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Want to pick up or brush up on your Japanese language skills? Here at Coto Academy, we offer a wide variety of courses accessible online. With JLPT courses, private and group lessons available, you are sure to find one suitable for your needs. Free consultation and assessment is provided for you to get a course recommendation based on your current Japanese level.

Course Features

Freely Accessible

To attend our online courses, you simply need a suitable device and internet access to start your learning journey. Classes will be held on zoom and you can save travelling time without having to commute to lessons. Mastering Japanese has never been easier as you can now learn freely anytime and anywhere! It is especially convenient for students who are overseas or do not have access to a nearby Japanese school.

Private and Group Lessons

We have private and group lessons available catering to different types of students and their learning preferences. Our private lessons is exceptionally helpful in encouraging verbal communication from students with an abundance of opportunities to speak. Our group lessons is a small size consisting of up to 8 students where they can communicate with one another. In both lesson types, teaches will help to facilitate the learning and provide an enriching experience for everyone.

Professional Native Instructors

With a strong passion for education, rest assured that you will be well taken care of by our caring instructors at Coto Academy. Our Japanese teachers are all professionally trained with extensive experience in teaching. Students will benefit greatly from the knowledgable instructors who are more than happy to help. Read more about our teachers here!

Benefits for Everyone

Whether you are an international student or a working adult busy with your day-to-day job, we have something for everyone. Our lesson topics ranges from Grammar, Kanji, JLPT, Business and Current Events. Students can quickly improve their Japanese language and conversational skills through our focused situational topics. Be it normal daily conversations or work communications, Coto Academy offers it all.

Online Courses

Our online courses include a huge variety, depending on what you are looking for. We have Private Lessons, Group Lessons and JLPT Prep Lectures. Our courses all includes different levels for your Japanese Language abilities.

Private Lessons

If you find that there is too little time to talk in group lessons, or do not have access to a nearby Japanese school, then our online private lessons is the perfect choice for you! You are now free to learn Japanese no matter where you are with a private schedule and teacher. Want to learn at your own pace? Check out our private lessons here.

Speaking Sessions

During the speaking sessions, you will be able to have one-on-one conversations with a native Japanese speaker. We recommend this for beginners who want to improve their conversational abilities or want to try out learning the language. It is also perfect for those who are overseas and want to prepare for life in Japan or increase fluency.

Learning Sessions

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to pick up Japanese anywhere, anytime. It has been designed tailored to student’s unique needs through learning from a professional teacher. Beginners can start here by learning the basics of Japanese helpful for daily life. Textbook and hand-picked learning materials will be used to learn new vocabulary and grammar.

Group Lessons

Get motivated by learning in groups? Want to meet new friends in and out of Japan? Join Coto Academy’s Online Group Lessons! Students at any level can all join as we offer lessons for Beginner to Advanced levels. A free course assessment is provided to help students identify which levels they are at. Click here to learn more about our group lessons!


Totally new to the language? Join our beginner classes and learn together with students of the same level. Practical Japanese that can be used in daily life situations will be taught and you can actively engage with others.

Here are the various course types available:

  • Practical Japanese for Beginners – Total beginner
  • Lite Intensive (Beginner 1) – Lite intensive 
  • Active Basic Grammar A&B – JLPT N5
  • Lite Intensive (Beginner 3) – JLPT N5

Upper Beginner

The next level of Japanese learning is Upper Beginner, following the Beginner courses. The courses at this level further develops your fundamentals and builds up your knowledge. Learn slightly more complex topics and expressions here!

Here are the various course types available:

  • Essential Grammar & Conversation (Upper Beginner /N4) – JLPT N4
  • Bridge to Intermediate (Upper Beginner/N4-N3) – JLPT N4-N3
  • Lite Intensive (Beginner 4) – JLPT N4

Intermediate/ Upper Intermediate

At this level, learners will be introduced to business conversations and current events in Japan. Targetted at students who already have acquired the fundamental conversational skills, they can learn to communicate at a higher level and speak fluently. Students will be able to learn about honorific language, and match the uses to any situation. It is suitable for those who want to perform smoothly at their jobs and effectively converse in business-related interactions.

Here are the various course types available:

  • Natural and Fluent Japanese 1 (Intermediate / N3) – JLPT N3
  • Business Lite Intensive (Upper Intermediate / N3-N2) – Lite intensive 
  • Business Japanese (Upper Intermediate/ N3-N2) – JLPT N3-N2
  • Natural and Fluent Japanese 2 (Upper Intermediate / N2) – JLPT N2
  • Japanese Explanation Training (Upper Intermediate / N3-N2) – JLPT N2
  • Read and Discuss Current Events (Upper Intermediate/ N3 – N2) – JLPT N2


Already know some Japanese but still want to learn more? Our advanced level classes is aimed at students who at N2 or N1 levels that wants to master the language. Students will be able to use the correct terms and grammar in conversations and express themselves freely. There are also courses to help students prepare for the JLPT N2 Examinations.

Here are the various course types available:

  • Advanced Japanese Explanation Training (Advanced / N2 – N1) – JLPT N2-N1
  • JLPT N2 Grammar (Advanced / N2) – JLPT N2
  • JLPT N2 Reading (Advanced / N2) – JLPT N2
  • Natural and Fluent Japanese 2 (Upper Intermediate / n2) – JLPT N2
  • Read and Discuss Current Events (Advanced / N2-N1) – JLPT N2-N1

Online JLPT Prep Video Lectures

For those who are looking for guidance on JLPT Examinations, this is for you! We offer JLPT preparation lectures for N1, N2, N3 and N4 levels. All of our lectures are seminar-style and includes essential Grammars and Vocabularies. In person prep courses are available as well! Click here for more details.

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