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A Traveller’s Guide to Part-Time Work: Exploring Japan through アルバイト Arubaito

Japan is a country full of culture, history, and natural beauty. The allure of Japan is undeniable. Yet, understanding the language and culture is key to immersing oneself in the Japanese way of life. This is where the concept of “arubaito” (アルバイト), or part-time work, comes into play, offering travelers a unique gateway into the […]
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Coto Culture Experience Course: Japan’s National Sport – 相撲 Sumo

Sumo, with its colossal wrestlers and lightning-fast throws, is more than just a sport; it’s a cultural phenomenon deeply woven into the fabric of Japanese society. Sumo offers a unique glimpse into Japanese tradition, discipline, and raw athleticism, from its ancient Shinto roots to its modern-day tournaments. With this, in last week’s culture course, the […]
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Coto New Course: Essential Japanese for Living

It’s time for us to introduce you to a new class in March! Azabu School will start a new course called Essential Japanese for Living. This course allows you to master practical Japanese skills that you can apply instantly outside the classroom, such as everyday conversations and navigating local shops and restaurants. What’s more? You experience […]
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Kick-start your 2024 JLPT Exam Prep With Coto Academy! 

You have one shot to nail the JLPT. And surely you don’t want to miss it, right? Well, there’s surely no easy way out of this situation. Speakers that do not work quite right, or somehow the tiniest voice of anything distract you from the test. But, this is totally why you have to expect […]
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New Coto Online Course: Free-flowing Conversation

We are excited to announce that Coto Online is rolling out a new course called the Free-flowing Conversation. This course allows you to interact with classmates, meet new people, and make new friends! So what are you waiting for? Read this blog for more class information and details, and sign up for it! Course Description […]
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What To Avoid When Exchanging Business Card 名刺 (Meishi) In Japan

When engaging in business in Japan, the exchange of business cards, or “名刺 (meishi),” is a critical element of professional etiquette that carries deep cultural significance. This ceremonial exchange is more than a mere transfer of contact information; it’s a formal gesture of mutual respect and the first step in building a professional relationship. To […]
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Japan for Two: Romance, Adventure, and a Dash of Cuteness

Get ready, lovebirds, because Japan is calling! Picture yourselves hand-in-hand, soaking in steaming onsen baths, strolling beneath a canopy of cherry blossoms, and conquering thrilling rides at iconic amusement parks. This blog will list some fun date ideas that will ignite your love story!  A Quick Jump To… Private Onsen Bliss Indulge in pure tranquility […]
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Love, Chocolate, and Friendship: A Guide to Valentine’s Day in Japan

While we all associate Valentine’s Day with romantic dinners and roses, things take a unique turn in Japan! Forget men giving chocolates; women take the reins, showering loved ones and even colleagues with sweets. Let’s dive into this fascinating cultural exchange, make some chocolate recommendations, and equip you with essential Japanese phrases. In Japan, on […]
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Navigating the Japanese Banking System: A Guide for Expats and Travelers

Living or traveling in Japan requires navigating the local banking system. This blog will be your roadmap, outlining the essentials of opening a Japanese bank account, from required documents to helpful phrases and essential vocabulary for smoother communication. A Quick Jump To… Opening a Japanese Bank Account Who can open an account? Local and foreigners […]
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Japanese Etiquette and Cultural Norms

As the saying goes, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ Welcome to the fascinating world of Japanese culture! Japan is a place where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with the modern world. It’s known for its unique customs and manners, and understanding these cultural norms isn’t just interesting; it’s essential for anyone planning to […]
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2024 Coto Travel Guide: Things To Do In Japan In February

February in Japan is a time of contrasts. The chill of winter still lingers, yet hints of spring begin to peek through. Snow blankets the northern regions, while plum blossoms paint the southern landscapes in delicate hues. Whether you’re seeking snowy adventures or a taste of early spring, Japan in February has something for everyone. […]
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2024 Golden Week Special Course: Master Japanese in Just 5 Days

Get ready to transform your Japanese from “Konnichiwa” to fluent conversation this Golden Week!  Coto Academy is excited to announce our limited-time, intensive Japanese course, designed to help you maximize your holiday and supercharge your language skills. More details are down below! Why Learn Japanese During Golden Week? Golden Week is a unique opportunity to […]
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