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Can (and Should) You Learn Japanese with ChatGPT? Here’s Our Review

Should we use ChatGPT to speed up our language-learning journey and abandon traditional learning resources altogether?
Avatar photo Coto Academy

8 Best Japanese Language Schools in Shibuya

Want to study short-term or long-term in Shibuya? Let's explore your options!
Avatar photo Coto Academy

How to Build a Japanese Resume (Rirekisho): Free PDF Template & Example

How do you build a Japanese resume? We'll explain the nuances between an English-style resume and Japan's rirekisho so you can craft yours like a pro!
Avatar photo Chelsea Quezergue

Best Cafes in Shibuya for Studying and Remote Work (with WiFi, Power Sockets)

In this guide, we'll introduce you to the best cafes in Shibuya with free WiFi and power outlets so you enjoy coffee and study in peace.
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

6 Fun Ways to Practice Japanese in Tokyo

Although the best method to start learning the Japanese language is in the classroom, it is equally as important to use that acquired knowledge and skills outside of the classroom. In other words to output what you just learned especially when it comes to speaking. Being in Japan allows you to fully immerse yourself in […]
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka

7 Differences Between Japanese and English Language

From the writing systems and grammar structures to the contextual basis of communication, Japanese and English languages are so different.
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Exciting News – Coto Academy is Coming to Shibuya!

Exciting news! Coto Academy is opening a fourth location in Shibuya this autumn!
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Coto Student’s Story: Mark – From Part-time to Full-time Japanese Language Student!

This week, all of our students who enrolled through Coto School Finder have arrived in Japan to start their spring semester! It’s been an exciting time for everyone, including our student, Mark, who recently visited Coto Academy before starting his first week at Evergreen Japanese Language School in Tokyo. Mark was a former Coto student […]
Avatar photo Coto Academy

Guide to Thrifting in Japan: How and Where To Do It

How do you find vintage stores and thrift shops in Japan? Check out popular thrift stores in Japan, and where to go thrift shopping in Tokyo!
Avatar photo Anna Deutsch

Bring Your Friend to Japan Campaign and Get 20,000 Yen!

If you know any friends or family members who have been thinking of studying in Japan, introduce them to Coto School Finder!
Avatar photo Coto Academy

22 Things to Do in Shibuya

From viewing Shibuya Crossing to going to Mega Don Quijote, check out 22 fun things to do in Shibuya — list is expanding!
Avatar photo Kerry Furukawa

Neighborhood Guide to Shibuya: How to Explore Tokyo’s Trendiest Destination

Shibuya is a trendy, hip, and fun-loving ward in Tokyo that never seems to sleep. From shopping and eating gluten-free ramen to seeing an upcoming artist live, there is always something to do. Compared to other shopping districts in Tokyo, Shibuya is relatively new. A lot of the highrise buildings have been built over the […]
Avatar photo Laura Miyasaka
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