How to Use your Japanese Air Conditioner Remote

Japanese summers are brutal with the heat and humidity. You might have been putting off studying Japanese but I’m sure you will feel extra motivated when you’re trying to figure out the buttons on your air conditioner remote control.
If your strategy of hitting every button is producing nothing but hot air, fear not as we have the perfect summer guide to understanding the Japanese on your air conditioner remote.

Basic Functions
Changing Wind Mode
Other Functions

Basic Functions

  • ON: 運転うんてん or 入
  • OFF: 停止ていし or 切
How to Use your Japanese Air Conditioner Remote, illustration

How to Use your Japanese Air Conditioner Remote

Changing Wind Mode: 運転切り替えうんてんきりかえ

  • Ventilate: 送風そうふう or 換気かんき
  • Strong: 強風きょうふう
  • Weak: 弱風じゃくふう
  • Quiet: 静かしずか
  • Automatic: 自動じどう

The “change” button will allow you to navigate through the different functions of your air conditioner. If you have an automatic mode, your AC will regulate the temperature and humidity in your room by itself, so no need to set up anything else.
You can set up the temperature (温度おんど), the fan direction (風向ふうこう, 風向かざむき, スイング) and its intensity (風量)ふうりょう) with the up and down arrows. If your model offers you a timer function, you can program your air conditioning to automatically turn on or off.

  • Timer: タイマー
  • Time: 時間じかん

Other Functions

  • Dehumidify:ドライ or 除湿じょしつ
  • Clean room air: 空気清浄くうきせいじょう
  • Energy saving: しょうエネ

Finally mastering your ac remote is your first step in living a long happy cool life in Japan and avoiding natsubate (夏バテ) in the harsh Japanese summer! For more information about our Japanese Language Courses fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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