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Upper-Intermediate Japanese Courses at Yokohama

Learn about world news and business Japanese to excel in your work environment. Part-time evening Japanese course now available.
Coto Academy

March Japanese Intensive Course in Tokyo

Japanese intensive course, special golden week course and conversation-level up Japanese lessons open for registration.
Coto Academy

The Emperor’s Birthday (天皇誕生日): Celebrating Centuries of History

To honor Emperor Naruhito's birthday on February 23 in the current Reiwa period, we take a look at the origins of this holiday, the monarchy, and how Tokyo is involved.
Coto Academy

Learn Japanese in VR: Metaverse Japanese Learning Event

Coto Japanese Language Academy hosted its first Japanese learning events in the metaverse — of the many more coming soon.
Coto Academy

Ultimate Guide Kore, Sore and Are (こそあど): This or That?

これ, それ, あれ and どれ (kore, sore and are) is "this" and "that" for physical objects. But what happens if you're talking about something that isn't there, like an idea or a memory?
Coto Academy

Watashi, Boku or Ore: How to say me in Japanese

There's only "me", "myself" and "I" in English, but when it comes to Japanese first-person pronouns, the options are seemingly endless.
Coto Academy

National Foundation Day (建国記念の日): A Patriotic Holiday for Japan

Due to its somewhat controversial origins, National Foundation was abolished following the post-war constitution, but it subsequently bounced back 20 years later. We wonder, does it still hold the same meaning?
Coto Academy

February Favorites: 2022 Japanese Learning Resources Coto Recommends

This February, we’re introducing a mix of podcasts, YouTubers and online tools. Learning Japanese is hard work. Hopefully, these resource recommendations can make your study more enjoyable but just as effective. 
Coto Academy

10 JLPT N1 Textbooks for 2022

The N1 is considered the most challenging level of the JLPT to master. It is so difficult to the point that even Japanese native speakers would struggle with the questions and often fail to get the 50 percent score needed to pass.
Coto Academy

New! February Online Intensive Japanese Course for 2022

Learn Japanese rom anywhere in the world in a small, fun class. Achieve deep fluency and maximum progress in minimal time.
Coto Academy

15 JLPT N2 Books for Advanced Japanese Learners

JLPT N2 is the second highest and harder JLPT. You will need to know 6,000 Japanese words and 1,000 kanji. If you’re looking for the right study materials to ace the exam, we recommend these 15 JLPT N2 books
Coto Academy

Coto Academy Announces High Pass Rate for JLPT 2021

Coto Japanese Academy is proud to announce that our students achieved a high overall pass rate of 72.7% for their JLPT 2021.
Coto Academy
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