Tech Meetups in Tokyo: Where to find and what to expect

Going to Tech meetups in Tokyo is a great way to broaden your network, break into Japan’s tech industry and possibly make new career opportunities. Luckily, Japan’s tech industry is rapidly rising, so it’s one of the easier places to do bilingual networking.

Although not always, tech meetups also help you improve your Japanese conversation skills and expand industry-specific lingo.

Many participants will be Japanese too, so you’ll connect with both the Japanese and global communities. There are multiple community groups you can choose from depending on what you’re looking for.

Are you a woman working in tech roles in Japan? This immediately may make it difficult to meet new people and women that can uplift you.

We also have a few meetup groups specially created for women starting out or professionals in the tech industry.

1. Hacker News Tokyo

Are you interested in business and technology? This event is created for you! With around 2000 users in their slack community, many ideas are exchanged in the chats.

The ever-increasing community gives endless opportunities for you to network with more like-minded people in the industry in Japan.

If you are unsure of your Japanese skills, don’t worry as there are many foreign members, as well as Japanese members if you want to practice and utilize your Japanese.


2. Tokyo Tech meet up

Networking events are mainly communicated in English. Previously their meetings were held online due to Covid-19, however, they have now started to host their events in person.

They even recently had an event on September 20th, 18:30 at Shibuya Parco rooftop for people to network with drinks under the fall sunset.

Their events consist of current affairs on Japanese technology, 3-5 speed talks, and social meetings to encourage networking with as many people as possible.

This meetup is great for people that want to make friends within this community.


3. Tokyo Fintech meetup

This is a nonprofit community that was founded in Tokyo in 2017. With more than 3,400 members in the community, this community aims to bring innovation to the financial industry.

This community provides so many resources for one to learn more about Japanese Fintech, Blockchain, and Insurtech. Tokyo Fintech meetup holds meetups, medium publications, and podcasts listened to in over 100 countries.


4. Tokyo Startup Founder 101

Brings a group of engineers that look to start their own businesses, allowing these engineers to meet experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate on new startups – sort of mentorship.

They host a few free events throughout the year, for you to gain skills to begin your own startup. Even better, you can get feedback on your idea, which makes your business more successful.

Some meetup events topics include:

• Coming up with a strong startup idea
• Startup legal basics
• How to pitch your startup
• Starting a company without quitting your day job
• How to raise funding for your startup
• And much more!

English is most spoken in this community


5. UX Talk Tokyo

This community mainly speaks English and is targeted at those that are working in Tokyo, with an interest in UX.

With close to 2000 members added registered in this community, UX Talk Tokyo discusses user experience and user interface.

Presentations are conducted in English, and because many of the participants speak English and Japanese, networking will be exchanged in both languages.


6. Women Who Code Tokyo

Based in San Francisco, this tech community has over 80,000 members globally. This community aims to make the tech industry more gender diverse, equalizing the ratio between women and men.

To do so, Women Who Code Tokyo runs workshops, study groups, and conferences to support women to growth. Its main language will be English.  


7. Women in Technology Japan

Founded in 2013, Women in Technology Japan aims to empower, inspire, and connect women in Japan in the tech industry. This community aims to bring more women into the tech industry.

The main language spoken in this community is English and Japanese. Their events have been moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

8. EdTechWomen (ETW) Tokyo

Conversing in Japanese, this community was created for women working in the tech educational field. Women from various fields from entrepreneurs, school staff and NPO groups together to exchange ideas on strengthening businesses, products, and schools.


9. Ladies that UX Tokyo

Ladies that UX Tokyo originally was created from an idea in a bar in Manchester. Using both English and Japanese, the community meets up monthly to positively promote each other, and female skills and talents.

It encourages women in the tech industry to share their positive and negative experiences. Depending on the city the meet-ups are held in, the meet-ups differ slightly.

Some will determine a monthly theme, some will just be a chill and relaxed get-together for networking purposes.


10. AITC 女子会

Advanced IT utilization consortium (AITC) aims to empower women working in the AITC field. Helps women regardless of their occupation within the IT field, to meet people, with technology, and knowledge.

This community provides resources for women to have the opportunity and make an impact in society.

Social events mainly converse in Japanese. During Covid-19, they have set up online meetup events to continue their social events.


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