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Guide to Using Sou (そう), Rashii (らしい), Mitai (みたい) and Poi (っぽい)

They might have the same meaning, but sou そう, mitai みたい, rashii らしい and ppoiっぽい have different nuances and distinctions.  
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Douyou (童謡): 12 Common Japanese Nursery Rhymes to Learn

Offering a glimpse at Japan’s rich history and culture, Japanese nursery rhymes are a fun way to learn the language. 
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How to Say “I Want To” in Japanese: Use ~たいです(~Tai Desu)

How do you say, "I want" in Japanese — or express desire?
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

んだ or のです: How to Use Japanese Explanatory Form

んだ (~n da), んです (~n desu) and their variants are primarily used to show emphasis and provide information, but there's no true English equivalent.
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

How to Use Japanese Conditional Form なら (Nara)

なら is a conditional particle. It means something like "if" in English. なら is attached to the sentence which describes the condition where certain events or situations happen.
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

How to Compare Something in Japanese: JLPT N3 Grammar に比べて (Ni Kurabete)

In Japanese grammar, に比べて (ni kurabete) is used to compare things, places, or experiences. After all, comparing something is an action we do all the time, even if it’s just in our minds. How else would you be able to hold up those days when you knew zero Japanese against now when you can have […]
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

Our Review on Learning Japanese with Duolingo

Duolingo is a great learning app because it makes studying Japanese accessible. Here is our our in-depth Duolingo Japanese review.
Avatar photo Aimee

Guide to Past Tense in Japanese

Let’s say you’ve mastered greetings and you have your jikoshoukai or self-introduction down. This means that you can successfully talk about where you’re from, your favorite foods, your hobbies and your interests. When it comes time to tell your coworkers that you did, in fact, watch your favorite movie over the weekend, you find yourself […]
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

Aisatsu: 19 Japanese Greetings for Beginners

A beginner's cheat sheet to all the essential Japanese greetings you need for any context.
Avatar photo Aimee

48 Useful and Basic Japanese Phrases You Need to Know Before Coming to Japan

If you've recently moved to Japan, knowing all of the most useful and basic Japanese phrases is essential to tackle daily activities. But even if you've been practicing Japanese for a while, the thought of having to talk with a native speaker can be scary.
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How Do You Use The Japanese Phrase そうです(Sou Desu)?

Why do Japanese people like to use the word そうですね (sou desu ne), そうですよ (sou desu yo), そうですか (sou desu ka) and more? Learn the meaning behind そうですね and why is this an important Japanese phrase?
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9 Japanese Language Schools in Sydney, Australia

Looking to learn in Sydney, Australia? One of Australia's biggest cities doesn't fall short on Japanese language lessons from beginner to advanced.
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