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Don’t Eat That : Fake Food in Japan

Have you ever sat down to eat at a restaurant, saw your friend’s dish arrive, and then thought, oh, I wish I had ordered that instead? Then perhaps it would have been helpful to see a fake food sample before ordering – aka the menu in the form of hyper realistic plastic food. That is […]
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

Irasutoya: Japan’s Art Phenomenon

         If you’ve interacted with Japanese media at all, then you are sure to have come across something cute! From famous Sanrio characters (like Hello Kitty) to company logos, you can find cuteness just about anywhere; this is because Japan often uses this concept in many different areas, such as marketing, fashion, and… clip art? […]
Avatar photo Anna Deutsch

Mastering Business Negotiations: Essential Japanese Negotiation Phrases for Successful Deals

Effective communication is at the heart of successful negotiations. This especially holds true when conducting Japanese negotiation, where both cultural and linguistic nuances play a vital role in building relationships and reaching mutually beneficial agreements.  Whether you are a professional or someone that is just starting your career,mastering the right phrases in Japanese negotiation can […]
Avatar photo Miki Toyota

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Gift Giving Etiquette in the Japanese Workplace

Gift-giving in Japanese Culture is an inseparable part of the long lived culture, as it have deeply rooted in traditions and societal norms. It represents gratitude and respect and serves as a means of nurturing positive relationships. Within the Japanese workplace, the concept of “お土産 (omiyage)” takes center stage, and understanding the nuances of gift-giving […]
Avatar photo Miki Toyota

10 Things to do During Summer in Japan

We have officially entered August, the hottest month in Japan, and whether you’re looking to escape the heat or soak up more sunshine, we have just the list of activities to make your summer in Japan unforgettable. Table of Contents 1. Visit Kanagawa’s island getaway, Enoshima With summer in Japan being as hot as it […]
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

26 Things You Should Not Do in Japan

Japanese people are known for being well-mannered and Japan’s society as a whole is famous for its etiquette, high-level of customer service, and polite people. But while Japanese people are non-confrontational, there are a set of “unwritten rules” that people expect you to follow. These rules are considered common sense and one of the reasons […]
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

Best Cafes in Shibuya for Studying and Remote Work (with WiFi, Power Sockets)

In this guide, we'll introduce you to the best cafes in Shibuya with free WiFi and power outlets so you enjoy coffee and study in peace.
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

Japanese Martial Arts: From spirited Sumo to rhythmic Kyudo

From martial arts like karate, aikido, judo to sports like sumo, traditional Japanese sports are rooted in culture and history.
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

9 Ways to Say Happy Birthday in Japanese And How to Celebrate

Ever wondered how to celebrate your birthday in Japan and say “happy birthday” in Japanese? In Japan, birthdays are not celebrated the same way they are in Western countries. For many, birthdays are seen as a time of reflection and renewal rather than a time to party. Children’s birthdays are much more elaborate than those […]
Avatar photo Chelsea Quezergue

Unraveling The Kimono: Vocabulary, Symbolism and Different Types

Kimono is so widely known that the word itself has become a part of the English language. From the very heart of Japanese culture, this iconic garment was worn on a daily basis in 19th-century Japan. Its beginnings can be traced back over a thousand years, to the Heian period (794–1185), from what was known […]
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

How to Write a Haiku: 14 Beautiful Examples for Inspiration

Haiku are short unrhymed poems composed of only three lines and seventeen syllables.
Avatar photo Simone Martin

Guide to Attending Japanese Wedding: Phrases, Etiquette & Things to Avoid

If you ever get invited to a wedding in Japan, there might be some words and terms that are good to know before you attend.
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka
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