MyJLPT: How to Check Your Results for The JLPT December 2021

Last Updated on 28.01.2022 by Coto Japanese Language School

For Japanese students who took the JLPT on December 2021, the test results are available online from January 24, 2022. The online test result announcement will be viewable from January 24 to March 31, 2022. Keep in mind that due to traffic, there may be a delay in connection.

For international residents in Japan, the physical result certificate will be delivered on February 7. You can also issue a transcript from January 25, which will be immediately sent after the resulting certificate is received. Students who are in a hurry to get the transcript may apply for an express delivery request.

For more information and updates, kindly refer to the official JLPT website.

If you’re planning to take (or re-take) the JLPT, Coto Academy offers online JLPT Prep lectures and in-person JLPT Prep courses. You can contact us at [email protected] or visit our contact page for a free Japanese level check and consultation.

How to Check Your JLPT Results Online on MYJLPT

1. Head to the official website for MyJLPT

Depending on where you take the JLPT, you will need to select the appropriate country to be directed to the right webpage. Putting your MyJLTP ID on the wrong landing page may not be possible.

2. Click on the Login button on MyJLPT Page.

Head to this page to go to the official page for MyJLPT. For test-takers, you should be able to log in to your MyJLPT account, which was created when you applied for the JLPT 2021.

MyJLPT homepage
Click on the Login button on the homepage

2. Log in with your JLPT ID

Click this link to be directed to the login page.

MyJLPT Login
Login page

To find your login credentials, you may click on the links to retrieve them or refer to your application.

Find your JLPT ID
Find your JLPT ID here

3. Click on “Test Result and Certificate Issuance” to view your results

Your results for the JLPT will be available on this page. You may also apply for your certificate here.

JLPT results page
View your results here

Additional things to take note of:

If your test results are not displayed on the ‘Test Result and Certificate Issuance’ screen, do note that they only display results for tests applied using your MyJLPT ID. Tests taken before 2012, overseas, or applied by mail will not have their results displayed. If the test was applied with another MyJLPT ID or applied using block registration by the group representative, results will also not be displayed.

If you wish to change the address the results will be sent to, you may do so during a specific time frame after the test. After every JLPT test, the time period where changes are accepted will be displayed on the MyJLPT website. For December 2021 JLPT, students can change their address from 6 December to 24 December 2021. Changes can be made on the ‘Check and Modify applicants’ information’ page. If you require a change after the time period is over, you will have to mail your updated information to the post office.

What is the score required to pass the JLPT?

For JLPT N1 to N5, the range of scores one can get is between 0 and 180 points. Depending on your level, the passing scores also change accordingly.

JLPT LevelPassing marks (Total)
N580 out of 180
N490 points out of 180
N395 points out of 180
N290 points out of 180
N1100 points out of 180

There are also score requirements for individual sections of the test.

For N5 and N4, the sectional passing mark for Listening is 19 points out of 60 points. The passing mark for Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) and Reading is 38 points out of 120 points.

For N3, N2, and N1, the sectional passing mark for Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar), Reading and Listening is 19 points out of 60 points for every section.

Should examinees not meet the required passing mark for any of the sections, they will be deemed to have failed the entire exam. Should they miss out on a test section, they will also not be able to pass. On the score report, no score result will show for the test sections that were completed. For more information about the passing scores, click here.

About the JLPT 2022

The JLPT 2022 will be held in early July (first test) and early December (second test). The application period will be opened sometime between March and April for the first test and between August and September for the second test. More details will be announced next year on the MyJLPT website. Individual and Group applications must be completed within the application period as stated. The test fee will be 6,500 yen and the test sections for each level are as follows.

JLPT test sections
The JLPT Test Sections

Ready to Pass the JLPT 2022?

If you took the JLPT in December 2021, then you might have passed and want to take a new level — or you may have failed and wanted to challenge the same level again.

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JLPT Prep Course in Tokyo

Our JLPT-focused prep courses are designed to prepare you to pass the exam. With a mix of in-house materials and hand-selected textbooks trusted by our instructors, we will open more opportunities and improve your career prospects in Japan.

Our JLPT preparation courses will support you in tackling the three highest levels of the exam: N1, N2 and N3. For a limited time, we’ll be offering an N4 JLPT prep course, too.

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Course: JLPT N4 Prep
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Nihongo Soumatome N4 Grammar, Reading, Listening
Nihongo Soumatome N4 Kanji, Vocabulary

Course fee: 100,800 yen → 96,600 yen only if you sign up before February 28th!!!!
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Failing forward is a great way to approach the JLPT.  Whether you passed in December or you want to increase your target level, we are now offering online prep courses that will help you to get ready and pass the JLPT.

Online JLPT Lessons
We offer online classes for levels n4-n1 of the JLPT

Online JLPT Prep Course

Alternatively, we have an online JLPT prep Course available as well.

Looking for an online course to help you prepare for next year’s JLPT? Join our online JLPT Prep course, which is all thought by experienced instructors.

Our experienced instructors will ensure you’re progressing at the right pace to get the result scores you want. We will give you learning tips and the best methods to solve all sections: grammar, reading, kanji and vocabulary.

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You can head to any of the links below, or click this link to browse the full JLPT prep courses.

N1 Prep Course

Time: 19:10–21:00

N2 Prep Course

Time: 19:10–21:00

N3 Prep Course

Time: 19:10–21:00


  • Course fee: fee range from from 12,000 JPY (105 USD) to 22,000 JPY (192 USD)
  • Level: N3 to N1 courses available
  • Duration and start date: This course has a curriculum which lasts 5 months (February to June and July to November), but you canou can join this course at any time.

What materials does this course use?

We use a mix of our in-house materials and hand-selected textbooks trusted by our instructors. For kanji, for example, we created an exclusive self-developing learning material. We also use the Shin Kanzen Master book series, which is widely regarded as an industry leader for JLPT preparations.

You can register directly by visiting the link of each course or send us an email at [email protected].

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