Coto Sounds – Japanese learning Podcast Ep 4 – Grabbing a cup of Coffee

Grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to your commute is a daily routine many people have. In order to carry out this routine in Japan as well, say for travel, studies or work purposes, you would have to know how to order a cup of coffee in the local language.

In this week’s episode, we hear two native speakers have a conversation about grabbing a cup of coffee after grabbing lunch. It will be a continuous conversation from Ep 3: Grabbing lunch with a friend, however it is a stand alone episode, but feel free to listen to the previous episode as well.

In this conversation, you will hear two ways to order coffee. Tanaka-san orders coffee, knowing what she wants to get, whereas Suzuki-san is overwhelmed by the variety of choices the cafe has, and the barista recommends her a coffee, depending on how she is feeling.

In Ep 4 – Grabbing a cup of Coffee:

  • 00:43 How to suggest going to a cafe
  • 00:58 How to order an iced latte
  • 01:02 How the barista asks if you will be eating in
  • 01:08 How to make a payment by credit card
  • 01:25 How the barista recommends you coffee
  • 01:43 How the barista will be asking if you want the coffee to be iced or hot
  • 01:51 How to pay by cash
  • 02:11 English translation of the conversation
  • 05:11 Key vocabulary and phrases to know


Suzuki san: ラーメンとても美味しかったです!

ramen totemo oishikatta desu!

The ramen was so delicious!

Tanaka san:よかった。


That’s good to know.

Suzuki san:次はどうしましょうか

tsugi wa doushimashouka.

What shall we do next?

Tanaka san:そうだねー。特に買いたいものもないし、

soudane. tokuni kaitai mono naishi, ochademosuru?

Hmmm, I don’t have anything in particular to buy.
Should we go to a cafe?

Suzuki san:いいですね。

iidesune. asoko no sutābakkusu toka doudeshouka?

Sounds good! How about the Starbucks over there?

Tanaka san:行きましょう!混んでないといいね。

ikimashou! kondenaito iine.

Yeah let’s go. I hope it’s not busy.



Welcome to Starbucks!

Tanaka san:アイスのカフェラテをトールでお願いします。

aisu no kafe rate wo tōru de onegaishimasu.

I would like a tall iced latte.


tennai de osugoshi desuka?

Will you be having it here?

Tanaka san:はい。




go hyaku go jū en ni narimasu.

That will be 550 yen

Tanaka san:カードでお願いします。

kādo de onegaishimasu.

I’ll pay by card.


kochirani sashikondekudasai.
dorinku wa migi gawa ni dekiagarimasu

Please insert your card here.
The drink will be ready to your right. 

Tanaka san:わかりました。ありがとうございます。

wakarimashita. arigatougozaimasu.

Got it. Thank you.

Suzuki san:わぁー。メニュー多すぎて、選べない。

wā. menyū oosugite, erabenai.

Oh wow, there’s so many options. I can’t decide. 


kyou wa dono you na kibun desuka?

What are you feeling like today?

Suzuk sani:今は少し眠いので、目を覚ましてくれるような

ima wa sukoshi nemui node, me wo samashite kureruyouna
kōhī ga hoshī desu.

I’m feeling a little sleepy,
so I would like something that can make me stay awake.


amerikāno wa ikagadeshouka?

Okay, how about an americano?

Suzuki san:はい。それにします。

hai. soreni shimasu.

Sure, I’ll take that.


aisu to hotto, dochira ni nasaimasuka?

Would like it iced or hot?

Suzuki san:アイスでお願いします。

aisu de onegaishimasu.

I’ll have an iced coffee. 


kashikomarimashita. yon hyaku en de gozaimasu.

Certainly. That will be 400 yen.

Suzuki san:1000円で。

sen en de.

Here is a thousand yen.


arigatōgozaimasu. roppyaku en no okaeshi desu.
migi gawa de omachi kudasai.

Thank you very much. Here is a change of 600 yen.
Please wait to your right.

Suzuk sani:はーい。ありがとうございます。

hāi. arigatōugozaimasu.

Okay, thank you. 

Key Vocabulary and Phrases to know

  • 店内 (tennai) – in store
  • メニュー (menyū) – menu
  • カフェラテ (kafe rate) – latte
  • アメリカーノ (amerikāno) – americano 
  • コーヒー (kōhī) – coffee
  • アイス (aisu) – iced
  • ホット (hotto) – hot
  • ドリンク (dorinku) – drink
  • 右側 (migi gawa) – right side
  • カード (kādo) – credit card 

We hope this episode has helped with understanding more Japanese conversations and phrases.
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