How to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Tokyo -Japanese Words and Phrases

When you accidentally dropped your iPhone on the ground and cracked the screen, or dropped it in the toilet bowl, you can either get Apple-certified repairs at an Apple store or an Apple authorized service provider or go to a private iPhone Repairing shop to get your iPhone fixed. In this article, we will be teaching you the pros and cons of the different types of iPhone repairing shops as well as some Japanese words and phrases you can use for repairing your iPhone.

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Apple Shop

Pros of Apple-Authorized Service Providers

Original parts are used
New and genuine parts made by Apple’s manufacturers are used to replace faulty old parts. Making your phone look like a new one when repaired
Low repair cost with warranty coverage (up to 2 times )
When the “Applecare+”warranty coverage, you can get free battery replacement, 3,400 yen for screen repair and 11,800 yen for other types of repair up to 2 times.

Cons of Apple-Authorized Service Providers

Long Waiting Period
It may take a few days for your phone to be repaired and returned to you. Usually, the full repair process is about 5 days if you bring you phone to the repair store. If you choose to mail your phone to them. it may take about 10 days till you receive your phone.
Data will be initialized
Your phone will be initialized by the store. If you are unable to back up the data in your phone before sending it to them, your data will be lost
High Repair Cost Without Warranty Coverage
If your iPhone is not covered by the applecare+ warranty or it has been used 2 times, high repair cost will be charged for your repair. Let’s take the new iPhone model iPhone XS as an example. Without the warranty, just screen replacement itself will cost 31,800 yen, and other types of repair will cost 624,00 yen.

Where to Find Apple-authorised Service Providers in Tokyo

You can go to either of the 4 Apple’s regular chains in Tokyo
Apple Shinjuku
Apple Ginza
Apple Omotesando
Apple Shibuya


Pros of Private iPhone Repairing Shops

Faster Repair
You can get a faster repair. Other than major damages such as repairing a water damaged phone, only an average of 30 minutes will be spent on simple repair such as screen replacement. You will be able to get your phone back on the same day.
There is no need to initialize your phone
An Apple-authorized service provider will need you to initialize your phone before sending it for repair, means that you have to back up the data in your phone and clear everything. However, you will not need to do that when going to a private repairing shop. Your data will not be lost as long as the memory card is fine.
Some stores offer cheaper prices
There are some private iPhone repairing shops offers a lower repair cost compared to an Apple-authorized service provider.

Cons of Private iPhone Repairing Shop

Unauthorized parts may be used
Your faulty parts may be replaced with parts which are not made by Apple’s official manufacturer. As a result, the standard and quality of the repair may vary.
Your phone maybe rejected by authorized service providers in the future
You may not be able to get your phone repaired at an Apple-authorised repair store if your phone becomes faulty again. This is because getting your phone repaired at a private iPhone repairing shop is considered as making unauthorized modifications.
Not all models are supported
Some private shops temporarily may not offer repair service to some of the latest iPhone models. You may have to confirm with the shop whether they can repair your model.
Some private iPhone repairing store chains where you can speak English
Repair King Japan

Japanese Words and Phrases You Need to Know Before Going to a Repairing Shop

List of Japanese terms for different parts of an iPhone.

Words Pronunciation Meanings
フロントパネル ふろんとパネル(furontopaneru) Front Panel
画面 がめん(gamen) Screen
液晶 えきしょう (ekishou) LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)
カメラ かめら(kamera) Camera
フロントカメラ ふろんとかめら(furontokamera) Front Camera
バックカメラ ばっくかめら(bakkukamera) Back Camera
バッテリ ばってり(batteri-) Battery
ホームボタン ほーむぼたん(ho-mubotan) Home Button
電源ボタン でんげんぼたん(dengenbotan) Power Button
音量ボタン おんりょうぼたん(onryoubotan) Volume Button
充電コネクタ じゅうでんこねくた (jyuudenkonekuta) Charging Connector
スピーカー すぴーかー (supi-kaー) Speaker
イヤホンジャック いやほんじゃっく (iyahonjakku) Earphone Socket
回路 かいろ (kairo) Circuit
基板 きばん (kiban) Circuit Board
近接センサー きんせつせんさ (kinsetsusensa-) Proximity Sensor
バイブレーター ばいぶれーたー (Baibure-ta-) Vibrator
SDカード SDかーど (SDka-do) SD Card
SIMカード SIMかーど (SIMka-do) SIM Card

List of Japanese terms for common troubles

Phrases       Pronunciations Meanings
ガラス割れ がらすわれ(garasu ware) Cracked Screen
水没 すいぼつ (suibotsu) Water Damaged
~ボタンの故障 ~ぼたんのこしょう(~botan no koshou) Faulty ~ Button
スピーカーの故障 すぴーかーのこしょう(supi-ka- no koshou) Faulty Speaker
イヤホンの故障 いやほんのこしょう(iyahon no koshou) Faulty Earphone
カメラの故障 かめらのこしょう(kamera no koshou) Faulty Camera
バッテリーの故障 ばってりーのこしょう(batteri- no koshou) Faulty Battery
充電できない じゅうでんできない (juuden dekinai) Unable to Charge
電源が入らない でんげんがはいらない(dengen ga hairanai) Unable to Switch On
ループ症状 るーぷしょうじょう (ru-pu shoujyou) Looping
Wi-Fiがつながらない Wi-Fi ga tsunagaranai Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi
タッチ操作の故障 たっちそうさのこしょう (tacchisousa no koshou) Faulty touch controls

Sentence patterns you need at a repairing shop
When you want to say that something is broken, you should say:
~ga koshoumashita
~is broken.
For Example:  ホームボタン/カメラ/スピーカーが故障ました。
The home button/camera/speaker is broken.
When you want to replace some parts of your phone, you should say:
~ o koukanshite moraemasuka
Could you replace the ~ for me, please?
E.g: バッテリーを交換してもらえますか
Could you change the battery for me, please?
You have come to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading. Hope this helps you when you need to repair your phone in Tokyo.
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