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Life in Japan Starting a Business in Japan – Tokyo Start-up Guide (Important Links)

Are you interested in starting a business in Japan?  Is your dream to move to Tokyo and open a restaurant, shop, or an internet start-up? After several of our students...

Posted by on August 16, 2019
Asking for Permission to Marry in Japanese 

when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Are you engaged in a relationship with a Japanese lady and are planning to marry her? In Japan, it is important culturally...

How to Improve Your Japanese Listening Comprehension Skills – Tips

Mastering a language is a slow and gradual process. you have to be able to read, write listen and speak in the language to become fluent. Each skill is equally...

Best Japanese Dictionaries 2019 | Paper / Electronic / Apps / Online Dictionaries – Review

Looking for a Japanese dictionary to help with your studies? This article summarizes and reviews the BEST paper, electronic, and smartphone app Japanese dictionaries in 2019.

Talking about Size, Length, Width and Depth in Japanese (Big, Small, Short, Long, Thin, Thick) Illustrated Guide

Are you looking for Japanese words that describe size, length, depth, width? What about drink sizes and meal sizes in Japanese? This blog covers vocabulary for discussing size in Japanese.

Learn Japanese with Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020: Epsiode 9 – Girlfight

Learn Japanese with useful phrases from Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 – In this blog we breakdown some useful phrases from an argument episode.

Colors in Japanese – How to Use Japanese Color Words

In Japanese, the words for specific colors are used differently depending on their parts of speech. Having two sets – one set is the Japanese – the other being a...

Student Tips – Little Ways to Practice Japanese Everyday

In this Guest Post – Teresa Tak, Japanese Language learner will give us some tips on how to practice Japanese everyday.

Meaning of Japanese Kanji Characters in Emoji

Did you know that Emoji actually comes from Japanese? In Kanji, it is written as 絵(E)文(Mo)字(Ji), which literally can be translated into “Drawn Language Character”. For ...

Largest Firework Festivals in Tokyo 2019 NEW UPDATE

In Japan, the 花火大会(Hanabi Taikai) or fireworks festival is a symbolic event of summer life in the country. Wildly popular, the festive and romantic atmosphere of Hanabi attracts up...

After Studying in a Japanese School – How to work in Japan.

Due to the aging population and low birth rate in Japan, the government has relaxed the requirements for its immigration policy to cover for the labour shortage. Many foreigners ha...

Learning Japanese Fast – The benefits of taking Japanese classes in a small group

There are several benefits of studying Japanese in a small group setting. Learn about what makes our Japanese lessons different in this blog.

11 Common Japanese Phrases Using the Word “気” – Ki

What is “気” – Ki “気(ki)” literally means “gas” of “air”. In Japanese culture, it is believed that “気” is a form of...