Guide to Your Japanese Food Label Vocabulary

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Here are 2 infographics that teach you the meaning of the Japanese food label! If you are a health-conscious person, you should definitely learn this!

Shopping at the grocery store in Japan can be daunting if you don’t know what is in your food – the below charts will help to decipher the meanings you will find for nutritional labeling on Japanese products.


  1. エネルギー          (enerugi-)                     Energy
  2. たんぱく質         (tanpakushitsu)       Protein
  3. 脂質                    (shishitsu)                    Fat
  4. 炭水化物            (tansuikabutsu)         Carbohydrate
  5. 糖質                   (toushitsu)                    Sugar
  6. 食物繊維            (shokubutsuseni)       Fiber
  7. 食塩                   (shokuen)                      Sodium
  8. 低カロリー        (teikarori-)                     Low Calorie
  9. 高たんぱく質     (koutanpakushitsu)   High Protein
  10. 無糖                   (mutou)                        No Sugar
  11. 低脂肪               (teishibou)                   Low Fat
  12. 香料                  (kouryou)                      Artificial Flavor/ Smell
  13. 調味料               (choumiryou)                Flavor/ Taste

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