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Some of you might have been learning Japanese from textbooks for hours yet still have low self-esteem when actually speaking it. Let’s be real here: it is sometimes hard to have Japanese conversation practice when you don’t have anyone to speak to that is fluent enough or, not to mention, a native. 

But fret not! Coto Academy is now offering standalone conversation lessons, meaning you can join as many classes as you’d like whenever you’re available. They offer the flexibility to join a class with one of our super friendly conversation teachers to discuss a variety of topics.

In this online course, you will learn useful vocabulary and sentences through a fun discussion moderated by our native teachers in an intimate group setting. Now’s your chance to finally be more comfortable with speaking in Japanese! 

If you’re interested, you can create your online Coto Academy account here!


Topic Conversation for Beginners ( Level 2 or Upper)

At this level, you’ll mainly focus on thrilling discussions about certain topics such as “food”, “shopping”, and more! Remember, our goal here is to gain confidence  and become comfortable with speaking Japanese. 

Textbook: Coto original handouts distributed as PDFs

Number of points: 4 points / 100 minutes

Rina Tanaka : Thursdays 9:00am-10:50am starting on August 24th (JST)

Rina Tanaka lives by the motto of “Enjoy the conversation! Express what you want to express in words!”! 

One fun fact about her, she used to be a florist and worked in different industries, ranging from apparel to household goods! She also enjoys traveling, she can be the perfect conversation partner for you to talk about your favorite destinations around the world. 

Rina says: “I can’t wait to help you practice conversing in Japanese!”

Manami Yoshikawa : Tuesdays 19:00 – 20:50 starting on August 29th (JST)

If you want someone that is very passionate about teaching Japanese, Manami Yoshikawa sensei is the perfect teacher for you! 

As she lives in Poland, she has taught students from approximately 30 different countries! Since she understands the feelings and experience of learning foreign languages, she will surely be a great supporter for your journey! 

Japanese Communication (Level 3)

In this level, you will focus more on the natural reactions and expressions into daily conversations through various practice activities and role playing. 

Textbook: Coto original handouts distributed as PDFs

Number of points: 2 points / 50 minutes

Asuka Yuki :  Tuesdays 7:00 pm – 7:50pm starting on August 29th  (JST)

Say “hi!” to Asuka Yuki sensei! 

She personally likes anime, games, and traveling. She is flexible to any conversation requests and wants to have fun while conversing with you. 

Sign up now and practice your Japanese with her! 

Speaking Practice Course (Limited-time course until December, Level 4 and upper)

Different from the other courses, in this level you will converse freely with a specific topic. This class is recommended for those who want to practice talking about various topics in Japanese. Don’t worry, no judgment here if you make any mistakes, just remember to have fun

★ Limited Time ★

Number of Points: Only 1 point / 50 minutes

Rika Yanai : Monday 9:00 am – 9:50 am (JST) starting on September 4th

Ever since the beginning, Rika Yanai sensei has always been invested in Japanese Language Education. She also has teaching experience both in Australia and Tokyo! 

Not stopping there, she also worked for a publishing company and helped produce the Japanese NAT-TEST. Also, fun fact, she’s fluent in Korean! 

She certainly can’t wait to help with your Japanese conversation practice! 

Rina Ide : Wednesday: 9:00 am – 9:50 am starting on September 6th (JST) 

Calling all sport lovers, our next sensei is definitely a sporty one, as Rina sensei LOVES basketball! 

Aside from that, she enjoys traveling abroad, which actually made her interested in teaching Japanese. In her lesson, she promises that she will give you an enjoyable and easy to understand lesson as she knows the struggle of studying a foreign language. 

One thing for sure is that she will help your Japanese conversation practice to be a fun one!

Yoko Kasugai : Thursday 11:00 am – 11:50 am starting on September 7th (JST)

Yoko Kasugai sensei identifies herself as a not a serious or strict teacher at all, so no need to stress with her! 

We can say that she’s like your friend from university that likes to chat and have fun meeting new people! She’s definitely someone that you don’t want to miss out on conversing with! 

Momota Yamamoto : Thursday 7:00 pm – 7:50 pm starting on Sep 7th (JST)

Introducing Momota Yamamoto sensei! 

As he’s passionate for travelling and music, he has visited 25 different countries throughout his life, and majorly worked with scholars from all over the world! Another impressive thing about him is that he has worked in various roles, ranging from front desk to  IT engineer! 

With a very diverse background, it’s a benefit to have a Japanese conversation practice as he’s the perfect guy for different topics! 

Mika Iijima : 6:00 pm – 6:50 pm starting on September 29th (JST)

Mika Iijima sensei truly acknowledges that online lessons might be a bit intimidating for some, especially the fear of now being able to learn Japanese properly. 

Fret not, she’s super optimistic that with her help and the Coto online course system, you will definitely be in good hands! So just relax, grab your drink, and enjoy your lesson with her. 

Mako Nakaya : Friday 8:00 pm – 8:50pm starting on September 8th (JST)

Last but not least, introducing our incredible sensei, Mako Nakaya sensei! 

Starting with a fun fact from her, she’s actually residing in Switzerland and is currently learning German! Her interest revolves around anime and games, specifically One Piece, Chainsaw man, and Human Fall Flat, a perfect combination for gamers and anime lovers who want to have a Japanese conversation practice! 

If you’re looking for a teacher that perceives learning as something fun and prefers a steady process, then she is the perfect teacher for you! 

So, have you decided which online conversation class you will take? If you have any questions or you want to immediately sign up for class, contact us below, and we will definitely help you step-up your Japanese conversation practice!

Also, don’t forget to specify that you’re interested in our online conversation course! See you in class👋

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