Top 15 Japanese Language School in Singapore

Are you currently living in Singapore and interested in learning Japanese? Look no further. Here is a guide to Japanese language school in Singapore. Below, we have listed different Japanese language schools that you can consider. We’ve also included cultural institution and foreign language schools to broaden your options.

Most of these schools offer both online and offline classes. Classes for all levels of Japanese learning from beginner to advance level are also typically catered to.

In Singapore, there is actually quite a large community of Japanese living there. As of October 2019, close to 37 thousand Japanese residents live in Singapore. The number of Singapore Japanese language schools has been steadily increasing as well with, more and more offering a wide range of courses and activities. More often than not, all the classes and learning gear up people to take the JLPT at the end of the course which is the most popular Japanese language test that people take. JLPT refers to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which you may find out more about here.

If you are planning or interested in taking the JLPT, you can read up on guides to passing the JLPT Exam:

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1. Tomo Japanese Language School

Tomo Japanese language school offers both online and offline courses that are highly interactive and conversational, giving their students many opportunities to practice their Japanese in class. Beyond being a Japanese language school, their lessons allow you to learn the culture of Japan such as society, arts and history. This is so that you know enough to be able to work in Japan.

Tomo Japanese language school will ensure that you are able to speak, read, write and listen to Japanese fluently. Their lessons are specially designed to not only help you pass the JLPT but for you to become an all-rounder expert of Japanese.

Fees: $390 per term (10 lessons) not inclusive of costs of additional material such as textbooks.

Address: 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore Shopping Centre, #03-24, Singapore 239924

Hours:  Monday-Friday (3 PM-10 PM), Saturday & Sunday (10 AM-8 PM)

Courses they offer:

Advanced Course For those who have knowledge in N2 and N3 JLPT and looking to pass the N2 or N1 JLPT. 10 Lessons X 6 Terms (60 weeks)
Pre-Advanced Course For those who have knowledge in JLPT N4 and N3 and looking to pass the N3 JLPT. 10 Lessons X 6 Terms (60 weeks)
Intermediate Course For those who have knowledge in JLPT N4 and looking to pass the N3 or N4 JLPT. 10 Lessons X 6 Terms (60 weeks)
Basic Course For those with a basic understanding of Japanese and looking to pass the N5 JLPT 10 Lessons X 6 Terms (60 weeks)
Beginner Course For New learners. Progress to the basic course after completion of the beginner course. 10 Lessons X 1 Terms (10 weeks)

2. Bunka Language School

Been around since 1985, Bunka Language School teaches the Japanese language from beginner to advance level. Bunka is well respected because all its teachers are native speakers of Japanese and registered with the Ministry of Education. This is further combined with its small class size of a maximum of 12 students. Moreover, they also have their own textbook created by themselves that they use during their classes.

At Bunka, Students are given the opportunity to engage in role-playing real-life situations that includes chances for speaking, listening, writing and reading Japanese in many situations.

Bunka Language School offers free placement test for their classes for those keen on joining their courses but is not sure which class is suited for them. The elementary and intermediate classes require a written test while the pre-advanced, advanced, and business Japanese require an oral test. No appointment is needed to take the written tests. Upon receiving the results of the placement test, the teachers will advise the course that you should take at Bunka.

Address: 402 Orchard Rd, #05-15/16 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

Hours: Monday-Friday (10AM–7PM) , Sat & Sun (10AM-5.30PM)

Tel: +65 6737 3601 / +65 6734 1603 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

Regular classes (Group)What they offer :
– Elementary Classes (Elementary 1 to 3)
– Intermediate Classes (Intermediate 1 to 4)
– Pre-Advance classes (Pre-Advanced 1 to 3)
– Advanced Class
– Business Japanese
Ele Classes Cost : 3HRS X 10 Lessons ($420)
Int Classes Cost : 3HRS X 9 Lessons ($410)
PAC, ADV & BJ Classes Cost : 1.5HRS X 16 Lessons ($400)
Private Lessons1 to 1 lessons Individual lessons are at $90/hr
Company in-house trainingConducts in-house training for companies according to your requirements.For more information on course & pricing, email to course
Free Introductory LessonFree introductory lesson into learning Japanese FREE

