Guide to your Japanese Bathtub!

Who could say no to a warm bubblebath? With Japanese innovations, your bathtime might not be the same. Learn what each button says on your bathtub control here.

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This infographic labels and describes all of the buttons and functions of how to use a Japanese bathtub – translating the labels that are necessary to take a bath in Japan.  😀

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Guide to Japanese Bathtub


  1. エコ              (eko)                       Eco
  2. ふろ自動      (furo jidou)            Automatic
  3. 追いだき      (oidaki)                  Reheat
  4. 呼出              (yobidashi)            Call
  5. シャワー      (shawa-)               Shower
  6. ふろ              (furo)                      Tub
  7. 優先              (yuusen)                 Preference
  8. 温浴              (onyoku)                Hot bath
  9. たし湯          (tashiyu)                Add warm water
  10. たし水          (tashisui)                Add cold water
  11. ふろ湯量      (furo yuryou)          Water amount
  12. ふろ温度      (furo ondo)          Tub temperature

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