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Online Japanese lessons anywhere in the world via Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.
Take private or small-group online Japanese lessons.

About our Online Japanese Lessons – “I loved taking lessons at Coto when I lived in Japan, I am so excited that they are now offering online Japanese lessons!” – Tim C.

Online Japanese Lessons


Do you want private online Japanese lessons with a high-quality teacher on a schedule that works for you?

You can now learn Japanese online anywhere in the world with Coto Online Japanese lessons!

At Coto Online – There Are 2 Ways to Learn Privately:

We Also Have Structured Online Courses:

In addition to our regular 1-1 online service – We are now offering the following group courses online.  Join any time and pay monthly!

Online Group Courses are starting April 2021:

If you would like to learn online in a small group format – we now have online group lessons!  You can learn more and sign up for them directly by clicking the link below:

Coto Online Small Group Lessons

Max 8 People
Interactive Video Classroom
Skill based learning

Practice your Japanese speaking abilities in a small group with level appropriate classes.  Learn more at

What our students are saying about studying Japanese with us

Coto takes great pride in being the most reviewed Japanese language school on the internet.  Additionally, if you want to see what our students are saying about us you can visit our Google Reviews Page

If you are interested in studying Japanese online with us – please connect with us here or at

Jennifer J

As a language school owner myself, I can safely recommend Coto Japanese Academy. Both their 101 lessons AND intensive courses are first-rate, their teachers are kind and highly professional and their facilities are comfy and conducive to studying (common areas are greatly appreciated). I intend to repeat the experience when I go back, that’s a no-brainer! Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Joseph Tame

I have been coming to Coto Academy for group and then private lessons for over 7 years now – highly recommended. All teachers and staff are extremely professional, passionate about what they’re doing, and caring. Link to this student’s full review on Google.

Lorraine C.

I didn’t know any Japanese while living in Japan and my speaking, reading, and comprehension of the language grew so much while taking classes at Coto Japanese Academy. I liked that it was a flexible schedule as I worked full time and I was still able to grow and develop as a student here.
The receptionist staff are so kind, helpful and so kawaii (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵).
Coto Academy、本当にありがとうございます😊 Link to student’s full review on Google.


I have nothing but good things to say about Coto.  Taking their business course helped me in my daily work in Japan. It has allowed me to live my life more fully in Tokyo.

Course Details

Speaking Sessions

Practice your Japanese speaking through an informal free talk conversation with a Native Japanese speaker.

(Half the price of regular learning sessions)

Speaking sessions are a way to practice Japanese with a native Japanese speaker.

You can use the Japanese that you already know to have informal conversations.

We recommend speaking sessions for students who:

  • Do not live in Japan - but would like to practice speaking with a native speaker.
  • Want to increase their conversational fluency through practice.
  • Enjoy learning by doing through output.  The more you speak - the better you will become!

For those interested in speaking sessions please fill out this contact form or at the bottom of the page.

Read more about Japanese speaking sessions on our FAQ here!

Learning Sessions

Learn from a Professional Coto teacher and study through a textbook / hand picked learning materials that are used for our in-person Coto lessons in Tokyo.

Our professionally trained and certified instructors will help you reach your language learning goals! Learn new vocabulary and grammar based on your language learning level and learning objectives.

Coto's learning sessions are great for anyone and everyone looking to learn new Japanese.

With Learning sessions you can learn Japanese from the zero - or pick up where you left off. There are no restrictions on the level of Japanese in learning sessions.

We especially recommended learning sessions to students who:
・have never studied Japanese, and don’t know how/where to start
・want to improve their Japanese Language ability but have no school in their area
・have left Japan but would like to keep learning Japanese at the same pace

For each learning session - you can select what you would like to learn in advance and share it with your teacher.

For those interested in learning sessions please fill out this contact form or at the bottom of the page.

Read more about Japanese speaking sessions on our FAQ here!

Pricing / Cost

How much does it cost?

Coto Online lessons can be taken as much or as little as you need.

One 50 minute lesson is normally around $38 USD or 4,200 JPY

And speaking sessions are half the cost of learning sessions!

Quick Breakdown:

speaking vs learning online session breakdown


  • 50 min learning session = 4 points
  • 25 min learning session = 2 points
  • 25 min speaking session = 1 point

For complete pricing information please refer the point package and costs here →

How to Enroll

If you’d like to get started with our Japanese lessons - the first step is to contact us for a free level check and consultation.

You can schedule that by visiting and sending us a contact inquiry - or by visiting and booking an appointment directly on the calendar.