Student Testimonials Student Story – Caleb – Day Trader

What brought you to Japan originally? I first came to japan when I was transferred with work in 1997 – My first time to Japan I lived here for three...

Posted by on May 25, 2018
Daryl: Improving Business Japanese to communicate with clients

In this blog – we ask Daryl, an attorney and intermediate Japanese language learner about his experience with our Business Japanese Course

Japanese Baseball Vocabulary & Flashcards

Going to a Tokyo Giants Baseball Game? This article will teach you Japanese Baseball Vocabulary!

What is the SA SHI SU SE SO of cooking? – AIUEO Blog

What is the SA SHI SU SE SO of cooking? – AIUEO Blog 日本語はこちら Hi there! Can you believe it’s already May!? It’s time for another edition of the popular...

100 Part-Time Discount! – Exp. May 31st

  Thanks to our student community, 2018 is off to a great start for us and we wanted to say thank you by offering new and continuing students a discount...

Coto May Events Calendar 2018

Every month we hold cultural and social events for our students and their friends to discover more about Japanese culture, meet new friends and practice Japanese. We are looking fo...

Summer Japanese Immersion Course & Homestay Program in Tokyo

Improve your Japanese Speaking – Summer 2018   How long have you been studying Japanese? Are you confident in your conversation skills? Many people who study Japanese ha...

Tokyo Dome City & Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Tokyo Dome City (東京ドームシティ) & Koishikawa Korakuen Garden (小石川後楽園) are two major tourist destinations located a short 15 minute walk from Coto Language Academy – they are a...

What is Konnichiwa in English? – AIUEO Blog

About this week’s Author: Mr. Matsumoto, was a junior high school Japanese teacher for 23 years before joining Coto Language Academy. Therefore, he is a Japanese language pro. He currently teaches Coto’s Intensive Courses (intermediate and advanced), Business Courses and the Part Time N1 grammar and reading classes. He is also involved in developing teaching materials at Coto.

Arguments & Fights in Japanese! – “Kenka suruhodo naka ga ii” – AIUEO Blog

The author for this article is Kumi Tanaka-sensei. (About Tanaka Sensei) She is mainly responsible for the Business Japanese course, JLPT N1 classes, and Intensive courses. Tanaka-sensei is quite popular amongst our intermediate and advanced students! Currently, she is enjoying studying the Vietnamese language.

Japanese Digital Marketing Vocabulary List & Flashcards

Are you looking for Japanese Digital Marketing Vocabulary? Do you work in marketing or online content creation in Japan?  Maybe you are a designer – or a manager that has...

Summer Intensive Course for Volunteer Groups

  Are you a Missions group that is sending a small group of students to Tokyo for Japanese study? Are you looking for a short term immersion program that will...

Exhausted! – Kuta-kuta – AIUEO Blog

This week’s author is Kambara Sensei – Ms. Kambara loves to travel and in addition to teaching Japanese at Coto Academy has her own tour company that rents camper vans to Tourists in Japan.