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How I Prepared and Passed JLPT N4

From understanding the exam format to studying effectively, I’ll explain in detail how I passed JLPT N4, the resources I used and how I stayed motivated. 
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Take Our Quiz! What Kind of Japanese Learner Are You?

What kind of Japanese learner are you? Kinesthetic? Auditory? Visual? Take our fun quiz to discover your learning style!
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Japanese Learning Strategy for Visual Learners

Prefer learning Japanese through colorful charts and visuals? You might be a visual learner.
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A Review on Learning Japanese with Renshuu

Here at Coto Academy, we have been writing a series of reviews for different apps to learn Japanese. Today, we examine renshuu. Renshuu (literally meaning “practice” in Japanese), is an app started in 2020. Since it’s so new, it’s not as popular as bigger names such as Anki or Duolingo. However, this app has a lot to offer!
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30 English Loanwords That Come From Japanese Language

That's right: English language borrows a lot of Japanese words. For example, tsunami, tycoon and sudoku came from the Japanese equivalent. English language also retains a lot of original Japanese food-related words, like sushi, katsu and dashi.
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

5 Japanese Learning Strategies for Introverts

How do you learn Japanese when you're an extrovert? Take a look at our strategies below to find fresh ways of learning Japanese that work best with your personality type.
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Japanese Learning Strategies for People with ADHD

Many with ADHD have found it hard to learn a new language, such as Japanese. However, ADHD doesn’t have to be a barrier! Japanese can be easily accessible with a strong plan, new techniques, and a little determination.
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Where to Find Japanese Language Schools in London

London is a big city that has it all, including Japanese language schools for avid learners. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the language before a holiday, or want to study intensively, you can work on your comprehension and conversation skills as well as cultural knowledge about Japan. Take a look at some of […]
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Where to Find Japanese Language Schools in Vancouver

Depending on your study focus and current Japanese level, we have summarized a few Japanese Language schools in Vancouver for you to look into. Vancouver may seem like a faraway place from Japan, but historically, there have been many ties to Japan and its culture. Currently, there is a large population of Japanese people in […]
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How to Say “I’m Sorry” in Japanese: Sumimasen, Gomenasai and 14 More

Learn the complex art of apologizing in Japanese.
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Investment in Japan: Is 2022 a Great Time to Invest?

In this guest post, Tyson Batino, host of the Scaling Japan podcast, weighs in on his opinions on investment opportunities in the Japanese market for foreign residents and non-residents of Japan.
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What is ERFS? 2022 Guide to Short-term Visa for Foreigners in Japan

New border measures from June 2022: Through the new ERFS system, you can now apply for short-term stays for tourism and business for new entry to Japan. Your receiving organization will issue an ERFS certificate for your visa application.
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