How to sound intelligent in Japanese – Politics – Key Vocabulary

In this blog series, we will give some critical vocabulary for “deep” discussions in Japanese.

These vocabulary words are designed to expand your range of words so that you can have more elaborate conversations.

(This will be a regular series and these blogs are primarily designed for intermediate-advanced learners – so for beginner learners we advise that you check out some of our other blogs here! 🙂 )

General Japanese words about Politics

KanjiRomanized PronunciationMeaning
政権seikenPolitical power
政党seitouPolitical party
国政kokuseiGovernment, statecraft
内政naiseiDomestic politics
外政gaiseiDiplomatic politics (foreign diplomatic policy)
Japanese Politics vocabulary infographic

Japanese words about forms of Government

KanjiRomanized PronunciationMeaning
政体seitaiForm of Government
民政minseiCivilian Government
共和主義 Kyouwa-shugi Republicanism
立憲主義 rikken-shugiConstitutionalism
立憲君主制 rikken-kunshu-seiConstitutional monarchy
独裁主義dokusai shugiDespotism, dictatorship

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