Japanese Vehicle Vocabulary 2 – Cheat Sheet

Ever had any difficulty with identifying different public transportations in Japan? In this cheat sheet, we’ll be expanding our Japanese vehicle vocabulary related to public transportations.

Japan’s excellent and efficient public transportation system caters to different needs, be it for business or leisure. Shinkansen, planes, express trains, highway busses, ferries or city busses are just to name a few. All of them is managed well and reasonably priced compared to renting a private car or taxi.

The shinkansen is of the most popular modes of transportation between cities in Japan. Running at speeds of up to 320 kilometers per hour, the shinkansen is known for its prompt, comfortable and safe traveling.

For more information on the shinkansen or other modes of transport, click here. If you haven’t check it out, head to the first part of our Japanese vehicle vocabulary.

Japanese Vehicles Vocabulary Sentence Examples

Here is how you form basic sentences with the terminology:

Example 1:


shinkansen de tōkyō kara ōsaka made yaku ni-jikan kakarimasu

It takes about 2 hours to go from Tokyo to Osaka by the bullet train.

Example 2 :


tokai kara hanedakūkō ni iku ni wa rimujinbasu wa totemo benrida.

It’s convenient to get to Haneda Airport from the city using the airport shuttle bus.

Japanese Vehicles Vocabulary – Public Transport

こうきょうこうつうきかんkoukyoukoutsuukikanPublic Transport
しんかんせんshinkansenBullet Train
リムジンバスrimujun basu Airport shuttle bus
やこうバスyakō basuOvernight Bus
うんちんunchinBus fare
ろせんバスrosen basu Public Bus
せいりけんserikenNumbered tickets
ろせんずrosenzuRoute map
こうそくバスkoūsoku basuHighway bus
かんこうバスkankō basuSightseeing bus

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