Shibuya Japanese Course: The class for Total Beginners

New Location, New Courses.

It’s not uncommon for students of the Japanese language to spend months with textbooks, only to realize the significant differences between what they’ve learned and real-life Japanese.

It would be so much better if there was a short class focusing on practical Japanese

Well, there wasn’t, but there is now!

Official name: Japanese Crash Course for Beginners at Shibuya

Start Date: August 28, 2023Sep 22, 2023 (4 weeks)

Price: ¥ 136,000

Location: Shibuya (4-minute walk from the Shibuya station)

Days of the weekMonday – Friday
Time9:30 – 12:20 or 14:10 – 17:00
Coto Academy Intensive Japanese Course

First things first, let us give you an overview of what you might get in our course in Shibuya:

No Japanese knowledge needed: No requirements, no judgements, no reason to worry.

Learning Common Expressions: We don’t teach the Japanese in textbooks that are so different from the one that is actually used.

The main purpose of us is to help you, not to learn, but to use Japanese.

Plus, Shibuya is like a hub of entertainment in Tokyo. What can be better than exploring the city using what you have just learned?

Learning Goals

  • Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji
  • Greeting and introducing yourself in Japanese
  • Giving orders in restaurants, supermarkets…
  • Traveling around using trains or buses; asking for directions if need to
  • Talking about your impressions of Japan

Class structure

A girl studying beginner Japanese lessons in Shibuya
You will be able to use Japanese much faster this way

In Coto Academy, there are 2 things that we focus on and are proud of: Small-size classes & Interacting environment.

That would be exactly what you will experience in our Shibuya Japanese Course.

In the class, instead of focusing on Japanese grammar, we prioritize key Japanese phrases and simple words that you can immediately apply in your daily lives.

Through immersive practices, you will learn 2 to 3 key phrases per chapter.  

Important: We also have longer options for you: An 8-week and a 20-week course. Sign up for these courses before August 31st to save from ¥ 27,000 to ¥ 60,000.

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