Rent bicycles in Tokyo: To travel easily

Our students have asked for our help to understand how to rent bicycles in Tokyo recently. We wrote this guide as a tool that they can use to have fun while getting around.

To register your Tokyo Bicycle Sharing Account

  1. Go to the registration page –
  2. Fill out the registration form and enter your credit card.
  3. Confirm your email via the automatic email confirmation that is sent.
  4. Login
Homescreen after login, image, illustration, picture, photo
Homescreen after login

From within this home screen you will be able to change your billing information and update your personal information. Including changing your monthly plan or daypass charges.
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Obtaining a 4 digit pass code to unlock the bike.

You can choose either choose from port – or select a bike.  Select a bike is much easier as you just need to type in the bike’s Number. (To find the number of the bicycle) You can find the bike # directly below the keypad on the back wheel of the bicycle.

Enter this bike # into the bike # unlock and confirm – you will be sent a 4 digit unlock code.
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Using your IC Card with the Tokyo Sharebike System

You can also use your IC (suica,passmo) transportation card to rent bicycles by registering it with an 8 digit passcode. After you register your ic card you can use it as a key for all share bikes.

This is much easier than having to use the app to select a bike every time. 

Click on correction under Membership Information – then on the bottom next to the submit button click on the membership card registration.  Then click submit.

Membership Info, image, photo, picture, illustration
Membership Info
Homescreen after login, image, photo, picture, illustration
Membership Info
Paying with IC Card, image, photo, picture, illustration
Paying with IC Card

You will be sent an 8 digit code via your registered email that you can use to register the card through the bike keypad.  Once you have the 8 digit code – there is a keypad on the back of the back wheel of the bike.
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Unlocking and Renting the Bike (IC Card or 4 Digit Pass)

Press the start button on the keypad – it will ask for either your 4 digit unlock code or you can use your ic card by pressing it and holding it against the keypad.

After you touch the ic card to the bike – the bike will unlock and you will be able to ride it. If you would like to temporarily lock the bike – just manually push down on the bike lock.

Docomo Bike for Rental, image, photo, picture, illustration
Docomo Bike for Rental

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Returning the Bike

How to Return the Bicycle, image, photo, picture, illustration
How to Return the Bicycle

To return the bike – park the bike into the designated station wheelhouse and manually push down on the bike lock. After that push the enter button on the keypad as in the image below.
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Pricing for Renting, image, photo, picture, illustration, monthly, one trip, 1-day pass
Pricing for Renting

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