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Coto’s 2023 Intensive Course Price Update

From January 2023, we’ll be introducing a new pricing plan for our Japanese intensive courses. These adjustments let us hire new instructors and give students more lesson availabilities.
Coto Academy

5 Things to Do in Japan This September for Silver Week 2022

Take a day trip and spend your silver week with all the fun things to do around Japan.
Coto Academy

Momiji 2022: Best Spots to Admire Autumn Leaves in Japan

Guide to finding the best autumn leaves spot in Japan and how to plan your momiji hunting.
Coto Academy

Keigo (敬語) and Tameguchi (タメ口): Guide to Casual and Polite Japanese

Japanese casual and polite language varies greatly in relationships depending on how well people know each other and whether each party agrees to be treated in the way they are.
Coto Academy

5 Ways to Get to Know Mountain Day (山の日) 2022 in Tokyo

Created as a day to honor and give thanks to the blessings of the mountains, Mountain Day (Yama no Hi) was officially announced in 2014. Here's what the holiday is about, and how you can celebrate it in Tokyo.
Coto Academy

Ehon (絵本): 8 Fun Japanese Picture Books for Kids

Japanese picture books, or ehon (絵本), are great tools for kids to learn Japanese. They’re packed with the right balance of cute graphics, dialogues, Japanese sentences and an entertaining storyline. The illustrations can become contextual cues for children,
Coto Academy

Our Favorite Japanese Learning Resources: August 2022

Fun fact: every week, Coto team gathers together to talk about their favorite Japanese learning resources. It could be anything from podcasts, J-vlogs, and new Japan-based TikTokers to newfound digital dictionaries and Japanese language blogs.  We have to say, squinting under the sun, sweating and exclaiming, “Atsui desu ne!” ten times in an hour was […]
Coto Academy

Investment in Japan: Is 2022 a Great Time to Invest?

In this guest post, Tyson Batino, host of the Scaling Japan podcast, weighs in on his opinions on investment opportunities in the Japanese market for foreign residents and non-residents of Japan.
Coto Academy

Why けど (Kedo) and が (Ga) Doesn’t Just Mean “But”

The conjunctive particle けど is interchangeable with the particle が and has a similar meaning to the English word “but” or “even though”. However, Japanese people like to put けど (kedo) at the end of sentences to sound less confrontational and polite.
Coto Academy

Yokohama Guide: 10 Things to Do Around Minato Mirai 21

What's to see in Yokohama's Minato Mirai? From sightseeing from the Landmark Tower to taking a gondola right in the Cosmo World Ferris Wheel, check out all the fun things to do at Yokohama's Minato Mirai 21.
Coto Academy

9 Bilingual Recruitment Agencies in Japan

Job Hunting has always been a bit of a pain. But what if you could get someone to do everything for you? That's where recruitment agencies come in.
Coto Academy

Working Holiday Visa for Short-term Language Students in Japan Through ERFS

Learn how Coto Academy can be your sponsor for the ERFS if you want to come to Japan for a short-term stay.
Coto Academy
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