3. Hougang Japanese Language School

Known for its many years of experience since it was founded in 1983 by Kenji Kitahara, Hougang Japanese Language School was the first Singapore Japanese language school. Upon registration with Hougang Japanese language school, you will receive a free textbook and also be given subsidiary notes and homework for every lesson you attend. They currently have 3 branches in Singapore (1 in the west, 1 in the north and 1 in the city). Besides their regular classes, they also offer a special kodomo kids class where their students get to learn not only Japanese speaking skills but also more into the Japanese culture, arts and food with all hands-on activities.

Featured in many news articles in Singapore, Hougang Japanese language school was also broadcasted on Channel 8, “HDB Tai Tai 2” hosted by Kym Ng Zhong Qin and Joyce Chen Li Ping where they highly recommended the school for its fame, economical and quality service that they provide for their students.


Hougang School : Hougang Street 21, #04-113/119 Blk 204, Singapore 530204

Jurong School : Blk 134 #02-303A , Jurong Gateway Rd S600134

Alexandra School : BLK 123 #04-82 Bukit Merah Lane 1 (Just in front of Queensway Shopping Centre)


Hougang School – Mon-Fri (1PM-8PM) , Sat & Sun (9AM-3PM)

Jurong School – Mon-Fri (1PM-8PM) , Sat (9AM-4PM) , Sun (10AM-3PM)

Alexandra School – Mon-Fri (1PM-8PM) , Sat (9AM-4PM) , Sun (CLOSED)

Tel: 6282 7590 (Hougang) , 6273 8434 (Alexandra) , 8202 4268 (Jurong) / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

Elementary 1 $300 (40 hours)  
Elementary 2$300  (44 hours) 
Intermediate 1 (N5)$300  (32 hours) 
Intermediate 2 $300  (44 hours) 
Advance 1 (N4)$300  (36 hours)
JLPT N3 $320  (40 hours)  
JLPT N2$320  (40 hours)  
JLPT N1$320  (40 hours)  

4. IKOMA Language School

Ikoma Langauge School was first established in 1996 where they first started at Chinatown. Soon, the school expanded and eventually moved to its current premises at Shaw in 2004. They specialize in not only Japanese language lessons but English and Chinese as well where their mission is to make a study of languages widely available and enjoyable for everyone. It is now one of the most trusted Japanese language schools in Singapore in the country.

Their regular Japanese Language course is split into 5 levels: Basic, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced and Further Advanced. The courses are available once or twice a week, both PART-TIME classes and INTENSIVE classes available. Their classes begin at $390 for 60 hours of lessons.

Address: 350, #12-07 Orchard Rd, Shaw House, 238868

Hours: Mon-Fri (9AM-10PM), Sat & Sun (10AM-7.30PM)

Tel: +65 6238 0288 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

Basic Japanese Course (For beginners)– Basic Course (Part-Time)
– Basic Intensive  (3 hrs Daily, Mon to Fri)
Focuses on the fundamentals of the Japanese language and promotes well-rounded progress in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
JLPT Preparatory Classes Seasonal classes to prepare you for the JLPT Revise and reinforce grammar and explore common mistakes made by students, and also go through past year papers.
Higher-level Japanese Classes – Intermediate (Once or Twice a week)
– Pre-Advanced (Once a or Twice week)
– Advanced (Once or Twice a week)
– Further Advanced (Once a week)
Intermediate: Focuses more on grammar.
Pre-Advanced: Practical conversation, role-plays and topical discussions.
Advanced: Focuses on listening skills, reading and comprehension of passages and covers higher-level grammar related to N2.
Further Adv: Continuation of Advanced level and further expands on vocabulary.

5. Tsubasa Language Services

Tsubasa Language Services started as a “man’s dream to help people learn and master the Japanese language with affordable prices.” It is the only Japanese language school in Singapore that offers Japanese language lessons along with lessons for Japanese culture, food, Japan trip planning, way of thinking, personal character and moral development. With small class sizes of less than 8, their classes are available from beginner to pre-advance levels, each level includes a comprehensive curriculum and free study aids.

