Top 5 Spotify Podcasts for Japanese Listening Practice and Learning Japanese – List and Links

The Best Spotify Podcasts for Japanese Listening Practice?

Many of our students ask us about recommendations for Japanese listening practice. One of the best ways to maximize Japanese input is by listening to Japanese Podcasts. Do you want to know what our top 5 best Japanese learning podcasts on Spotify are?
We have scoured Spotify to find the best podcasts that a beginner-intermediate Japanese student can use to learn Japanese.  You can preview some of the episodes by playing them directly in the browser below

“Let’s Talk in Japanese”  (Spotify: Beginner-Advanced)

Let’s Talk in Japanese! is a podcast created by a Japanese teacher named Tomo.  Being a Japanese teacher – he is able to “dumb down” his Japanese and talk intentionally so that students can learn new vocabulary through context.  Although this podcast is not entirely geared towards beginners – you can easily tell which episodes are beginner-friendly.  Tomo Sensei labels every episode with N1-N5

Let’s learn Japanese from small talk! (Spotify: Beginner-Advanced)

Let’s learn Japanese from small talk! is a podcast with two younger ladies that have very natural and casual Japanese – this is a good podcast to listen to because they will often re-establish new words by sharing their English equivalents. It will also help you pick up how to have a natural conversation with your friends.

Learn Japanese w/ Manga Sensei (Spotify Beginner)
Broken down into 5 minute episodes – This podcast is a great  way to add fundamental concepts to your Japanese – the host speaks English and explains Japanese Grammar and vocabulary / phrases in great detail.  He explains fundamental nuances between particles.  So this podcast is not great for simple Japanese listening practice – but it is a great way to clarify things if you have a specific question about a Japanese concept – or if you just want to pick up new tools while you are working on something else.

バイリンガルニュース (Bilingual News)

Bilingual news is a great listening practice podcast for intermediate – advanced Japanese learners.  Covering timely topics and speaking in both English and Japanese – this podcast is a great way to pick up new vocabulary through context once you have reached a certain level.  It is also a way to learn about things that are going on in Japanese society so that you can more easily conduct conversations with friends about news and politics.

Nihongo con Teppei

Nihongo con teppei is a funky and funny show with the host Teppei.  He uses simple Japanese for beginners and makes things fun to listen to.  He is a little eccentric – but it keeps the listening fun and interesting!  You should definitely check him out.
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