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Ultimate Guide to Passing the JLPT N5 Exam

Welcome to the ultimate guide to passing the JLPT N5 Exam! In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about the JLPT N5 Exam (test contents, length, scoring methods, etc.), how to register, how to prepare, what happens on test day, and some resources and lessons we offer at Coto Academy to […]
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5 Advanced and Beautiful Phrases in Japanese to Describe the Scenery

Here are some Japanese phrases that describes scenery and landscape in a poetic way. See if you can understand and master these!
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Intensive Japanese Courses: What does Coto Yokohama offer?

If you live in the Kanagawa area, and you want to learn Japanese, then you are in luck! Coto Japanese Academy Yokohama offers intensive courses for you to learn Japanese just 5 minutes from Yokohama Station. Our mission is to provide Yokohama with a Japanese language school that teaches international residents Japanese for everyday life […]
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Part-time Japanese Class: What does Coto Yokohama offer?

Are you looking for part-time Japanese lessons in Yokohama? Do you want to learn Japanese in a small group class? If you live in the Kanagawa area, then you are in luck! Coto Japanese Academy Yokohama offers part-time classes for you to learn Japanese. With a range of schedules – and topic based, small group […]
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Top 20 Best Apps for Learning Japanese – 2021

Ever imagined yourself being fluent in the Japanese Language? Procrastinating and giving yourself excuses to deter yourself from picking up the language? Then this is the time to start. No more excuses as learning Japanese has never been any more convenient than this. Accessible anywhere and any time as long as you have a smartphone.  […]
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List of Japanese Lessons in Tokyo – 2021 Summer Guide

Looking for a list of Japanese lessons that you can take in Tokyo? It’s now 2021 and in this blog we will share the list of the available Japanese lessons that you can take in Tokyo. 5 days per week – Intensive Japanese Courses If you want to progress quickly and improve your Japanese, our […]
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JLPT N5 Kanji Self-Study Course is now available

Although using flashcards is an easy way to study Kanji, it won’t fully prepare for what’s to come in the JLPT N5 Exam. As a more effective study method for the exam, Coto now offers the JLPT N5 Kanji Course – a new self-study course that contains plentiful resources and opportunities to test your knowledge […]
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2021 Guide to Part-time Japanese Classes

Find a Japanese course that perfectly fits your desired schedule, lesson structure, course level, personal interests, and goals! Are you a busy individual looking to study Japanese on the side? Do you want to improve your Japanese conversation skill through engaging, conversation-based lessons? Do you want to expand your Japanese vocabulary while having fun? If […]
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8 Must-Visit Starbucks in Japan with Local Concepts

Japan’s Starbucks has recently been featured globally for its unique blend of Japanese architecture, history, and culture. In this blog, we pick up 8 Starbucks stores that are a must-visit, if you are living in, or visiting Japan. From the world’s first Tatami Starbucks to the Izumo Taisha outlet that offers a “Zen” experience, there’s […]
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Intensive Japanese Course Calendar – 2021-2022

Here are the upcoming dates for our intensive Japanese lessons in 2021 and 2022. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.
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How to customize your favorite Ramen – Ramen Toppings and Vocabulary

When you visit Japan, you cannot miss out on the Japanese food culture. Ramen is amongst the popular ones of them. Depending on the type of ramen shop you enter in, ramen is commonly served with the shop’s own decision of what kinds of noodles, broth thickness, and toppings to use. However, if you eat at […]
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FREE! JLPT N4 YouTube Video Grammar Course

Staring at a textbook to study for the JLPT can get tedious… Right? Well, you’re in luck, because Coto is now offering a FUN self-study course to help you prepare for the JLPT N4 Exam and break up the monotony… all for FREE! The new JLPT N4 YouTube Video Grammar Course features short and easy […]
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