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How to Use Ageru, Kureru, and Morau (あげる, くれる, もらう)

あげる, くれる, and もらう (ageru, kureru, morau) are giving and receiving verbs describing how objects or actions are passed from one person to another.
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How NOT to Learn Japanese: 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Learning Japanese

Learning a new language is always hard. From memorizing vocabulary and new alphabets to studying different grammar structures, it’s like a long and difficult journey where there are so many struggles and challenges that we all have to face and have to figure out the best approach to tackle the obstacles by ourselves.  It’s perfectly […]
Avatar photo Sopida Rodsom

How to Text in Japanese: 13 Japanese Internet Slang and Texting Terms

Like lol and jk, Japanese people have their own version of Japanese internet slang and texting lingo — also known as ネットスラング (netto surangu). Have you ever tried using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter in Japanese? Things are going fairly well! That is until you reach that one word. You’ve never […]
Avatar photo Anna Deutsch

ポイントカードはおもちですか? Guide to Point Cards in Japan

Your guide to how to respond to ポイントカードはよろしいですか (pointo kaado wa yoroshii desuu ka), and why you might want to get a one (or two) point cards in Japan.
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How to Buy Prepaid IC Cards in Japan: PASMO, Suica, Icoca

From Suica, Pasmo to Icoca, IC cards in Japan is a convenient way to travel — and purchase items — in Japan.
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Ultimate Guide to Japanese Sake (お酒): History, Types, Brewing Process

In this guide we will cover everything from what Japanese sake is, its history, how it's made, the different types, how to drink it, all the way to breweries you ought to visit. 
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

Noun Town Review: Should You Learn Japanese in VR?

What if we tell you that there’s a way to make studying more fun and (literally) immersive? We all have those days where studying seems like a grueling task, and we’d rather do just about anything else than sit down and focus on our Japanese. Enter Noun Town. Noun Town is a new virtual reality […]
Avatar photo Anna Deutsch

WaniKani Review: The Pros and Cons

Out of many Japanese learning resources, you’ve probably heard of WaniKani before. It’s a website that uses mnemonics and an SRS system — specifically, to teach kanji. As one of the most dreaded Japanese language elements, kanji demands serious study hours and, most of the time, quality resources. If you’re serious about learning Japanese, you […]
Avatar photo Sopida Rodsom

How I Studied and Prepared for JLPT N2

When I arrived in Japan in January 2019, I barely knew Japanese. However, I was determined to learn the language as I thought life would be so much fun and easier if I was able to do basic communication with the locals. I could order food by myself, I could ask for directions if I […]
Avatar photo Sopida Rodsom

Guide to Japanese Cooking and Recipes Vocabulary

From sushi to ramen to mouth-watering gyoza, Japan has an endless list of delicious foods. This leads many of us back to the kitchen in our own homes wondering how we can recreate those umami flavors. Japanese cooking is not only delicious but once you know what to do, well-balanced, incredibly tasty meals can be […]
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

Before, During and After in Japanese: 前 (Mae), 後 (Ato), とき (Toki), 間に (Aida ni)

These Japanese grammar points are covered at the JLPT N4 for good reason. Understanding them is essential for making your interactions in Japanese smoother.
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

My Experience Preparing and Passing JLPT N3 Exam

How did I pass JLPT N3 exam? I'll show you my study routine, the resources I used, and my experience in the actual exam day.
Avatar photo Coto Academy
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