What’s more, they boast to have a 100% passing rate for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for N2-N5.

The institution is unique in the sense that they arrange field trips to try real Japanese cuisine and learn about traditional Japanese culture. Tsubasa Language Services also collaborates with the Japanese Association of Singapore for their yearly summer festival and Japanese employment agencies to help students find jobs in Japan!

Address: 808 French Rd, Singapore 200808

Hours: Mon 9AM-10PM | Tues 3PM-10PM | Wed-Thurs 10AM-10PM | Fri 7PM-10PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-6PM

Courses they offer:

Beginner Course (Foundation Studies)Introduction to the Japanese : Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji. 10 lessons (2.5 months)
Beginner Course Master at least 150 – 200 Kanji and learn about Japanese culture for you to take the N5 JLPT at the end of the course. 40-47 lessons (9-11 months)
Intermediate CourseMaster at least 350 – 500 Kanji and converse using simple-complex sentences for you to take the N4 JLPT at the end of the course. 48-52 lessons (11 months-1 year)
Pre-Advanced Course Converse using complex sentences in Japanese fluently and Master at least 1000 Kanji while further deepening your understanding of Japanese culture. Able to take the JLPT N2 or N3 exam at the end of the course1.5 years

japanese language school in singapore

6. Inlingua School of Languages

Inlingua School of Languages is a language school with over 250 language centers in 30 countries. Their Japanese courses are facilitated by expert Japanese teachers who are committed to providing an enriching learning experience that matches your needs and goals. Each course offered has different learning objectives that increase in difficulty according to your level of development. Class sizes run from 4 to 15 and are usually 2 hours long.

You can benefit from their 50 years of experience. They ensure that you build your confidence and develop your communication skills through an engaging and relevant learning experience. The school offer part-time Japanese language courses to both local and international students. You learn Japanese either on your own or in a group.

Address: 51 Cuppage Road #10-12 Singapore 229469

Hours: Mon-Fri (8AM–9PM) , Sat & Sun (8AM-3PM)

Tel: +65 6737 6666 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

Young learners ClassEmpower your child with languages from the young ages of 6 to 13.
Private CourseA flexible class that is altered to fit your needs and goals. Determine your own learning and class schedule. Both 1 to 1 or group classes are available.
Standard Part-TimeWith the standard program, you can complete the Japanese beginner course in 10 weeks.
Accelerated Part-TimeWith the accelerated program, you can complete the Japanese beginner course in 3-5 weeks.

7. Taiyo Japanese Language School

Since its founding in 2011, Taiyo Japanese Language School is known for its quality-like lessons at affordable prices. They have small class sizes with a mindset to teach with a practical focus on real-world Japanese skills. Each class term costs about $450 for 30 hours worth of classes inclusive of an optional exam at the end of the third or fourth term depending on the level.

When you apply to the school, their instructors will conduct an assessment of your Japanese language ability. This is where they will recommend a Japanese course that’s appropriate for you. Their Beginner Japanese course is also eligible for Skills Future credit!

Address: 20 Kramat Lane United House #05-05, 228773

Hours: Mon-Fri (11AM-8PM) , Sat (11AM-3PM) , Sun (Closed)

Tel: +65 6589 8674

Courses they offer:

Beginner ClassFor absolute beginners to learn Japanese in Singapore and equip students with an understanding of the Japanese writing system – Hiragana & Katakana. 2.5 hrs x 12 lessons: $450/term
Total – 1 Term
Elementary Course Focus on the fundamentals to develop a well-rounded development in Japanese learning. 2.5 hrs x 12 lessons: $450/term
Total – 3 Terms
Pre-Intermediate Course Reinforce what you have learned in the elementary course and learn new content through practical-use conversation, role-plays and topical discussions.2.5 hours x 10 lessons: S$450/term
Total – 4 Terms
Intermediate Course Reinforce what you have learned in the pre-intermediate course and learn new content through practical-use conversation, role-plays and topical discussions. 2.5 hours x 10 lessons: S$450/term
Total – 3 Terms
Advanced Course Continuation of the learnings from the Intermediate level and further expands on new Japanese vocabulary. 2.5 hours x 10 lessons: S$450/term
Total – 3 Terms

