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Discover Japan by train! Seishun 18 Kippu

Do you have plans for the next spring in Japan? Do you like travelling by train? Staying in Japan for a few months want to explore without going bankrupt? We have just the solution for you! It’s made from paper, it’s very small, green and its name is Seishun 18 Kippu! How the Seishun 18 […]
Coto Academy

Employed as IT engineer in Japan after 6 months

This time we interviewed Fabrice who came to Japan from France with a working holiday visa and got a job at a major IT company in Japan after taking a 6-month course.
Coto Academy

How to open a bank account in Japan!

Everything is ready and you are good to go live your dream in Tokyo. And after your arrival… You might be wondering how to open a bank account in Japan! Opening a Japanese Bank Account in Japan The procedures for opening a bank account are known to be one of the most challenging tasks for […]
Coto Academy

Have you ever seen live sumo? The Grand Sumo Tournament

The 40th Grand Sumo Tournament In Coto Japanese Academy every February we have an appointment with Sumo. Come with us and discover the picture of an incredible Grand Sumo Tournament at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, near the sumida river! We went just as viewers, of course! During the event, we enjoyed the exciting fights between the […]
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Origins of Hiragana (ひらがな) and Katakana (カタカナ)

Click Here to join our 30 day challenge to learn Hiragana When you first start learning Japanese, Hiragana and Katakana might seem very intimidating. At Coto Japanese Academy, we believe that if you learn how to write Japanese at your own pace in a relaxed atmosphere, you will soon realize how fun it is to write with […]
Coto Academy

Sentô: the Japanese public bath!

In January, our students went on a Special Sentô Tour to discover the wonders of the traditional Japanese public baths and their artworks. The communal baths appeared in Japanese temple during Nara Era (710) but it is around the 13th century that commercial bathhouses opened across the country. The Showa Era (1926 – 1989) was the golden […]
Coto Academy

Apologizing in Japanese – すみません (Sumimasen), I'm Sorry!

  The Ubiquitous すみません (Sumimasen)Casual ApologiesFormal Apologies The Ubiquitous すみません (Sumimasen) Do you know how to apologize correctly in Japanese? Apologizing is an important part of the Japanese culture, and it’s something that our students always notice and ask about when they come to Japan. You will often see Japanese people saying sumimasen and bowing […]
Coto Academy

Coto's event in February 2016

This is an older post – to see our upcoming monthly events – click here Monthly Events We are planning the following events in February. Please send your request for participation to [email protected] Lunch Tour in Kagurazaka Thursday, February 4th, 12:30-13:50 Let’s discover the very popular Kagurazaka area, also called the Little Paris, with a […]
Coto Academy

Having fun with Japanese Oyaji Gag

Every language has its jokes and word games, delightful and refreshing for the minds. Japanese people are particularly fond of what they call “oyaji gag”, a type of joke very popular in the 80’s, made by combining same or similar sounding words. Literally the father’s gag, “親父ギャグ”, it would be more accurate to translate it […]
Coto Academy

Winter (冬) Photo Contest 2016!

  Winter (冬) Photo Contest 2016! Coto Japanese Academy’s Winter Photo Contest is BACK! All you have to do to take part is to post a picture of your experience during Winter in Japan and you stand a chance to win up to 10,000yen worth of exciting prizes!   Contest details Theme: Winter in Japan 2016 Contest […]
Coto Academy

The Japanese little New Year: koshougatsu

Did you know that in Japan, not so long after the New Year’s celebrations, Japanese people celebrate the festival of the Little New Year? Historically, the “koshougatsu” took place around mid-February, celebrating the first full moon of the year, but nowadays the festival takes place on the 15th of January. The rites and customs are celebrated […]
Coto Academy

Japanese Slang: Bibiru (びびる)… Were you Surprised, Scared or Shocked?

Who doesn’t like to learn more about slangs? We believe that when you are learning a foreign language, studying slang is a nice and fun way to widen your vocabulary. Not only will you speak more fluently but you will sound more like a native speaker. Bibiru is a funny word to pronounce, and an interesting point […]
Coto Academy
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