Living in Japan as a Japanese Language Student – Quickstart Guide

From finding accommodation to signing up for an internet plan – this blog will give a list of helpful articles that will help make your stay in Tokyo easy. At the bottom – you can learn more about our Japanese Crash course for beginners.

Find short stay accommodation / a place to stay in Tokyo

Finding an apartment / short stay accommodation in Tokyo can be tricky.  We recommend that you check out the below article.  In it – we provide two recommendations for short-stay providers that we trust and have worked with in the past.

Find The Perfect Accommodation For Your Stay in Tokyo

Applying for a Sim card / mobile phone / internet in Japan

Moving to Japan means that you will need to get connected to internet services and a mobile phone plan.
The below article shares the different ways that you can get connected while you are studying in Tokyo

How to Get Connected When Traveling in Japan – Sim Card, Pocket WiFi, Mobile Phone Rental

Getting your iphone or your smartphone repaired in Tokyo

While exploring Tokyo – you may end up breaking or damaging your smart phone. You can read this article to learn about how to get it repaired.

How to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Tokyo -Japanese Words and Phrases

How to sort trash in Tokyo / Garbage and Recycling Rules in Japan

One of the biggest culture shocks that we hear from our students is how different Garbage collection rules are in Tokyo.
In the below article we provide a handy illustrated guide for how to sort trash and recycling in Tokyo.

Sorting Garbage out in Japan – Japanese Words related to throwing Garbage away

Renting public share bikes in Tokyo

If you are only moving to Japan for a short stay of around 3 months – you may want a bicycle, but do not want to invest in purchasing it and registering it.
It also might be a hassle to re-sell it or donate it when you leave Japan.  In this case we recommend you use the public sharecycle system that docomo provides.  You can read more about it in the article below.

How to rent & use share bicycles in Tokyo (Docomo Sharecycle)

Bike Parking in Tokyo / Where you can park your bike in Tokyo

If you are moving to Tokyo – chances are you may want to buy a bicycle to make trasnportation more convenient. The below article will tell you what signs you should watch out for when you are parking your bike in Tokyo.

Where can you park your bike in Tokyo? Churinjo 駐輪場 or Churin Kinshi 駐輪禁止

Public Holidays in Japan

As a student and someone who hopes to be living in Japan – it is important that you understand when Japanese public bank holidays occur.
The below article gives a summary of the public holiday calendar in Japan as well as cultural information about each holiday.

Public Holidays in Japan / Japanese National Holidays – 2019 & 2020 Schedule

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