8. Agape School of Education

Agape School of Education is a MOE-registered language school providing a wide range of courses with distinct learning paths based on your goals for learning the language. Besides Japanese, they also offer courses for 13 other languages such as Spanish and Korean. With over 13,000 students combined with their excellent teaching staff of both native and non-native teachers, their students have consistently attained high marks in certified examinations. Thus, ensuring high standards from both students and teachers.

They guarantee that in just 20 lessons, you will be able to comprehend basic writings and have simple Japanese conversations on common topics. You will also be able to pass the levels of the JLPT at the end of the course.

Address: 153B Thomson Rd, Level 3 Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307607

Hours: Mon-Sun (10 AM-10 PM)

Tel: +65 6222 2331 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

JLPT Preparatory Course (N1 to N5)Classes focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension. Students are exposed to mock exams and JLPT questions from previous years to better prepare them for the test.
MOELC Admission Test PreparationGeared towards preparing students for the MOELC Admission Test that is offered 3 times a year and is designed to improve students’ Japanese ability in a short time. Their courses follow the MOELC syllabus closely so that students are well-prepared.
Mother Tongue In-LieuFor children who have received the Ministry of Education (MOE) approval to study alternative and special approved second languages in Singapore.

9. Japanese Explorer

With the aim to produce successful learners of the Japanese language by prioritizing their students’ wants and needs, Japanese Explorer provides high-quality and affordable courses to people of all ages and skill levels. There is availability for both offline and online Japanese courses as well as group and private (Subject to price level changes). All their teachers are native Japanese speakers who will coach you in both English and Japanese to better hone your skills.

Their courses are authorized by AJALT (Association for Japanese-Language Teaching) where the two unique systems in their teaching-learning process are adopted. This is where the first half of the class is spent on learning grammar and speaking. Listening skills is stressed in the second half of the class.

Address: 137 Cecil St, level 7, Singapore 069537

Hours: Mon-Fri (9AM-9PM), Sat & Sun (9AM-5PM)

Tel: +65 6528 7918 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

Japanese ElementaryIntended for students who wish to efficiently master simple Japanese vocabulary and grammar used in everyday situations. 12 sessions 2hrs each
City Campus: $550
Zoom: $500
Japanese IntermediateStudents from the elementary level completion can advance to the intermediate Japanese level where they will increase vocabulary knowledge and the ability to think and select appropriate vocabulary and expressions to use in conversations.80 hours of lessons
City Campus: $550
Zoom: $500
Japanese AdvancedBest for people who have gone through and mastered the basic expressions and grammar of Japanese. 60 hours of lessons
Business JapaneseFor students who want to work in Japan or those who currently work in a Japanese company and are required to study Nihongo and designed to meet the needs of the students in real business situations through role-play. 12 sessions 2hrs each
City Campus: $550
Zoom: $500

10. Lingo School of Knowledge

Situated minutes away from Bugis MRT, Lingo Language School specializes in teaching foreign languages. They have a well-structured Japanese language course that is catered more for non-speakers and students with little knowledge of the Japanese language. Their Japanese courses are constantly reviewed and kept relevant with changing times. Their Japanese teachers are native speakers and have been hand-picked to provide the most enjoyable and enriching learning experience possible.

