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Improve your Career in Japan – Evening Business Japanese Course

Improve your career opportunities in Japan with this NEW Evening Business Japanese Course Are you already working in Japan? Do you want to improve your business Japanese communica
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Japanese Particles Cheat Sheet & Guide -N5-N4 – Free Download!

Confused about Japanese Particles?  Want to know the difference between wa and ga? Check out this easy to use reference guide. Japanese particles are an indispensable key in understanding Japanese sentences. Learn changing how a particle is used can change the entire meaning of a sentence. In this blog, we sort out 13 common Japanese […]
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Kanji Practice Worksheet Free Download: JLPT N2 -Unit 2: Body parts – 体の部位 – PDF

In this new Kanji unit, we are going to learn how to write some body parts. For example, 腕(arm), 腰(waist) and 肩(shoulder). To learn more N2 kanji related to themes such as “Food”, “Advertising” and “ Signboards” (total 14 units), You can download the full workbook here ! Are you looking to pass the JLPT N2? […]
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JLPT N4 Grammar: 〜ましょうか (How to say "Shall I…" in Japanese)

Do you know how to offer help in Japanese?  Given that Japanese is such a polite language, it is important to know how to offer someone help in Japanese.  That’s why this article examines the JLPT N4 Grammar point: ましょうか (mashou ka). This article is a companion blog for the video above available on Youtube.  Watch […]
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JLPT N3 Grammar – うちに (How to say "During…" in Japanese)

We have yet another JLPT grammar point companion blog!  Today we are looking at Yuka-sensei’s video about the JLPT N3 grammar point: うちに (uchi ni) meaning, “during” or “while”. Not to be confused with ながら, うちに is a different expression.  It is used to refer to “while” or “during” a timespan, as opposed to “while” […]
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Kanji Practice Worksheet Free Download: JLPT N2 -Unit 1: Household goods – Detergent – PDF

When shopping at drugstores and supermarkets in Japan. kanji can be seen on the detergent bottles, medicine packages…etc. In our first unit of N2 Kanji Workbook, we’ll be presenting to you commonly used N2 level kanji of household goods. Are you looking to pass the JLPT N2? Enrollment for our Online JLPT N2 Prep Course […]
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JLPT N4 Grammar: 〜のに (How to say "Even though…" in Japanese)

One of the great things about the Japanese language is that it’s grammar is rich with expressions.  Additionally, due to it’s ambiguous nature, Japanese has different nuanced ways of expressing transitional words.  Such as the word we are looking at today, JLPT N4 grammar point: のに (no ni). First watch Yuka-sensei explain it in the […]
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JLPT Level N3 Grammar Point – と言うより (How to say "Rather than…") in Japanese

We have a new Youtube companion blog for you!  In the above video, Kanbara-sensei introduces us to JLPT N3 grammar point: と言うより.  You can use this expression in conversation when you want to say “rather than…” such as to clarify a talking point. First watch the video above, and then review the content with this […]
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Best Online Japanese Classes? Guide to Choosing an Online Japanese Course

In today’s climate – we know it can be hard to find the best option to learn Japanese online.  Different people have different learning styles, and what works best for one person may not be the best way to study for someone else. For example, online group Japanese lessons may be a better fit for […]
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How to Say "Someone said~" in Japanese – JLPT N4 Grammar: と言っていました

In any language, knowing how to pass on information is crucial.  Thankfully in Japanese, it’s fairly simple to relay other people’s messages or words to another person.  The basic grammar point by which someone can relay messages in Japanese is: と言っていました (to itte imashita) meaning “Someone said that~” This is a JLPT N4 grammar point, […]
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JLPT N4 Grammar: 〜てみる – How to Say "I will try…" in Japanese

Have you ever wanted to express that you want to try something in Japanese?  Or maybe you are having a conversation about a time when you tried something for the first time.  Of course you could use 初めて〜, but conversational Japanese uses the expression 〜てみる. In this blog we will review the above video and […]
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Beginner Japanese Phrases – Easy Travel Japanese to Help You in Japan

Before we get started, be sure to watch the video above and subscribe to our Youtube channel! Are you planning on traveling Japan soon, but you don’t know any Japanese?  Or are you looking to learn some beginner phrases that can help you get around in Japan? Then this blog is right up your alley, […]
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