Starting a Business in Japan – Tokyo Start-up Guide (Important Links)

Are you interested in starting a business in Japan?  Is your dream to move to Tokyo and open a restaurant, shop, or an internet start-up?
After several of our students have asked us about finding information about this – we thought it was time to write our own article.
We hope that this guide is helpful to you and that it motivates you to continue learning Japanese and further your life in Japan.

Starting a business in Tokyo

In Japan starting a business can be confusing. Thinking about the idea – many questions come up.
Can you apply for a visa as a business owner?  What are the requirements for incorporation? Do I need to hire a lawyer?
These are great questions.

The first and last step in starting a business in Tokyo

Many people do not know this – but actually – the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a one-stop resource center for foreigners looking to open their businesses in Japan.
Located inside the ARK Hills building in Tameikesanno – and adjacent to the JETRO office. (There are also Shinjuku and Shibuya satellite offices!)
The TOSBEC or – “Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center”  is a free-consultation desk that will help in-bound investors with the logistics of opening a business.
At this one location – they will guide you through all of the legal paperwork required to open your business – and they will even help you to apply for a business/investor visa.
Additionally, they also offer free seminars that you can attend and ask questions
The best part?
All of these services are provided FREE!
They cover the following:

  • Help with creating the certificate of Articles of Incorporation (Providing access to notary assistance)
  • Consultation related to company registrations (how to go about the process)
  • Notification of National and Metropolitan Taxes (How to register and become compliant – they will guide you through the process.)
  • Immigration Issues (They are capable of helping you to obtain a special “Start-up” visa!)
  • Employment, Pension, and Health Insurances (They will help you to enroll in the employment insurance scheme and make sure that you are compliant.)

The best part is – all of these services are not just consultative – they actually help you to submit your documents!
You can see which booths they provide and a diagram of the center below:

Tokyo Start up Business Center

The different services provided by the TOSBEC

You can call to schedule a consultation appointment with them. Phone is actually more responsive than email during business hours.  🙂
ARK Mori Building

  • Consultation appointment:03-3582-4934
  • Other inquiries: 03-3582-8352
  • FAX: 03-5561-4123

Shibuya Satellite Center

  • Consultation appointment: 03-5489-4630

Marunouchi Satellite Center

  • For consultation appointment: 03-6259-1882

ARK Mori Building

Shibuya Satellite Center

Marunouchi Satellite Center

Operating Hours
Morning: 9:30 am ~12:00 am
Afternoon: 13:00 pm ~ 17:30 pm
Operates Monday to Friday
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