Address: 87 Beach Rd, 03-01 Chye Sing Building, Singapore 189695

Hours: Mon-Fri (9.30AM-9.30PM) , Sat & Sun (9AM-5PM)

Tel: +65 6253 3320 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

PRIVATE JAPANESE LANGUAGE CLASS1-to-1 Japanese classes and having a teacher all to yourself to allow you to interact with him/her at your own time and pace. Email or call for more information on pricing.
SEMI-PRIVATE JAPANESE LANGUAGE CLASSOffers students a chance to form their own groups to learn together with friends of your choosing. Email or call for more information on pricing.
GROUP JAPANESE LANGUAGE CLASSPre grouped classes where students learn together basic Japanese speaking skills. 12 Lessons x 1.5 hours OR
09 Lessons x 2 hours
JAPANESE LANGUAGE CORPORATE TRAININGHelp organizations achieve greater efficiency and service excellence in teaching their employees basic Japanese speaking skillsEmail or call for more information on pricing.
JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLINE LESSONA one-to-one virtual lesson that is custom-made according to your own needs.$50/HR

japanese language school in singapore


Udemy is a fully online Japanese learning platform and is one of the online course platforms with courses that are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit claim. With resources available for learning Japanese at any level, Udemy is perfect for those who want to be proficient in conversational Japanese but have no time to visit a Japanese language school in Singapore.

Courses they offer:

Learn Japanese for Beginners: The Ultimate 100-Lesson CourseYou will learn how to read and write Japanese and
hold conversations like a native speaker with pronunciation lessons through videos provided.
$35.00 (skills future)
Online JLPT Course (N1)The “Online Japanese N1 Course” is Japanese study materials related to the JLPT N1 level. 10 lessons for $108.98
Online JLPT Course (N2) The “Online Japanese N2 Course” is Japanese study materials related to the JLPT N2 level. 10 lessons for $108.98
Online JLPT Course (N3)The “Online Japanese N3 Course” is Japanese study materials related to the JLPT N3 level. 10 lessons for $108.98
Online JLPT Course (N4)The “Online Japanese N4 Course” is Japanese study materials related to the JLPT N4 level. 15 lessons for $108.98
Online JLPT Course (N5)The “Online Japanese N5 Course” is Japanese study materials related to the JLPT N5 level. 15 lessons for $108.98

12. Japanese Cultural Society

The Japanese Cultural Society is the only Singaporean social organization that actively promotes Japanese cultural activities. They offer classes for a wide range of levels of Japanese. In the Japanese cultural society, students get a chance to not only learn more about Japanese culture but also a chance to master the language as well. Applicants will be required to take and pass the entrance test to join courses at the Japanese cultural society, except for registration to the Elementary course.

Address: 112 Middle Rd, #05-00, Singapore 188970

Hours: Mon-Thurs (10AM-8PM) , Fri & Sun (Closed) , Sat (10AM-2PM)

Tel: +65 6338 3428 / [email protected][email protected]

Courses they offer:

Elementary CourseElementary level of Japanese learning. $785/- for one year course conducted once a week.
Regular CourseLevels offered:
– Elementary
– Intermediate
– Advanced I
– Advanced II
– Further – Advanced
New classes commence from the month of Jan & Jul. Classes are once a week x 2.5hr.
JLPT Preparatory CourseShort term course to prepare students who already have basic knowledge in Japanese for JLPT in DecemberOnce a week only. 
To register, email: [email protected]
Intensive CourseIntensive Course for you to master Japanese within 6 months of learning. 5 1/2 months with 2 run dates: Jan-Jun / Jul-Nov, 5 hours per week.

13. PYAESS Japanese Language School

As one of the top Japanese language schools in Singapore, PYAESS Japanese Language School offers many different levels of Japanese learning with both group and conversational classes. Since 1988, they have helped thousands of students with learning how to read, write and speak Japanese fluently. Their bilingual teachers who are fluent in both Japanese and English ensure that there is no problem for communication between teacher and student.

Aside from their classes, they also have an excellent range of learning materials for all their students and students are also given the chance to learn proper Japanese culture as well.

