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How Long Does it Take to Learn Japanese?

Between people’s fascination with Japanese culture and the desire to live in Japan, Japanese has become one of the most popular languages to learn – but also the hardest, too.
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How I Studied and Prepared for JLPT N2

When I arrived in Japan in January 2019, I barely knew Japanese. However, I was determined to learn the language as I thought life would be so much fun and easier if I was able to do basic communication with the locals. I could order food by myself, I could ask for directions if I […]
Avatar photo Sopida Rodsom

Traditional Japanese Sports: Sumo, Martial Arts and Archery

From martial arts like karate, aikido, judo to sports like sumo, traditional Japanese sports are rooted in culture and history.
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

Pronunciation in Japan: Long Vowels and Double Consonants in Japanese

Japanese also has its fair share of auditory quirks! We’ll walk you through two things – long vowels and double consonants in Japanese.
Avatar photo Anna Deutsch

How to Get Medical Care & Refund With No Health Insurance in Japan

Whether you're a short-term visitor in Japan under a Working Holiday visa or an adventurous tourist seeking to explore the Land of the Rising Sun, getting medical treatment can be scary if you have no health insurance in Japan.
Avatar photo Chelsea

Guide to Japanese Cooking and Recipes Vocabulary

From sushi to ramen to mouth-watering gyoza, Japan has an endless list of delicious foods. This leads many of us back to the kitchen in our own homes wondering how we can recreate those umami flavors. Japanese cooking is not only delicious but once you know what to do, well-balanced, incredibly tasty meals can be […]
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

2023 Golden Week Special: 5-Day Intensive Course

Don't miss this opportunity to learn Japanese while enjoying your vacation in Tokyo. Sign up for our 5-Day Golden Week Special Course today!
Avatar photo Coto Academy

9 Ways to Say Happy Birthday in Japanese And How to Celebrate

Ever wondered how to celebrate your birthday in Japan and say “happy birthday” in Japanese? In Japan, birthdays are not celebrated the same way they are in Western countries. For many, birthdays are seen as a time of reflection and renewal rather than a time to party. Children’s birthdays are much more elaborate than those […]
Avatar photo Chelsea

Why I Took J-TEST Instead of JLPT — And How I Passed

Most of us are familiar with JLPT, which is probably the most famous Japanese language certification test recognized by both education institutions and companies in Japan — but there’s another standardized test,  J-Test, that deserves more attention. Ever heard of it? It might not be as popular as the JLPT, but higher-level Japanese learners recommended […]
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How to Travel, Work, and Study in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa

Thanks to Japan's Working Holiday Visa program, you can have a taste of what’s living and working in Japan like without needing to commit to a full-time job, join a university course, or have a visa sponsor.  
Avatar photo Simone Martin

Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

In late March and April, Japan welcomes cherry blossoms, otherwise known as sakura (桜). These soft pink and white flowers are said to be true harbingers of spring, as seeing one in means winter is over. Nowhere is more evident than in the city of Tokyo, as the metropolis is full of places for viewing […]
Avatar photo Chelsea

Before, During and After in Japanese: 前 (Mae), 後 (Ato), とき (Toki), 間に (Aida ni)

These Japanese grammar points are covered at the JLPT N4 for good reason. Understanding them is essential for making your interactions in Japanese smoother.
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa
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