How to Apply for the JLPT Online! 2021 JLPT Test Dates & Registration

Applying for the JLPT Online

It’s almost that time of the year again where most of us are getting all ready to sign up for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, otherwise known as the JLPT. With varying difficulty levels from N5 to N1 (with N1 being the most difficult) it is relatively important to start deciding on which level to take on the test date before applying for the JLPT online. With that being said, let’s get on with some of the details related to the test!

Test Dates

First things first, let’s go through the dates on which the tests are being held so you can mark them down on the calendar. Throughout the span of one year, there are typically JLPT tests being held biannually. These tests are usually held once in July and once in December.
1st JLPT Test in 2021 – July 4th 20201

Registration Dates for 2021 July JLPT

Registration through the MYjlpt page is now open for the July 2021 JLPT.  The registration period for the July 2021 JLPT is 3/26 – 4/16 at 5:00 PM

Test Location

Moving on, let’s see the various locations in which you can take the JLPT. Of which, you have two options which would be to either take the test locally in Japan or in an Educational Institute Overseas. For the full and comprehensive list of overseas institutes which conduct JLPT, head on down to the link over here to check if it is an approved institute.
As the location in which you take the JLPT varies, there may be different procedures, windows or deadlines of which you have to take note of. However, the test date still remains to be the same. For more information on how you would go about applying for the JLPT online or otherwise, please click on any one of the links below:
1. Taking the Test in Japan
2. Taking the Test from an Overseas Educational Institute

Test Components

Looking at the test components, JLPT Test Levels N1 to N3 is composed of 3 Components: Reading (60 marks), Vocabulary (60 marks) as well as Listening (60 marks). As for JLPT Test Levels N4 to N5, there are 2 Components: Japanese Language Knowledge (120 marks) and Listening (60 marks).
If you are unsure of how to prepare for JLPT N2 or N3, click on the links and it will lead you to a guide we came up with some time back! Also check out our Digital JLPT N3 Kanji book and our JLPT N2 Online Prep Course!
Or if you are up for a challenge, here are some quizzes you can consider taking:
N4/N5 Practice Quiz
JLPT N3 Online Quiz
Idioms and Culture Code Words
Official JLPT Sample Questions
However, in order to pass, you need to meet 2 conditions:
1. Score at least 19 marks for any sections with 60 marks obtainable and 38 marks for sections with 120 marks obtainable.
2. Meet the overall passing grade for the test at each level. Here’s a list of the passing marks:
N1: 100 marks
N2: 90 marks
N3: 95 marks
N4: 90 marks
N5: 80 marks

How to Apply & Application Window

Part 1: Setting up a MyJLPT Account to Apply for the JLPT Online

Step 1: Apply for a MyJLPT Account here

How to apply for the JLPT online

How to apply for the JLPT online

Step 2: Choose your Language
Step 3: Agree to the Terms and Conditions
How to apply for the JLPT online - Terms JLPT
Step 4: Fill up your Details and Confirm
Step 5: Confirm your Personal Information and check your Email Inbox for a Confirmation Email
Part 2: Registering for a Test Online with your MyJLPT Account
Once you have obtained the myjlpt id you will be asked to complete the online application from your myjlpt page.  The website itself is more friendly to certain web browsers – and the site recommends that you use Microsoft edge.
We will be updating this section of the blog article to include a walkthrough when registration officially opens on March 22nd.
JLPT Application Guide
The step-by-step guide on the online registration for JLPT
Step 1: Login to your My JLPT account
How to apply for the JLPT online
Step 2: Click onto “Examination application
How to apply for the JLPT online
Step 3: Choose your application type
How to apply for the JLPT online
Step 4, Sign the agreement to the privacy policy
How to apply for the JLPT online
Step 5: Choose your level and fill in other details required
How to apply for the JLPT online
Step 6: Choose Payment type
How to apply for the JLPT online How to apply for the JLPT online - Payment
Step 8: Confirm your information
JLPT application
Final step: Application will be completed after confirmation of your information
Application Window
For local students, the application window can start anywhere from Mid-March (July Test) to Mid-August (December Test). As for overseas students, the application window can be anywhere from March to April (July Test) or August to September (December Test). Check you MyJLPT Account for more details and stay up to date on when you can apply.

Payment of Fees & Window for Payment to be Made

After completing your application, you must complete payment before your registration will be confirmed. Test Fees are approximately 5,500 Yen but may vary based on the location in which you decide to take the test.
If you are in Japan – the payment options for the JLPT range from online with a credit card to cash at a convenience store or post office.  If you are outside of Japan – the payment method will depend on the test location.
July Test Payment Window: Early to Late April
December Test Payment Window: Early to Late September
After making payment, you will be set to receive a Test Voucher of which you would need to bring into your test venue to confirm and verify your status as a participant of the JLPT you have signed up for. Ensure that this slip of paper is well-kept and not lost as it is very important!
Here’s the period within which you would receive your test voucher.
July Test: Mid-June
December Test: Mid-November
With these, remember to bring in some form of identification together with your Test Voucher. With that, take the test and you’re all good to go! Psst, good luck, all the best and 頑張れ!

Release of Results

After all that hard work, just sit back, relax and give yourself a well-deserved break. Until the time comes, enjoy yourself! But until when? Well, the release of results can vary based on whether you’ve taken the test locally or from an overseas educational institute but here are some dates you can stay on the lookout for!
Local July Test: Early September
Local December Test: Early February
Overseas July Test: Early October
Overseas December Test: Early March

Note: For Overseas Students, collect your Score Reports, and hopefully a Certificate of Proficiency, at your Local Host Institute. As for Local Students, the Score Reports and Certificates will be mailed to you directly based on the address associated with your MyJLPT Account.
Annnd that’s it! If you have questions about our school or taking JLPT Prep lessons with us, don’t worry! Here’s a link to the FAQ site where you can check to see if it answers any queries you have. With that, we would like to wish you all the best and happy studying! 😀

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