Address: 14 Robinson Road, #04-01, Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545

Hours: Mon-Sun (10AM-10PM)

Tel: +65 6327 1377 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

JLPT Preparation Course
Structure Level 5 – Beginners 1 (30 weeks)
30 weeks course that allows students to take the JLPT N5 examination at the end of the course. $300 per term/10 weeks
JLPT Preparation Course
Structure Level 4 – Beginners 2 (20 weeks)
20 weeks course that allows students to take the JLPT N4 examination at the end of the course. $300 per term/10 weeks
JLPT Preparation Course
Structure Level 3 – Intermediate 1 (50 weeks)
50 weeks course with special conversational and listening training At the end of this course, students can take the JLPT N3 examination. $300 per term/10 weeks
JLPT Preparation Course
Structure Level 2 – Intermediate 2 (50 weeks)
50 weeks course for students to learn Japanese grammar at N2 Level. At the end of this course, students can take the JLPT N2 examination. $300 per term/10 weeks
JLPT Preparation Course
Structure Level 1 – Advanced 1 & 2 (50 weeks)
2 years course for students to master about 10,000 words and 2,000 Kanji. At the end of this course, students can take the JLPT N1 examination. $300 per term/10 weeks
Young Student’s ClassIntroduce Japanese writings to young children from early ages where they will learn to read and write Hiragana and Katakana. $250 for 10 weeks

14. Berlitz Language Centre

Berlitz is known for their immersive program where they get all their students to already speak Japanese from day 1. Being a language center teaching not only Japanese, but Berlitz will also teach you how to speak that particular language first hand as well as assign you an instructor who will be there during your entire journey. They have Japanese that is suited for all ages and skill levels.

Their instructors will be one to give you immediate feedback and teach you proper grammar and pronunciation combined with personalized interactions with each other according to your specific goals and needs. Berlitz has a wide range of Japanese learning courses from private lessons to group classes, they have a solution for every language learner.

Their classes use their very own Berlitz Method. This is where instructors use standardized proficiency examinations to determine your skill level and design a course road map that will allow you to learn most effectively

Address: 391B Orchard Road, Tower B #16-01/02 S(238874), Ngee Ann City Singapore

Hours: Mon-Fri (8:30AM–8:30PM), Sat & Sun (8.30AM-5.30PM)

Tel: +65 6733 7472 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

Online Courses– Self-Paced Course
You can study online via their CyberTeachers platform where you can access your learning 24/7 from any device.
– Live Online Study Course
Classes are conducted by Berlitz instructors in real-time on a video call that you can schedule from your student portal.
In-Person Private ClassesA private 1 to 1 class that is tailored to suit your own needs and schedule.
Small group language classesA shared learning experience with other students at a similar skill level. Different group sizes are available to suit your preference.
Intensive Language Classes – Berlitz Total ImmersionFull-day intensive language learning based on the conversational Berlitz Method. A typical Total Immersion day is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

15. Janus Academy

Having been around for 10 years with over 30 experienced and qualified native teachers, Janus Academy has pride itself in providing Japanese lessons that are both amusing and effective to adults and children alike. Their small class sizes ensure proper and effective communication between teacher and student combined with their free learning resources will allow you to develop proper speaking skills for the language. In addition to their Japanese learning courses, they also offer Japanese culture lessons, where you can experience real Japanese culture from Singapore.

Janus Academy is also one of the few Singapore Japanese Language Schools that offers study vacations. This is where you get a chance to immerse yourself in an environment where you have to learn to bridge the language barrier.

Address: 86 Marine Parade Central, #03-213, Singapore 440086

Hours: Mon,Tue,Fri (10AM-4.30PM) , Wed & Thurs (9.30AM-4.30AM) , Sat (9.30AM-9PM) , Sun (Closed)

Tel: +65 8852 8902 / [email protected]

Courses they offer:

Classroom-Based LessonsReal-life lessons conducted by instructors for both private and group. All levels are available. 1.5Hours per week / 10 weeks ($420)
Online LessonsReal-time online lessons conducted by instructors for both private and group. All levels are available. 50 mins per week / 15 weeks ($225)
Kids ProgramSpecifically for primary and secondary school children interested in learning a new language. Cultivates learning at a young age. Primary School Japanese – $380
Secondary School Japanese – $570
Culture Courses Bite-sized Japanese Culture Workshops every weekend that covers a wide range of interests such as origami, anime, etc. Classes are available for both adults & children $45 for 1.5hr class

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