Illustrated Language Guide to Your Japanese Rice Cooker!

If you love cooking, knowing the essentials of Japanese rice cooker could be another life hack for you!

Posted by on February 20, 2019 – Life in Japan

With innovative technologies, Japanese rice cookers can do more than just cook rice. This infographic is designed as a handy resource so that you can remember which buttons on your Japanese rice cooker do which functions.

We hope this infographic is helpful to you – we also will be publishing guides to other Japanese appliances on this blog in the future – so stay tuned!

japanese rice cooker guide in japanese


  1. 保温                        (hoon)                                Keep warm
  2. 選択                        (sentaku)                            Choice/option
  3. メニュー                (menyu-)                            Menu
  4. とりけし                (torikeshi)                           Reset/cancel
  5. 白米/炊きこみ      (hakumai/takikomi)            White/mix rice
  6. 無洗米                    (musenmai)                        Rinse free rice
  7. 白米急速                (hakumai kyuusoku)         Quick cook
  8. おかゆ                    (okayu)                                Porridge
  9. 標準                        (hyoujun)                           Normal
  10. 高め                        (takame)                             High
  11. 玄米                        (genmai)                             Brown rice
  12. 玄米活性                (genmai kassei)                Gaba brown rice
  13. 雑穀米                    (zakkoku mai)                    Multigrain rice
  14. 時刻合わせ            (jikoku awase)                   Time adjustment
  15. 予約                        (yoyaku)                              Timer
  16. 炊飯                        (suihan)                              Cooking button

Challenge yourself the next time you visit your kitchen with this cheat sheet! If you need a recipe for fried rice, though, check out everything you need to know about Chahan here!

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