Japanese Lessons through Skype

Online Japanese lessons anywhere in the world via Skype.

“I loved taking lessons at Coto when I lived in Japan, I am so excited that they are now offering online Japanese lessons!” – Tim C.

Do you want online Japanese lessons with a high quality teacher on a schedule that works for you?

You can now learn Japanese online anywhere in the world with Coto Online Japanese lessons!

At Coto Online – there are two ways to learn:

Course Details

Speaking Sessions

Practice your Japanese speaking through an informal free talk conversation with a Native Japanese speaker.

(Half the price of regular learning sessions)

Speaking sessions are a way to practice Japanese with a native Japanese speaker.

You can use the Japanese that you already know to have informal conversations.

We recommend speaking sessions for students who:

  • Do not live in Japan - but would like to practice speaking with a native speaker.
  • Want to increase their conversational fluency through practice.
  • Enjoy learning by doing through output.  The more you speak - the better you will become!

For those interested in speaking sessions you can either send us a contact inquiry at the bottom of the page - or visit https://online.cotoacademy.com to register an account and view our speaking session availability.


Learning Sessions

Learn from a Professional Coto teacher and study through a textbook / hand picked learning materials that are used in real Coto lessons in Tokyo

Flexible vs Fixed Scheduling


Regular / Fixed Lesson Schedule


Do you want to take lessons at the same time each week with the same teacher.

Then you would be interested in a regular lesson schedule.

Fill out our online lesson request form to request your desired time and teacher - and we will make arrangements for you and guide you through the enrollment process - Including a level check and online placement test.

Flexible Schedule


Sign up for an account at https://online.cotoacademy.com

  1. Purchase a New student welcome package from the points purchase page. (You can get 2x 50 minute lessons for the price of 1)
  2. Use the reservation system to book your lessons.

After you have become familiar with the points system and how to use the booking system - you can purchase a larger package and book your lessons up to two weeks in advance.

Pricing / Cost

How much does it cost?

Coto Online lessons can be taken as much or as little as you need.

One 50 minute lesson is normally around $38 USD or 4,200 JPY

For a limited time - take advantage of our Welcome Package for New Students

Want to get started? Fill out the online lesson request form

First time online students can take 2x 50 minute lessons and a level check for just JPY 5,000 or around $46

Want to take a lesson each week?

Monthly 16 Package (1X 50 minute lesson per week)  - $147.46 (16,000 Japanese Yen) / month

Want to choose your lesson schedule? Fill out the online lesson request form