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Asking to go on a Date with someone in Japanese

We’ve already presented the Japanese slang “nanpa” and “gyakunan” to describe flirting with someone – in particular on the street. This time, let’s get more serious, and develop important words for dating in Japanese. Whether you live in Japan for a short time or for a few years, you never know what might happen. Who […]
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Coto's events in September 2015

This is an older post – to see our upcoming monthly events – click here Monthly Events Join Local festival and Omikoshi experience in Iidabashi 夏祭り・おみこし体験をしよう! Friday, September 11th 17:00-21:00 in Iidabashi Are you up for the Omikoshi challenge with the locals? The Tsukudo-jinja Shrine Festival is held mid-September in Iidabashi Chiyoda Ward. Every year, […]
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One Week Special Nail Art Course

Learning Japanese is quite captivating isn’t it? Step by step, being able to communicate in a foreign language is really rewarding. We hope you are enjoying your classes! Have you been studying other aspects of Japanese culture besides the language? Discovering Japanese culture is a nice way to deepen your knowledge of the language. That is why Coto Japanese […]
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Japanese Slang: Nanpa Suru and Gyakunan Suru

Picking People up?Where did the Word come from?Usage Examples When you are learning a foreign language, studying slang is a funny way to deepen your vocabulary. Not only will you speak more fluently but you will sound more like a native speaker. Moreover, slang gives you an interesting point of view on society. Let’s see how Japanese people […]
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Common Japanese Mistakes: Pronouns 彼 (Kare) and 彼女 (Kanojo)

「彼」Kare and「彼女」Kanojo 「私」Watashi Japanese Personal Pronouns are really hard to get for Japanese learners. In truth, we rarely use them. Not only “I” 「私・watashi」and “you”「あなた・anata」are hard to get, but third person pronouns are also problematic. These include “he”「彼・kare」 and “she” 「彼女・kanojyo」which can typically lead to common Japanese mistakes.   「彼」Kare and「彼女」Kanojo Generally speaking, in the […]
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Common Japanese Mistakes: Using あなた (Anata) to refer to "You"

Contents: Subject Omission Referring to more than 2 People… Why should I avoid using あなた (Anata)? Subject Omission Japanese is not always easy to use, especially when it comes to identifying the sentence’s subject. A sentence in English always requires a subject, but that’s not the case for the Japanese. In particular, personal pronouns such as […]
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Japanese Slang: Being Egocentric/Selfish/Self-centered in Japanese, 自己中 (Jikochuu)!

Describing someone as Egocentric, Selfish or even Self-centered… Derivation of the Word 自己中 (Jikochuu) In a Formal Context…   Describing someone as Egocentric, Selfish or even Self-centered… Jiko chuu「自己チュー」「自己中」「ジコチュー」! It is a well known fact that Japanese society cares for selflessness and considers it to be an important value. For Japanese people, nothing is greater than to put others’ […]
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Common Japanese Mistakes: Using 気を付けて (Ki o Tsukete)

Ki o Tsukuete! Meaning of 気を付けて (Ki o Tsukete)When to use 気を付けて (Ki o Tsukete)? What does 気を付けて (Ki o Tsukete) Mean? Have you ever heard of this Japanese expression before? When learning foreign languages, some nuances can often get lost when we try to translate a certain word or phrase into our native language. We found […]
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A Japanese word for August : net tai ya

It is well known that Japanese summer can be unbearably hot and humid, especially during July and August. All day long people will drag themselves from building’s shadow to the cool undergrounds of Tokyo metro and shopping mall, resting from the sultriness. One would hope that at sundown, the heat would become mild… Alas! During summer, when night falls, […]
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"I appreciate that!" in Japanese: 助かります (Tasukarimasu)!

Expressing Gratitude What is 助かります (Tasukarimasu)? Usage Examples Being more Respectful Expressing Gratitude Learning Japanese is not always easy, especially when you have to understand some very tricky nuances. When you received help and want to express your gratitude, what should you say? What is “I appreciate that” in Japanese? The answer is a simple word… […]
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A Japanese word for July : natsubate

July’s Japanese word: Natsubate Have you experienced Japanese summer yet? They are very hot and humid! Starting July, temperatures reach such point that you have literally the impression to be in a permanent sauna. Not only foreigners, but Japanese people too suffer from the Japanese summer heat. You may feel physically tired, lose your appetite and have trouble […]
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Coto's events in August

This is an older post – to see our upcoming monthly events – click here Monthly Events Go for Lunch! Kagurazaka area ランチツアー! 神楽坂 Wednesday, August 5th 12:30-13:50 in Kagurazaka If you like donburi, you will probably love Hitsumabushi. Hitsumabushi is a donburi with three different ways to eat! Of course you can eat it as […]
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