class. At every lesson, educational resources are prepared for you to learn from.


3. @ Tokyo 1 – International meetup events

Language exchange events are held at quiet cafes where you will be able to actually listen to each other. The main takeaway from this group is to enjoy international cultures from all over the world, through language exchange. You will meet a diverse group of people here, be it tourists, students, Tokyoites, and ex-pats. To maintain a healthy work/life balance, why not give this group a try? They regularly change up the activities, and even hosted a yoga event previously!


4. International community

Are you generally an active person and are looking to learn Japanese? The international community is a community that welcomes Japanese learners to make new friends, and share cultures through various activities. They have previously hosted regular futsal events at Nerima. If this is of your interest and you want to get active, keep an eye out for the next futsal event!


5. Japanese Conversation Friends

Practice speaking Japanese with native Japanese! From conversing about your daily life to cultural comparison, these conversation exchange meetups are open to all levels of Japanese learners. You also get to meet like-minded people in the process of learning Japanese, where you can learn tips on studying languages.

Their meetups are generally held in Shibuya. Depending on their events, sometimes it’s for language exchange, and sometimes a single’s dating site. For the former, there will be an entrance fee of 1,000 yen for Japanese people, and 1,000 yen for men for the latter event.


6. Tokyo Language & Culture Exchange

This group was created from the understanding that it’s often difficult for language learners to actually find an environment to comfortable practice English or Japanese. How they have minimized awkwardness, is in small groups of 3-5 people, there will be at least one native English and Japanese speaker at each group.

Events are held 4-5 times every week, at many convenient locations in Tokyo such as Shibuya, and Omotesando. Shimbashi, Ikebukuro. Shiodome & Otemachi for people to attend to. Previous events have been held at private venues, such as popular British Pubs.

Women: 500 yen, Foreign men: 500 yen, Japanese men: 1000 yen


7. Tokyo Aitai Stylish International Party おしゃれな交流パーティー

Does the world of the upper class fascinate you? Do you like dressing for a nice occasion, and attending fancy parties? This community is perfect for language learners that want to learn Japanese whilst meeting with people in the same mindset. This community, rather more like a party is for people that are in search of friends and settings of a fancy theme. This community meets at attractive venue parties, and all-you-can-drink settings to connect more people through language learning fancy meetups.


8. I.T. Social Cafe

Are you working in the field of the tech industry and want to network with people of the same background? This community group hosts monthly gatherings for people to practice English and Japanese whilst conversing on current technological and current world affairs. It is also a great opportunity for people to network with others from the same industry and bond over similar interests. This group cares about your well-being, hosting events to help you ace your interview. They also frequently talk about current world affairs, such as gender bias, fast fashion, veganism, and planet pollution. If you are up for an insightful Saturday morning, this exchange group might be the one for you.


9. English & Japanese Language Exchange

This community group was founded by 3 Brazilians in Japan, with the main aim to teach English to local Japanese. Over the years, this group has grown significantly, as well as become more diverse. This group plans regular activities such as fireworks viewing, enjoying Autumn leaves, biking around Lake Tama, BBQ, and many more to facilitate the English and Japanese, exchange group.  

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, this group hosts many online events for people to practice English and Japanese.


This is a bonus meetup event that hosts events in Kansai! If you live in the Kansai region and don’t want to commute to Tokyo frequently, there are many meetups held in the Kansai region as well. Kansai Friends is one of the many popular exchange events, with over 5,500 people in the meetup group. Founded in 2012, this group aims to connect Japanese natives with foreigners by hosting a large party at least once a month. Usually, over 100 people attend the party, so you will have many opportunities to practice your Japanese, whilst making new friends with others. They host fun parties, such as a rooftop party that had over 200 people attend.


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