Japanese Festival Vocabulary 2 – Cheat Sheet

Want to learn more Japanese festival vocabulary? In the second part, we’ll be including the games and food unique to the festival season in Japan. Commonly found in food stalls and stands (屋台 やたい yatai), entertainment makes up a big part of enjoyment during festivals. People usually come with their friends and family to celebrate and soak in the atmosphere. This cheat sheet includes the pronunciation and meaning of 15 festival-related vocabulary, along with example sentences.

Goldfish scooping (金魚すくい きんぎょ kingyo sukui) is one of the most popular games that have been carried through generations of celebrations. Popular Japanese food such as octopus ball (たこ焼き takoyaki) and rice dumpling (団子 だんご dango) are also staples at festivals.

Do remember to check out part one of our festival vocabulary cheat sheet if you have yet to do so!


Games commonly found in festivals in Japan:

輪投げわ な wanageRing toss
金魚すくいきんぎょ kingyo sukuiGoldfish scooping
ヨーヨー釣りつ yōyō tsuriWater balloon fishing
射的しゃてき shatekiShooting gallery
盆踊りぼんおど bon odoriBon festival dance


Food commonly found in festivals in Japan:

焼きそばや yakisobaFried noodles
チョコバナナchoko bananaChocolate covered banana
たこ焼きtakoyakiOctopus ball
わたあめwata ameCotton candy
フランクフルトfurankufurutoFrankfurt sausage
かき氷ごおり kakigōriShaved ice
団子だんご dangoRice dumpling
たい焼きtaiyakiFish-shaped pancake with red bean paste
りんご飴あめ ringo ameCandied apple
ラムネramuneJapanese soda

Example Sentences:

After learning the terminologies, let us apply it in sentences to converse with others!

Example 1:

By saying ‘夏祭り輪投げに挑戦する。

Pronunciation: Natsu matsuri de wanage ni chōsen suru.

It means ‘I try the ring toss game at the summer festival.’

Example 2:

By saying ‘焼きそばたこ焼きを売っている屋台が並んでいる。

Pronunciation: Yakisoba ya takoyaki o utteiru yatai ga narandeiru.

It means ‘There are food stalls selling takisoba and takoyaki.’

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