How to register for Sporting Events in Japan (Using SportsEntry)

Today, we will be introducing to you a platform where you can find details of various sports events held all over Japan with just one click!
Filter and Genre
Search Results
Extra Vocabulary


This platform is called Sports Entry which can be found here. The page is only available in Japanese, but we will also be introducing to you some of the common vocabularies that you will come across on the page! Hopefully, it makes your navigation around the page much easier and smoother.
To start off, when you enter the page, you will be greeted with an interface like this.

This serves as a filter as well as a list of the various sports events that they have in their directory. You can sign up as a member and log in by clicking the green button at the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, if you would not like to look through all the katakana in the filter, you can do a simple search found right beside the login button.

Filter and Genre

For their filter, you can search by genre which is the first tab and by keyword on the second tab in the big blue box. Let’s explain the genre in the box.

  1. マラソン・ランニング (Marason/Ranningu) – Marathon/Running
  2. サイクリング (Saikuringu) – Cycling
  3. ウォーキング (Wokingu) – Walking
  4. ランイベント・練習会 (Ran ibento/ Renshu kai) – Run Events/ Practice sessions
  5. ロゲイニング (Rogeiningu) – Rogaining
  6. ゴルフ (Gorufu) – Golf
  7. トライアスロン (Toraiasuron) – Triathlon
  8. スカッシュ (Sukasshu) – Squash
  9. スイミング (Suimingu) – Swimming
  10. モータースポーツ (Mo-ta- supotsu) – Motor Sports
  11. その他 (Sono hoka) – Others
  12. テニス (Tenisu) – Tennis
  13. 協会連盟登録 (Kyokai renmei toroku) –
  14. ウィンタースポーツ (Winta supotsu) – Winter Sports
  15. サッカー・フットサル (Sakka-/futto saru) – Soccer/ Futsal
  16. アドベンチャー (Adobencha) – Adventure
  17. フェンシング (Fenshingu) – Fencing
  18. マリンスポーツ (Marin supotsu) – Marine Sports
  19. アウトドア (Autodoa) – Outdoor
  20. カヌー&シーカヤック (Kanu- & shi-kayakku) – Canoe & Sea Kayak
  21. エアロビック (Earobikku) – Aerobics

After you have selected the genre you are looking at, you can either further filter or just scroll through the list of events in their directory as shown.

After determining the event that you would like to participate in, you can click on the event name or the blue oval button at the bottom of the event listing that says “エントリー情報を見る” (Entori- joho o miru) which refers to “See event details”.
Thereafter, you’ll be greeted with a page full of Japanese with the details of the event.  As such:


To sign up, you click the green button that says “参加申込をする” (sanka moushikomi o suru) – application for participation.
You will then see this:

To apply for events, you are required to log into the portal. For first time users, you can register by clicking on the big green button. Alternatively, if you would not like the hassle of creating an account, you can do so through linking your Facebook account. However, if you think you will be participating in many events through this site in future, it is advisable to create an account instead.
After logging in, and clicking on the register button, you will see a screen like this:

Then fill out all your particulars on the next page, and that should be it!

Extra Vocabulary

Here we will be introducing some common vocabulary words that you might come across.

  1. スタート (Suta-to) – Start
  2. 参加料 (Sanka ryou) – Participation fees
  3. 受付状況 (Uketsuke jokyo) – Registration Status
  4. 受付中 (Uketsuke chu) – Accepting registrations
  5. 受付前 (Uketsuke mae) – Not accepting registrations yet
  6. 受付終了 (Uketsuke shuryo) – Registrations Ended
  7. 開催日 (Kaisai bi) – Event Date
  8. 開催地 (Kaisai chi) – Event Venue
  9. エリアから探す (Eria kara sagasu) – Search by area
  10. 公式サイト (Koshiki saito) – Official site
  11. 定員 (Teiin) – Capacity
  12. 参加資格 (Sanka Shikaku) – Participation Criteria
  13. 種目 (Shumoku) – Events
  14. 拠点地 (Kyoten chi) – Base Location

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