Japanese Lessons through Skype

Online Japanese lessons anywhere in the world via Skype.

“I loved taking lessons at Coto when I lived in Japan, I am so excited that they are now offering online Japanese lessons!” – Tim C.

Do you want online Japanese lessons with a high quality teacher on a schedule that works for you?

You can now learn Japanese online anywhere in the world with Coto Online Japanese lessons!

At Coto Online – there are two ways to learn:

Course Details

Speaking Sessions

Practice your Japanese speaking through an informal free talk conversation with a Native Japanese speaker.

(Half the price of regular learning sessions)

Speaking sessions are a way to practice Japanese with a native Japanese speaker.

You can use the Japanese that you already know to have informal conversations.

We recommend speaking sessions for students who:

  • Do not live in Japan - but would like to practice speaking with a native speaker.
  • Want to increase their conversational fluency through practice.
  • Enjoy learning by doing through output.  The more you speak - the better you will become!

For those interested in speaking sessions you can either send us a contact inquiry at the bottom of the page - or visit https://online.cotoacademy.com to register an account and view our speaking session availability.


Learning Sessions

Learn from a Professional Coto teacher and study through a textbook / hand picked learning materials that are used in real Coto lessons in Tokyo

Pricing / Cost

How much does it cost?

Coto Online lessons can be taken as much or as little as you need.

One 50 minute lesson is normally around $38 USD or 4,200 JPY

For a limited time - take advantage of our Welcome Package for New StudentsFirst time online students can take 2x 50 minute lessons and a level check for just JPY 5,000 or around $46

Please refer the point package and costs here