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Wagashi: All You Need to Know About Traditional Japanese Sweets

Wagashi (和菓子) are traditional Japanese sweets that are often accompanied by a cup of green tea. They're usually made with sweet azuki bean paste, rice cake, rice flour, sesame paste, and chestnuts.
Simone Martin

How to Use Japanese Conditional Form なら (Nara)

なら is a conditional particle. It means something like "if" in English. なら is attached to the sentence which describes the condition where certain events or situations happen.
Kerry Furukawa

Kintsugi: the Japanese Art of Mending Broken Pottery with Gold

When you think of Japan, what comes to mind is perhaps the technological prowess of its gadgets and automobiles. Maybe it’s the fascinating pop culture with its unique fashion and music. Or maybe it’s the centuries-old traditions that still play an important role in daily life. Japan is all of these things and more, and […]

How to Compare Something in Japanese: JLPT N3 Grammar に比べて (Ni Kurabete)

In Japanese grammar, に比べて (ni kurabete) is used to compare things, places, or experiences. After all, comparing something is an action we do all the time, even if it’s just in our minds. How else would you be able to hold up those days when you knew zero Japanese against now when you can have […]
Kerry Furukawa

Japanese Learning Strategies for People with ADHD

Many with ADHD have found it hard to learn a new language, such as Japanese. However, ADHD doesn’t have to be a barrier! Japanese can be easily accessible with a strong plan, new techniques, and a little determination.
Anna Deutsch

3 Electric Bike-sharing Services in Tokyo You Should Know

Tokyo counts different shared e-bikes choices for you. This article explores all you need to know about the three main bike-sharing providers in the capital—Docomo Bike Share, Hello Cycling, and Luup.
Simone Martin

Our Review on Learning Japanese with Duolingo

Duolingo is a great learning app because it makes studying Japanese accessible. Here is our our in-depth Duolingo Japanese review.

Kansai-Ben and Everything You Need to Know About It

Kansai-ben is one of the most popular dialects in Japan. It is the dialect spoken in and around the Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe regions. Imagine you go to Japan after a grueling four years of learning the Japanese language. Those late-nights practicing Kanji, the distressing attempts at memorizing Keigo, and the agonizing months and months of mastering one of the most difficult languages. And at last, the efforts have come to fruition; you made it to Japan. But only to realize, you don’t understand much of the Japanese the people here speak! This is when most non-Japanese people encounter ‘dialects’. So how important is it to know about the Kansai dialect? 
Sanjeevani Deshpande

Teikiken: What to Do When You Lose Your Commuter Pass in Japan

If you lose your residence card or teikiken (commuter pass) in Japan, they’re not so hard to replace and hopefully, you’ve learned some ways to make it easier for yourself.

What to Do if You Lose Your Residence Card in Japan

This blog will provide some guidance on what to do if you need when you lose your residence card and how to navigate interactions with the police if necessary while in Japan.

Want to Get 2 Bonus Lessons? Introducing Coto’s 100-lesson Package!

Planning your studies next year? Sign up by November to get 2 bonus lessons. With this, one lesson will just be ¥2,100!
Coto Academy

Guide to Going to the Dentist in Japan

Going to the dentist may be a stressful experience, especially in a foreign country. You may have concerns about the language barrier, finding the right dentist and getting the most affordable treatment. In this guide, we will cover all the information you will need to know about going to the dentist in Japan, as well […]
Melissa Ge
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