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Thanksgiving in Japan: Kinrō Kansha no Hi

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for the blessings in our lives. When discussing Thanksgiving, we usually think of the American style, where family and friends celebrate this day together by holding a turkey and pumpkin pie feast. But did you know Japan has a similar celebration?  In Japan, this gratitude is expressed during […]
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Japanese Idols and Celebrities Culture: A Deeper Look

Japanese idols and celebrities are everywhere in Japanese media culture, and their influence can be felt in all aspects of Japanese society. But what makes Japanese idols and celebrities so unique? A Quick Jump To… Understanding Idols What are Japanese idols? Japanese idols are young performers, often in their teens or early twenties, who sing, […]
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Speaking Practice Course: New Online Group Course from September ★

What is the【Speaking Practice Course 🗣️】? ~ Introducing the course and its reviews ~ As its name suggests, the【Speaking Practice Course】is a course where students can converse freely with their classmates to practice speaking in Japanese! ★ Each lesson is 50 minutes, and since each class is stand-alone, you can reserve one lesson anytime! ★ […]
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How to Buy Movie Tickets in Japan: A Complete Guide

Going to the movies is a popular pastime in Japan, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, understanding how to buy movie tickets in Japan can enhance your entertainment adventures. This guide will walk you through the process, provide useful Japanese phrases, and recommend where to go! A Quick […]
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How to Ask for the Bill in Japanese Restaurants

Dining at Japanese restaurants can be a delightful experience, from savoring delicious sushi to enjoying a hot bowl of ramen. However, at the end of the meal, you may find yourself wondering how to ask for the bill. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the essential phrases, provide a vocabulary table, and quiz […]
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Exploring Japan’s Autumn Wonderland: Things to Do in November

Japan is a beautiful country to visit any time of year, but November is a particularly special time to go. The weather is starting to cool down, but it’s not yet too cold, and the autumn leaves are in full bloom. This is the perfect time to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, with […]
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Japanese Shopping Phrases: Make Your Payment Smooth

Japan, a land of rich culture, captivating cuisine, and technological advancements, is also a haven for shopping enthusiasts. From bustling department stores to quaint local markets, Japan offers a diverse array of shopping experiences. However, for non-Japanese speakers, navigating the language of payments can be a daunting task. Fear not, as this comprehensive guide will […]
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Exploring Japan’s Literary Landscape: A Guide to Book Genres in Japanese

Japan’s literary landscape is as diverse and captivating as its culture. From the timeless classics of ancient Japan to the contemporary works of modern authors, Japanese literature offers a variety of genres to satisfy your literary cravings. Whether you’re into thrilling adventures, heart-touching romances, or thought-provoking dramas, Japanese literature has something for everyone. A Quick […]
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English to Japanese – Best Japanese Translation Software 2023

Google Translate, DeepL, ChatGPT, Google Bard What are the best Translators to use for English to Japanese in 2023? In this guide, we will give our honest recommendations about which translator is best to use for what application. DeepL Best for: Translating Japanese documents and files to English or English to Japanese. Drafting phrases or […]
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British Culture in Japan: A Fascinating Blend of Traditions

Japan and Britain may seem like very different countries, but they have much in common. Both countries have a long history, rich cultures, and beautiful scenery. Over the years, they have also influenced each other’s cultures, such as tea drinking. This blog will discuss how British influences have subtly shaped various aspects of Japanese society. […]
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Mastering Japanese Presentation Phrases: How to Impress Your Audience

Have you ever needed to give a presentation in Japanese and felt a bit overwhelmed with the language and cultural nuances? Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or simply someone interested in sharing ideas in Japanese, mastering presentation phrases is essential. In this blog, we’ll guide you through some useful Japanese presentation phrases to […]
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Where to buy Nappies (Diapers) in Japan – Comprehensive Guide

Where to Buy Nappies / Diapers in Japan Nappies and diapers are essential items for parents with young children, and they can be easily found in Japan at a variety of stores. Here are some of the best places to buy nappies and diapers in Japan, including discount stores: Our Recommendation for buying nappies (diapers) […]
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