Guide to Japanese Toilets! Japanese Toilet Buttons Infographic

One thing people might tell you to prepare yourself for before going to Japan is about the toilets. Impress your friends with your knowledge of the kanjis on Japanese washlets!

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Going to the bathroom in Japan for the first time is often interesting as in the west we do not usually have buttons on our toilets. With the numerous buttons for you to guess and press, Japanese toilets could surprise you with their different functions. In this handy guide, we have combined the important kanjis you should know for each of the most popular toilet models in Japan. The next time you answer nature’s call, you wouldn’t be guessing the use of each button on a Japanese toilet!

Guide to Japanese Toilet Buttons, image, photo, picture, illustration

Guide to Japanese Toilet Buttons

Guide to Japanese Toilet Buttons, image, picture, photo, illustration

Guide to Japanese Toilet Buttons


  1. 止                                   (tome)                             Stop
  2. おしり 洗浄                  (oshiri senjou)               Spray
  3. やわらかい 洗浄          (yawarakai senjou)       Gentle spray
  4. ビデ                               (bide)                             Bidet
  5. 乾燥                               (kansou)                         Dry
  6. 流す                               (nagasu)                         Flush
  7. 大                                   (dai)                                    Big
  8. 小                                   (shou)                                  Small
  9. 音姫                               (otohime)                              Sound
  10. 音停止                           (oto teishi)                      Sound stop
  11. 水勢                               (suisei)                            Water pressure
  12. 音量                               (onryou)                            Volume
  13. パワー脱臭                   (pawa-dasshuu)             Deodorant

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