Online Private Japanese Classes

Online Japanese lessons anywhere in the world via Zoom. Take private online Japanese lessons.


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    Private Lesson
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    Skill based learning

"I loved taking lessons at Coto when I lived in Japan, I am so excited that they are now offering online Japanese lessons!"
- Tim C.

Online Private Japanese Classes

Do you want private online Japanese classes with a high-quality teacher on a schedule that works for you?

You can now learn Japanese online anywhere in the world with Coto Online Private Classes!
We offer 2 ways to learn privately:

- Speaking Sessions (You can practice speaking Japanese with a native speaker.)
- Learning Sessions (You can learn Japanese with a professional teacher.)

Get started by taking our online Japanese assessment

  1. Take the Japanese assessment below
  2. Enter your email and get a Course Suggestion
  3. Sign up online and get started taking lessons as early as next week!

In addition to our regular 1-1 online service – we are now offering Online Group Classes!
For more information on Online Group Classes, click here.

Private online Japanese lessons with a Professional Instructor.

Japanese teacher having online lesson
  • Online private Japanese classes

    LEVEL: Learn Japanese online with a professional Japanese teacher.
    Learn from a Professional Coto teacher and study through a textbook / hand-picked learning materials.

    Our professionally trained and certified instructors will help you reach your language learning goals! Learn new vocabulary and grammar based on your language learning level and learning objectives.

    Coto's learning sessions are great for anyone and everyone looking to learn new Japanese. With Learning sessions, you can learn Japanese from the zero - or pick up where you left off. There are no restrictions on the level of Japanese in learning sessions.

    We recommend learning sessions for students who:

    • - Have never studied Japanese, and don’t know how/where to start.
    • - Want to improve their Japanese Language ability but have no school in their area.
    • - Have left Japan but would like to keep learning Japanese at the same pace.

    For each learning session - you can select what you would like to learn in advance and share it with your teacher. For those interested in learning sessions please fill out this contact form or at the bottom of the page.

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Course Fees

  • Monthly subscription means points renewed every 28 days).
  • Package plans are 1-time purchase.
  • Lessons are 50 minutes long.
  • A 50-minute private lesson takes 4-6 points.
Subscription Plan
8 points
$75 USD*


Free consultation
16 points
$130 USD*


Free consultation
32 points
$248 USD*


Free consultation
48 points
$353 USD*


Free consultation
Package Plan
8 points
Valid for 30 days after purchase
Learning lesson


One-time purchase
48 points
Valid for 120 days after purchase
Learning lesson


One-time purchase
100 points
Valid for 240 days after purchase
Learning lesson


One-time purchase
200 points
Valid for 480 days after purchase
Learning lesson


One-time purchase

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Questions about our Online Japanese lessons

  • Can I book private Japanese lessons for my children?

    Yes, you can!  This service is handled on a per-request basis and depends on the age of the child, as well as the availability of the teacher who teaches. If you would like to have private Japanese language lessons for your children, we would first like to book a consultation session to learn more about your needs. You can do this by sending us an inquiry.
  • Online Private Lessons – How do I book a lesson? How do I get points?

    In order to book a private online Japanese lesson you will need: How to get points
    1. Login to your user account.
    2. Click on the purchase points button at the top menu - or visit this page - Points Purchase Page
    3. Either take the "which package" assessment, by clicking "get started" or select a subscription directly.

    How to book lessons.
    1. Visit the booking calendar by clicking on the reservation button or visiting this link - User reservation Calendar
    2. Click on an available class. Available classes are marked with a + icon.
    3. Once you have selected the session, scroll down to the book button and click book. You will be asked to confirm the booking.
    4. Now your booking is confirmed, enjoy your lesson!