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5 Christmas Markets in Tokyo You Need to Visit

メリークリスマス — or meriokurisumasu! With Christmas just around the corner, it is no surprise to see Christmas markets in Japan popping up everywhere. Despite not celebrating Christmas as a religious holiday, Japan has been influenced by European and Western countries. Today, the Japanese are celebrating Christmas as an occasion of happiness. Aside from their own […]
Avatar photo Coto Academy

A Review on Learning Japanese with Renshuu

Here at Coto Academy, we have been writing a series of reviews for different apps to learn Japanese. Today, we examine renshuu. Renshuu (literally meaning “practice” in Japanese), is an app started in 2020. Since it’s so new, it’s not as popular as bigger names such as Anki or Duolingo. However, this app has a lot to offer!
Avatar photo Anna Deutsch

1-1 Students – Update to the new online lesson system

This post is for current online lesson students to better understand the upcoming changes to our online lesson system. What is changing between the current and new system? Part of System Old New Subscription billing cycle Payments for subscriptions are charged 1x per month on the same day of the month. Ex. March 1st, April […]
Coto Japanese Language School

Online Lesson Website – FAQ

Here we have included some of the common questions that students have had for us about the new system. Points & Payment Bookings & Class Reservations Cancellations & Rescheduling Troubleshooting & Problems with your lesson
Coto Japanese Language School

30 English Loanwords That Come From Japanese Language

That's right: English language borrows a lot of Japanese words. For example, tsunami, tycoon and sudoku came from the Japanese equivalent. English language also retains a lot of original Japanese food-related words, like sushi, katsu and dashi.
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

Japanese Work Culture: How is it Different from The US?

Before you rush to find a job in Japan, you need to get accustomed to the Japanese work culture, which can be different from western countries like America. Find out different ethics and workplace culture in Japan!
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Guide to Horseback Riding and Horse Racing in Tokyo

Tokyo has quite a few options for equestrian enthusiast. In this article, we will cover where you can experience horseback riding and horseracing in Tokyo, so keep reading to learn more!
Avatar photo Chelsea

Guide to Going to the Gym in Japan

Finding a gym in Japan and having a consistent workout routine is one of the quickest ways to feel at home in a new city. Are you living in Tokyo long-term and looking for a place to exercise? Here’s a quick guide that outlines some popular gyms, how to sign up and cancel, as well as some helpful phrases in Japanese to use along the way. 
Ava Prince

5 Japanese Learning Strategies for Introverts

How do you learn Japanese when you're an extrovert? Take a look at our strategies below to find fresh ways of learning Japanese that work best with your personality type.
Avatar photo Anna Deutsch

んだ or のです: How to Use Japanese Explanatory Form

んだ (~n da), んです (~n desu) and their variants are primarily used to show emphasis and provide information, but there's no true English equivalent.
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

10 Day Care Options in Japan

Daycare options in Japan are more than just nursery and kindergarten, and the number of options and how to apply can be overwhelming. Here’s our full overview guide to what’s what and how to get in.
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Setsunai (切ない) and Japan’s Countryside

Setsunai (切ない) is a Japanese word that doesn’t have an exact English translation, but it roughly translates to "the pain of things” or even "sweet sorrow".
Avatar photo Chelsea
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