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How to Express Condolences in Japanese: Guide to Funeral in Japan

When you find yourself preparing to attend a funeral in Japan, how do you express condolences in Japanese
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Take Our Quiz! What Kind of Japanese Learner Are You?

What kind of Japanese learner are you? Kinesthetic? Auditory? Visual? Take our fun quiz to discover your learning style!
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What to Prepare When Moving to Japan As A Student

Moving to Japan to study abroad is an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique culture, learn the Japanese language and gain valuable life experiences that will benefit you academically and let you develop as a person.  However, it is important to be well-prepared and organized in order to make the move […]
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Guide to Overcoming Culture Shock in Japan

Believe it or not, culture shock is a common experience for people who encounter a new and unfamiliar environment.
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How To Make A Career Switch From English Teaching to Recruitment in Japan

Making a career switch from English teaching to recruiting in Japan isn't uncommon and easy, but it might be a good option for you.
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How to Say “I Want To” in Japanese: Use ~たいです(~Tai Desu)

How do you say, "I want" in Japanese — or express desire?
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10 Easy Day Trips from Tokyo

There are plenty of things to do in Tokyo but once in a while, we are looking for some nice places we can enjoy outside of the city without the hassle of the long travel.
Sopida Rodsom

Japanese Learning Strategy for Visual Learners

Prefer learning Japanese through colorful charts and visuals? You might be a visual learner.
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Join Our Referral Program and Get Coto Coupons!

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Guide to Celebrating Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan is more of a commercial and romantic holiday than it is a traditional or religious one. From eating KFC and seeing beautiful winter illuminations to going to European-inspired Christmas markets, these are all of the most common activities you can do for Christmas in Japan.
Ai Tran

Group Students – Update to the new online lesson system

This post is for current online group lesson students to better understand the upcoming changes to our online lesson system. What is changing between the current and new system? Part of System Old New Subscription billing cycle Payments for subscriptions are charged 1x per month on the same day of the month. Ex. March 1st, […]
Coto Japanese Language School

10 Best Winter Illuminations in Tokyo | 2021/2022

Nearing Christmas, you'll find Tokyo transformed into an illuminated frosty wonderland. Check out our top spots for best illuminations for 2021/2022
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