Stay Connected in Japan: Sim card, Pocket Wifi and more

Traveling can be a great experience – but because of the language barrier – it is a great idea to make sure you stay connected in Japan have an internet connection.

In this article, we will be introducing to you 3 recommended ways for your time here.

Get a Prepaid Sim Card

How to Get Connected When Traveling in Japan - Prepaid Sim Card
Get a Prepaid Sim Card

Getting a prepaid sim card is the most recommended option for getting internet access. There are many different types of prepaid sim cards for visitors in Japan.

Depending on your needs, you could choose to buy a data-only prepaid Sim card. You can also buy the type which includes not only data but also voice call or SMS plans.

Before looking up on google, you should first check :

  1. Whether your phone is sim-locked or region locked

Telecommunication companies in some country sell mobile phones that are sim-locked. It means that the phone can only use a sim card from the telecom company.

Moreover, some models are region-locked. Meaning that any sim cards from other regions do not work on that phone. So, make sure to confirm with the telecom company before coming to Japan

  1. What type of sim card does your phone uses

You must also check whether your phone uses a nano, micro or a regular sim card. While most of the prepaid sim cards sold in Japan are compliable for all types, it is still better to double confirm with the seller when purchasing.

Where to buy a prepaid sim card:

Prepaid sim cards are easily available in Japan. You can find vending machines and service counters selling prepaid sim cards in most airports.

You can also order online before your trip and pick it up at the airport when you arrive.
List of mobile phone service providers at Narita Airport

Many electronic department stores, namely the Big Camera and the Yodobashi Camera, sell prepaid sim card too.

(Be aware that you will be charged a setup fee of few handstands yen for setting up the APN configuration of your phone.)

Rent a pocket WIFI:

How to Get Connected When Traveling in Japan - Rent a Pocket WiFi
Rent a Pocket Wifi

Pocket WIFI rental is also an easy and affordable option to get connected to the network. It is most suitable for grouped travelers as it allows connections from multiple devices. Or, if you carry many devices with you, getting a pocket WIFI is also a good choice.

Where to Rent a Pocket WIFI

You can rent a Pocket WIFI online and collect at the airport. You can also easily buy it at a service counter on the spot when you arrive.

Here is a review of 10 pocket WIFI service providers in Japan, take a look and decide for yourself.

Rent a Mobile Phone

How to Get Connected When Traveling in Japan - Mobile Phone Rental
Rent a Mobile Phone

If you need to make phone calls but your mobile phone is sim-locked, just rent one.

The third way to get connected in Japan is to rent a mobile phone. If you need to use data, you can choose to rent a smartphone such as an iPhone. If you only need to send SMS or make phone calls in or out, rent a simple phone instead.

Usually, rental fees and communication charge are separate expenses. They vary across different plans and service providers. Moreover, there is also an optional insurance fee charged daily

Although it may be more costly to rent a mobile phone, it covers all you need for getting connected in Japan. It saves the trouble to buy/change your sim card or carry a pocket WIFI everywhere you go.

Where to rent a mobile phone in Japan

Some mobile phone service providers at major airports provide cell phone rental services. You usually need to reserve online prior to your arrival. Refer to the List of mobile phone service provider at Narita Airport for more details.

In conclusion, it is necessary to get yourself connected when traveling in Japan. Hope you have a better idea of these 3 ways now.

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