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Conquering the Peaks: A Journey Through Mount Tsukuba

Tucked away in the heart of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, stands the majestic Mt. Tsukuba. Unlike the more famous Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tsukuba, with its twin peaks, offers a unique charm that beckons hikers from all corners. As I embarked on this journey, I quickly understood why it’s known as “The Purple Mountain” – a testament […]
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Speaking Practice Course: New Online Group Course from September ★

What is the【Speaking Practice Course 🗣️】? ~ Introducing the course and its reviews ~ As its name suggests, the【Speaking Practice Course】is a course where students can converse freely with their classmates to practice speaking in Japanese! ★ Each lesson is 50 minutes, and since each class is stand-alone, you can reserve one lesson anytime! ★ […]
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Coto Student’s Story: Mark – From Part-time to Full-time Japanese Language Student!

This week, all of our students who enrolled through Coto School Finder have arrived in Japan to start their spring semester! It’s been an exciting time for everyone, including our student, Mark, who recently visited Coto Academy before starting his first week at Evergreen Japanese Language School in Tokyo. Mark was a former Coto student […]
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What Our Students Say About Coto: Summer 2022 Review Roundup

See what our students and community have to say about studying Japanese at Coto Academy
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Student Story – Jeff : Passing the JLPT N2 with Coto Online Lessons

This week we have a student story from Jeff, one of our Coto Online students that have been taking Online Lessons to prepare for the JLPT N2 Jeff was kind enough to share his study habits with us and his experience in passing the JLPT N2 So without further Ado here is what Jeff-san had […]
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Coto Student's Story: Charles – Recovering from an Injury and Learning Advanced Japanese

  Hi, what’s your name? My name is Charles. What kind of class are you currently taking at Coto? Right now I’m taking the Advanced 2 course. How long have you been studying Japanese? I have been studying Japanese for 8 months. What made you come to Japan? It’s a bit of a long story […]
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Coto Student's Story: Lauren – Learning Japanese and passing the JLPT N2

Lauren passed the JLPT N2 after studying with us. In this video testimonial - Lauren shares some of her experience studying Japanese at Coto as well as her advice for other students considering Coto as a Japanese Language School
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Review Roundup – What are people saying about our Japanese Classes in Tokyo?

We want to thank everyone that has studied with us over the last year.   Reading our website is a great way to learn about courses we offer.   But – What is it like to study Japanese at Coto?   In this blog post we will share some of our most recent reviews from […]
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Student Story – Shannon – Learning Japanese as an Actress / Performer

What brought you to Japan? I am a performer by trade and I was sent to Japan on a 3 year assignment. I spent about 3 years here and never really focused on learning Japanese because I didn’t need it for work or daily life. Which I am kicking myself for now. 😀 After I […]
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Student Story – Amanda – Intensive Japanese Upper Beginner

What made you decide to study Japanese in Japan? Ever since I was little I had an interest in japan which started with anime and manga – and then grew to a wider understanding of the overall culture including art and history? The first anime that I started watching was Saint Seiya – or Zodiac […]
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Student Story – Caleb – Day Trader

What brought you to Japan originally? I first came to japan when I was transferred with work in 1997 – My first time to Japan I lived here for three and a half years – where I met my wife.  After that I moved back to New York and lived there for 13 years.  My […]
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Elissa – Student Story – Japanese Beginner Intensive Course

What brought you to study Japanese in Japan? I am half-japanese and grew up in America.  I recently moved back to Japan to reconnect with my Japanese roots – I will be attending Waseda University to study literature in January and I have 9 months to improve my Japanese and enjoy living life in Japan. […]
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