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Common Japanese Words and Phrases Used in Classroom

The language used in a classroom setting will differ depending on whether you are a student or teacher, and whether you are talking to other students or teachers. To sort this all out, let’s first go over the basics. What do I call my teacher? How do I ask questions during the class? How do […]
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How to Write a Haiku: 14 Beautiful Examples for Inspiration

Haiku are short unrhymed poems composed of only three lines and seventeen syllables.
Avatar photo Simone Martin

Guide on How to Stay Warm and Survive Winter in Japan

Those who live in Japan know that summer and winter in Japan can be brutal. Japan has eight regions spanning quite a few lines of latitude. That means depending on what part of the country you’re in, the weather will vary a lot during any given season. Winter in Japan starts in December and goes […]
Avatar photo Chelsea

Guide to Using Sou (そう), Rashii (らしい), Mitai (みたい) and Poi (っぽい)

They might have the same meaning, but sou そう, mitai みたい, rashii らしい and ppoiっぽい have different nuances and distinctions.  
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Guide to Attending Japanese Wedding: Phrases, Etiquette & Things to Avoid

If you ever get invited to a wedding in Japan, there might be some words and terms that are good to know before you attend.
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

Douyou (童謡): 12 Common Japanese Nursery Rhymes to Learn

Offering a glimpse at Japan’s rich history and culture, Japanese nursery rhymes are a fun way to learn the language. 
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How I Prepared and Passed JLPT N4

From understanding the exam format to studying effectively, I’ll explain in detail how I passed JLPT N4, the resources I used and how I stayed motivated. 
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How to Express Condolences in Japanese: Guide to Funeral in Japan

When you find yourself preparing to attend a funeral in Japan, how do you express condolences in Japanese
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Take Our Quiz! What Kind of Japanese Learner Are You?

What kind of Japanese learner are you? Kinesthetic? Auditory? Visual? Take our fun quiz to discover your learning style!
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What to Prepare When Moving to Japan As A Student

Moving to Japan to study abroad is an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique culture, learn the Japanese language and gain valuable life experiences that will benefit you academically and let you develop as a person.  However, it is important to be well-prepared and organized in order to make the move […]
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Guide to Overcoming Culture Shock in Japan

Believe it or not, culture shock is a common experience for people who encounter a new and unfamiliar environment.
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How To Make A Career Switch From English Teaching to Recruitment in Japan

Making a career switch from English teaching to recruiting in Japan isn't uncommon and easy, but it might be a good option for you.
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