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10 JLPT Tips For The Actual Test Day

Okay. So you’ve studied the JLPT for months, reading grammar books, making flashcards and taking mock exams. You feel like you’re all set to take the test. There’s nothing that can go wrong when you have all that knowledge locked in, right?  Wrong. While we put most of our focus on studying Japanese, we tend […]
Coto Academy

Umm.. Here Are, Like, 10 Japanese Filler Words

So, um, have you ever, like, wanted to say something, but, uh, you didn’t really know what to say?
Coto Academy

The Mystery of Wha..? Why Ha (は) Is Pronounced as Wa (わ)

The million-dollar question that perplexes all Japanese learners at the beginning: Why is ha (は) read as wa — which sounds exactly the same as わ? We all thought Japanese phonetics is pretty straightforward, but just when you think you’ve nailed the hiragana and katakana writing system, you come across this conundrum.  Of course, once […]
Coto Academy

You Need to Follow These 13 Tiktokers in Japan

Want to explore Japan and the Japanese language through TikTok? Check out our favorite Japan-based content creators.
Coto Academy

These Loanwords in Japanese Didn’t Come From English

Loan words in Japanese, or gairaigo(外来語), are words borrowed from foreign countries other than China — but not all of them come from English.
Coto Academy

10 Unique Japanese Superstitions to Know (and Why)

While you might not believe in the otherworldly and mythology, it's best to avoid going against Japanese superstitions.
Coto Academy

Colors in Japanese: How to Use Japanese Color Words

Primary colors in Japanese seem easy and straightforward, but you'd be surprised by how much culture and history go behind them.
Coto Academy

200 Japanese Vocabulary for IT and Software Engineers

A full-stack developer, engineer or data scientist in Japan? Check out these tech-related Japanese vocabulary.
Coto Academy

Summer 2022 Kids Online Japanese Class

Fun, engaging and personalized online Japanese lessons for kids this summer 2022
Coto Academy

How Peppa Pig Can Help You Learn Japanese

So while it sounds weird, here's why you should trust Peppa Pig more than anime subs to soak in more Japanese knowledge.
Coto Academy

What Our Students Say About Coto: Summer 2022 Review Roundup

See what our students and community have to say about studying Japanese at Coto Academy
Coto Academy

20 Useful Japanese Onomatopoeia to Learn

The bee buzzes. The cat meows. Think pow! Or bam! Those are onomatopoeia. In Japanese, there are 4,500 of them.
Coto Academy
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