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Yasashii Nihongo: 5 Easy Japanese Websites for Beginner

How do you stay in the know when most news and blogs are written in Japanese? Check out 5 "kind Japanese" websites for beginners.
Coto Academy

26 Anime on Netflix to Watch in 2022

From classic titles to 2022's most recent adaptations, check out anime shows you can watch on the top streaming platform.
Coto Academy

Top 10 Easy Anime to Learn Japanese for Beginners

From classic, family-friendly Ghibli films and comedy-romance tropes to tear-jerking slice-of-life, check out our recommended anime shows to binge-watch if you’re a beginner in Japanese.
Coto Academy

Japan Real Estate Vocabulary | Buying Real Estate in Japan FAQ

Japan is a great place to diversify your real estate portfolio. Check out all you need to know to invest a real estate in Japan.
Coto Academy

Best IT Job Sites in Japan

Are you an IT professional looking for a job? We've compiled some of the best job sites you should check out.
Coto Academy

11 Game-changing Anki Add-Ons for Japanese Learning You Need

Once you understand how to use Anki and download pre-made decks, you can customize them to make your Japanese learning experience effective.
Coto Academy

100 Japanese Anime Vocabulary Words You Can (Or Can’t) Use

Yes, it is possible to learn Japanese by watching your favorite anime. From words from Jujutsu Kaisen to Ghibli films, check them out.
Coto Academy

Hinamatsuri 2022: Japan’s Doll Festival and Girl’s Day

Celebrated every year on March 3, Hinamatsuri goes by different names: Japan's Doll Festival, Girl's Day and formerly Peach Festival (Momo no Sekku).
Coto Academy

Ultimate Guide Kore, Sore and Are (こそあど): This or That?

これ, それ, あれ and どれ (kore, sore and are) is "this" and "that" for physical objects. But what happens if you're talking about something that isn't there, like an idea or a memory?
Coto Academy

Watashi, Boku or Ore: How to say me in Japanese

There's only "me", "myself" and "I" in English, but when it comes to Japanese first-person pronouns, the options are seemingly endless.
Coto Academy

February Favorites: 2022 Japanese Learning Resources Coto Recommends

This February, we’re introducing a mix of podcasts, YouTubers and online tools. Learning Japanese is hard work. Hopefully, these resource recommendations can make your study more enjoyable but just as effective. 
Coto Academy

10 JLPT N1 Textbooks for 2022

The N1 is considered the most challenging level of the JLPT to master. It is so difficult to the point that even Japanese native speakers would struggle with the questions and often fail to get the 50 percent score needed to pass.
Coto Academy
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