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Kick-start your 2024 JLPT Exam Prep With Coto Academy! 

You have one shot to nail the JLPT. And surely you don’t want to miss it, right? Well, there’s surely no easy way out of this situation. Speakers that do not work quite right, or somehow the tiniest voice of anything distract you from the test. But, this is totally why you have to expect […]
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Speaking Practice Course: New Online Group Course from September ★

What is the【Speaking Practice Course 🗣️】? ~ Introducing the course and its reviews ~ As its name suggests, the【Speaking Practice Course】is a course where students can converse freely with their classmates to practice speaking in Japanese! ★ Each lesson is 50 minutes, and since each class is stand-alone, you can reserve one lesson anytime! ★ […]
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Secure a Deal for Your Japanese Course Before the Year Ends!

The year might be coming to an end, hence we hope your spirit in learning Japanese does not end this year too! With that, we want to be part of your Japanese learning journey!  From December 1st to December 25th, 2023, we are excited to offer you several promos for our different courses, such as […]
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Stay Worry-Free with Coto’s JLPT Course in Yokohama!

Are you planning to take the JLPT in 2024 and want to KICK START your prep? Firstly, congratulations on making a huge decision to improve your Japanese! Let Coto Academy help you reach your language goals with a limited special JLPT course package! In our Yokohama school, you can start your prep with us, with […]
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New Iidabashi JLPT 3-month Prep Courses

There’s just a few months left before the next JLPT test, are you prepared?!  You only get one chance to ace the JLPT. The test environment itself might have low quality speakers – or a distracting atmosphere with so many students. Preparing to take the test is much different than simply learning what we will […]
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2023 Price Update at Coto Academy

Save on classes while you can! Starting on June 1, Coto Academy will be introducing a new pricing plan for our private, part-time and dispatch lessons.
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Business Japanese Class |CBCS| to Advance Your Career in 2023

To succeed in your career, it often takes a high level of business Japanese communication skill. In fact, foreign professionals need to learn Japanese business etiquette, which boils down to understanding Japanese culture at a deeper level. This is where Coto Business Communication School — or CBCS — comes in. As our premier business Japanese […]
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Exciting News – Coto Academy is Coming to Shibuya!

Exciting news! Coto Academy is opening a fourth location in Shibuya this autumn!
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Bring Your Friend to Japan Campaign and Get 20,000 Yen!

If you know any friends or family members who have been thinking of studying in Japan, introduce them to Coto School Finder!
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How to Live and Study in Japan on a Student Visa with Coto School Finder!

Want to study Japanese in Japan full-time? Exciting news! Find quality Japanese language school with student visa sponsorship!
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JLPT Special Course Package at Coto Yokohama

Join our special JLPT N3, N2 and N1 prep course at Coto Yokohama to prepare for the 2023 test!
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Join Our Referral Program and Get Coto Coupons!

Introduce at least 5 people to get Coto Coupons for lesson packages!
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