Japanese Learning Clubs on Clubhouse to Boost Your Japanese

Have you ever heard of Japanese Learning Clubs on Clubhouse – a newly launched social media platform?

Clubhouse is an exclusive platform, allowing users to interact with not only celebrities, but people around the world through conversations.

Sure, Japanese podcasts and radios may be a great way to learn Japanese, but Clubhouse offers something new to the table. Here, Japanese learners get to practice Japanese though conversing with other Japanese learners and natives.

Now let’s take a look at a few Japanese language learnng clubs on Clubhouse we recommend for you to give it a go!

1. Kaiwa Club

Kaiwa Club on Clubhouse is a community held weekly, with a different agenda every single day from Monday to Friday.  This club encourages Japanese learners to practice speaking as much as possible, regardless of their Japanese level.

Here is their usual schedule, held everyday from 6:30pm EST/8:30am JPT:

  • Monday: Welcome new members
  • Tuedays: Game night
  • Wednesdays: 日本語🔁英語 (Japanese and English)
  • Thursdays: Watch party
  • Friday:何でも話 (Talk about anything)
  • Saturday: Kaiwa Club Podcast

They also provide other rooms suited for other purposes but for Japanese learning as well.

  • やばい日本語 w/Cappa (yabai Japanese)
  • 日本語と英語 exchange w/Yuka (Japanese and English)
  • 今読んでいる📚 w/Zoia (What I am reading now)

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2. The Lingo Lobby

The Lingo Lobby is a group that practices more than 70 languages. It currently has the largest language group in Clubhouse, with over 20.1k members, and 68.1k followers.

Rooms created by this club shares tips and linguistic knowledge of languages.This Clubhouse has a give and take system. You can join rooms of your selected language or learning, which would be Japanese in this case.

You can practice speaking Japanese with others that are learning at the same time. But you can also teach other languages yourself of the language you have confidence in.

Anyone can create a room:

  • As long as it is language learning,
  • Provide a topic
  • Choose language level that will be practiced.
  • Be a member of the club

How to become a member faster:

  • Follow the founder and club admins
  • Have former members to nominate you

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3. Duolingo Language group

The Duolingo Language group is another language group that has over 50 languages being practiced and widely discussed about.

This group encourages members and followers to expand from only practicing languages to broadly discuss culture, history, and the global future of the language spoken.

Whilst practicing speaking the Japanese language, you can talk about Japanese culture, finding other members that are like minded to you.

This may motivate you further, to know that others are on the same learning journey as you.

To practice Japanese, you can create a room whenever you want, and invite others to join in practicing the language.

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4. Nihongo Connection

Nihongo Connection club is dedicated to helping people speak Japanese. This club organizes a number of events that encourage Japanese learners to speak Japanese.

This club pushes for the method to study Japanese in a fun and enjoyable way for people to continuously learn Japanese.

One upcoming event starts from June 14th-18th, which is a free 5 day challenge for complete beginner Japanese speakers.

This event aims for Japanese beginners to learn Japanese by just following 5 steps without extensive studying.

To join the complete Beginner’s challenge:

  • Visit profile of @NihongoJessica
  • Visit her instagram account
  • Click on her bio to sign up for the challenge

How to join the club:

  • Follow @NihongoJessica
  • Visit and follow her account
  • DM her on instagram with “Clubhouse”

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5. Japanese Speaking Club

This club allows Japanese learners to have a chance to practice speaking with native Japanese speakers.

This is also a perfect place for those that want to take a further step with their language skills and immerse deeper in the Japanese culture through the use of Japanese slangs.

Slangs are a perfect way to localize your Japanese and loosen up, instead of using textbook phrases that you may not have the chance to use.

Room Schedule

  • Tuesday 6:00 am PDT with Mari on Dating Japanese Tips
  • Tuesday 5:30 pm PDT with Tanner on Japanese slangs that you will never learn in school
  • Wednesday: 5:30 PDT with Evaline and Marquis on culture shock

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