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How to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Japan in 2022

If we could only describe spring in Japan with one thing, it would be with cherry blossoms. The iconic light-pink flower typically blooms between early March to mid-May
Coto Academy

11 Game-changing Anki Add-Ons for Japanese Learning You Need

Once you understand how to use Anki and download pre-made decks, you can customize them to make your Japanese learning experience effective.
Coto Academy

100 Japanese Anime Vocabulary Words You Can (Or Can’t) Use

Yes, it is possible to learn Japanese by watching your favorite anime. From words from Jujutsu Kaisen to Ghibli films, check them out.
Coto Academy

How to Get a Working Holiday Visa in Japan with Coto Academy | ERFS 2022

Coto Japanese Academy is excited to announce that we are sponsoring working holiday visas for prospective students who want to enroll in our Japanese intensive courses — and live in Japan. Through this, they are able to apply the ERFS for a short-term stay. If you’re outside Japan but are looking to enter the country […]
Coto Academy

Special Golden Week Intensive Japanese Course | Beginner to Business

Wondering what to do during Golden Week this 2022? Get an early bird discount for our special short-term intensive course
Coto Academy

Everything You Need to Know About The World’s First Ghibli Park

The world's first Studio Ghibli park opens on November 1 2022. A Totoro fan or not, here's all you need to know — and what we can tell so far.
Coto Academy

Hinamatsuri 2022: Japan’s Doll Festival and Girl’s Day

Celebrated every year on March 3, Hinamatsuri goes by different names: Japan's Doll Festival, Girl's Day and formerly Peach Festival (Momo no Sekku).
Coto Academy

Upper-Intermediate Japanese Courses at Yokohama

Learn about world news and business Japanese to excel in your work environment. Part-time evening Japanese course now available.
Coto Academy

March Japanese Intensive Course in Tokyo

Japanese intensive course, special golden week course and conversation-level up Japanese lessons open for registration.
Coto Academy

The Emperor’s Birthday (天皇誕生日): Celebrating Centuries of History

To honor Emperor Naruhito's birthday on February 23 in the current Reiwa period, we take a look at the origins of this holiday, the monarchy, and how Tokyo is involved.
Coto Academy

Learn Japanese in VR: Metaverse Japanese Learning Event

Coto Japanese Language Academy hosted its first Japanese learning events in the metaverse — of the many more coming soon.
Coto Academy

Ultimate Guide Kore, Sore and Are (こそあど): This or That?

これ, それ, あれ and どれ (kore, sore and are) is "this" and "that" for physical objects. But what happens if you're talking about something that isn't there, like an idea or a memory?
Coto Academy
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