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101 Basic Japanese Adverbs You Need to Know

Basic sentence structure includes a noun, object and a verb, but what happens if you want to make your conversation more interesting and descriptive? 
Coto Academy

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan: History and Favorite Thanksgiving Restaurants

How and where to celebrate Thanksgiving this year — with our favorite restaurant recommendations!
Coto Academy

How to Say “You” in Japanese

Want to avoid calling your boss darling? Read on to find out more.
Coto Academy

10 Best Winter Illuminations in Tokyo | 2021/2022

Nearing Christmas, you'll find Tokyo transformed into an illuminated frosty wonderland. Check out our top spots for best illuminations for 2021/2022
Coto Academy

How to Quit Your Job in Japan: Useful Japanese Phrases and the Right Etiquette

What to say and how to do it right when you resign from your company
Coto Academy

Japanese Bank Vocabulary: Cheatsheet and Quiz

Learn essential Japanese words and phrases for the next time you need to do a bank errand in Japan.
Coto Academy

Top 30 Inspiring Japanese Proverbs and Sayings

Besides learning kanji from apps and practicing speaking Japanese, knowing inspiring Japanese proverbs is a great way to speed up your study process. Why? Because you’ll be exposed to new vocabulary — and maybe even get valuable wisdom. Japanese proverbs paint a picture of different situations. They are a reflection of Japanese culture and hundreds […]
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Japanese COVID-19 Vocabulary: Vaccine, PCR Test and Cross-border Travel

Completing coronavirus-related procedures made easy. Downloadable PDF available.
Coto Academy

Top Language School for Online Japanese Lessons

Want to pick up or brush up on your Japanese language skills? Here at Coto Academy, we offer a wide variety of courses accessible online. With JLPT courses, private and group lessons available, you are sure to find one suitable for your needs. Free consultation and assessment is provided for you to get a course […]
Coto Academy

60 Foreign-friendly Tax Accountants in Tokyo

The difference between a smooth tax season and an ugly tax record for foreigners in Japan? A good accountant.
Coto Academy

Pass the N3 Grammar Section – Self-Study Course

Do you want to pass the N3 Grammar section? We are happy to share that our JLPT N3 Grammar self-study course is now available. Enroll in this self-guided course and take daily quizzes that will solidify your knowledge of JLPT Grammar. What you’ll learn: Comprised of the most common grmmar points found on the JLPT […]
Coto Academy

Final JLPT 2021 Preparation Course at Coto Academy

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is right around the corner, but how ready are you?
Coto Academy
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