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10 Wacky Japanese Language Mistakes All Beginners Make

It’s okay to make mistakes. We’re all carrots after all.
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How to Say “No Problem!” in Japanese

Check out all the ways to say "No problem!" in Japanese. Next time someone apologizes, you can say something besides the usual "Daijoubu desu".
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A Champion’s Guide to Learning Japanese With Anki Flashcards

There's a way to soak new Japanese words faster and easier: by using Anki flashcards. Learn how you can customize them to make your studies more effective.
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Our Favorite Japanese Learning Resources for 2022: January

From interactive Japanese learning games to cute egg-shaped chatbots, check out our favorite Japanese learning resources for 2022.
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January 2022 Part-time Japanese Course for Beginners in Yokohama

Start studying Japanese by joining our part-time Japanese course in our Yokohama Japanese language school (Practical Japanese for Beginners)!
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Get Tongue-Tied: Trickiest Japanese Tongue Twisters to Try

Japanese tongue twisters are called hayakuchi kotoba (早口言葉), which literally translates to “fast mouth (hayakuchi) words (kotoba).” Just like Japanese slangs, learning these tongue twisters is a fun and exciting way to practice speaking the language. Specifically, it helps to condition you to make that Japanese pronunciation you’ve been wanting to nail. You can make it […]
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7 Things Japanese People Do To Celebrate The 2022 New Year in Japan

Similar to the language, how Japanese people celebrate New Year is different — although not entirely. There’s the usual fireworks, close-knit dinners and snuggles. But heavy in culture and hundreds of years of tradition, you’ll find families and friends making their first shrine visit of the year, buying lucky bags called fukubukuro and sending New […]
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2022 New Year in Japan: How to Say “Happy New Year” in Japanese

In Japanese, you can say Happy New Year with various expressions, so let's get familiar with a few phrases.
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100 Basic Japanese Verbs All Learners Should Know

How many of these basic Japanese verbs do you know? Level up your Japanese skill by signing up for our free downloadable cheat sheet!
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Aoi (青い) vs Midori (緑): Is It Blue or Green?

Aoi (青い) is a color that can often be said as blue or green, but what is the actual meaning and culture behind the adjective?
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8 Baby-friendly Ryokan in Japan

Ever heard of a ryokan (旅館)? It is an experience not to be missed when in Japan! If you are planning to bring your baby along for a trip to ryokan, it is definitely worth considering one that is baby-friendly. Some hotels do not allow infants in the rooms, so it is better to check […]
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25 Japanese Slang to Learn by 2022

Japanese slang words are often made by a combination of Japanese and English. Knowing the slang of a particular country can make conversations feel more friendly and informal. In Japan, slang should only be said to close friends and relatives as they can be considered rude if you say it to someone in a higher […]
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